2022 Sioux Falls City Council races beginning to move forward, David Barranco announces for seat held by Rick Kiley

Sioux Falls City Council races are starting to get more active with candidates starting to make it known that “they’re in,” such as Mayor Paul TenHaken announcing re-election yesterday.

I’ve heard rumors that other candidates are quietly getting prepped to run, including for the council seat currently held Janet Brekke. Word is that people are thinking she could stand to move on down the road.  Curt Soehl is also up, but not a big movement to challenge him.

With term limits coming into play, Councilor Christine Erickson and Rick Kiley are termed out in 2022. And for Kiley’s seat, one aspirant for the Council is making it known that he’s in the race for the open seat.

David Barranco is getting ready to move forward with his candidacy and this past Friday announced to friends privately that he’s running, and is noting his interest, in an e-mail statement provided to SDWC:

In 2022, when Councilman Kiley’s term ends, his seat will be open. I am excited to run for that position. My hope is to serve working families, keeping a pragmatic, problem-solving focus. I’m dedicated to building a bright future for Sioux Falls, with a strong economy and reliable infrastructure.

I’m passionate about expanding the local workforce and creating more affordable housing. As a husband, father, and FCA coach, I’m dedicated to keeping kids safe by supporting law enforcement and defending public health. I’ll endeavor to grow pet-friendly spaces, reduce automobile traffic, and plant thousands of trees. Most importantly, I’ll strive to be a cooperative consensus builder — one who embraces good policy but eschews divisive rhetoric.

After the last couple of years, can we have a Sioux Falls city campaign that isn’t divisive? We’ll see!

Congratulations for David for his willingness to serve, and it should be interesting to see who else announces in the coming months.

Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “2022 Sioux Falls City Council races beginning to move forward, David Barranco announces for seat held by Rick Kiley”

  1. I heard from a friend of this post on DWC, and I had to pop over and share of word of support and encouragement for David! I find him to be a true gentleman and a thoughtful person. He will be judicious in his approach to making decisions that affect his constituents and will represent them with a steady voice and sound logic. Best wishes to David Barranco as he ventures into this realm! I encourage local voters to get to know him. I think you’ll like him and what he stands for.

  2. I second Brock’s comments and endorsement of David Barranco.

    I was very excited to find out he is going to run for the council, as he will serve the city and his constituents well, giving full consideration to all issue brought before the council.

  3. I’m a big fan of David and Catherine. Glad to see David enter this face. He will be formidable competition for anyone that enters this race.

  4. I do notice a certain website decided to lift David’s quote from this post directly without attribution, and went so far as to strip any mention of SDWC from a portion of what I wrote.

    1. That the first three endorsements on SDWC of Mr Barranco’s candidacy come from out-of-towners – a cautionary harbinger for the citizens of Sioux Falls.

      1. Good point. I’m from Sioux Falls (but not that district) and think he’d be a great addition to the Council.

  5. Wow! Another avid and observant reader of that certain website!
    Why just a couple of days ago a commenter on SDWC claimed that there were only a half dozen readers of that blog.
    Yet, now comes over just the space of 2-3 days four who offer comment about reading that certain blog.
    Bad form nonetheless to include the material absent proper attribution.

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