Release: FOUR MORE YEARS! TenHaken Announces Re-election Bid


TenHaken Announces Re-election Bid

SIOUX FALLS–Mayor Paul TenHaken announced his re-election bid for his second term as mayor of Sioux Falls today .

“Today, I’m excited to announce my desire to continue serving as mayor for the next four years,” said TenHaken. “It’s a decision my family and I don’t take lightly, but the honor of serving this community is incredibly rewarding, humbling and exciting.”

Sioux Falls has benefited from TenHaken’s leadership since being elected in a historic election. His “One Sioux Falls” approach to leading the city has resulted in key accomplishments during TenHaken’s first term as mayor including successfully managing the city through numerous crisis events, increasing funding for road and infrastructure improvements, and prioritizing law enforcement, public safety and mental health policies. TenHaken’s principled, collaborative and transparent leadership has helped advance Sioux Falls as one of the best quality of life communities in the world, especially for youth and families.

“I’m proud of the work of my administration and the direction Sioux Falls is headed,” said TenHaken. “There is so much energy and optimism in our community right now, and I’m eager to continue building on Sioux Falls’ successes in a second term. Sioux Falls has a unique opportunity to set itself up for success in the coming decades, and I hope that the voters of Sioux Falls continue to entrust me to lead our city as we advance priorities and tackle our growing needs.”

Before being elected as the 32nd Mayor of Sioux Falls in May 2018, Paul served as the Founder and CEO of Click Rain, a marketing technology agency he started in 2008. Under his leadership, the company received numerous awards for their tremendous growth and innovative employee-first culture. Most important to Paul has been raising his three children — Jade, 15; Max, 12; and Nora, 8. As a father and husband of 22 years to Jill, Paul brings a unique perspective on what issues are most important to growing young families in Sioux Falls.

The city election is scheduled for April 12, 2022.


9 thoughts on “Release: FOUR MORE YEARS! TenHaken Announces Re-election Bid”

  1. Will Chronic Complainer Scott from South Da Cola Complainer Blog finally run for office such as Sioux Falls Mayor?

  2. Will Scott from South Da Cola Chronic Complainer Blog finally run for office such as Sioux Falls Mayor?

    1. And considering ‘Anonymous, 7:19’ and ‘Anonymous, 7:20’ as fat-fingerd duplicate contributions from the same South Dacola reader – the first four Replies to this post are from three of those readers?!?!
      What are the chances.

  3. As for my house, we will vote for anybody except Emperor Tenhaken!!! This is the same guy who asked the governor to mandate a shutdown so he did not have to take responsibility. He is also the same guy who tried to force a mandate, but backed off and then backed back on. In a crisis he panicked. He then essentially forced businesses to voluntarily shut down for no reason by bringing about pressure. I will look for a leader.

  4. Heard a very interesting rumor of a serious challenger prompted him to make the announcement…stay tuned

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