TenHaken announces re-election campaign for Mayor of Sioux Falls

From my mailbox:

TenHaken Family


I’ll keep this short. It would be my honor to serve as mayor of Sioux Falls for another four years.

The last few years have certainly had their share of challenges, but as One Sioux Falls we have not just survived, we’ve thrived.  We have a record-breaking economy, historic investments being made in infrastructure, a laser focus on properly funding and supporting public safety, and so many other good things happening in our community. But, there’s more work to be done. 

So today, I’m announcing my intent to run for re-election as your mayor on April 12, 2022.  It’s been the honor of a lifetime to serve and I hope you’ll join me on this next chapter for Sioux Falls.


P.S. If you want to help my campaign, I’d be honored to have your financial support.

*Individuals/entities may contribute up to $1,000 per calendar year.

5 thoughts on “TenHaken announces re-election campaign for Mayor of Sioux Falls”

  1. He has done an admirable job in incredibly tense times. I voted for him last time and I’ll happily vote for him again.

  2. Noem has to have breathed a tremendous sigh of relief. Ten Haken would have stomped her in a primary.

    1. I do think that would have been a possibility if he had thrown his hat in the ring. I would have voted for him over Noem.

      1. Outside of SF, he is not well received. When visitors from out of town have to avoid drunken homeless people in the other wise beautiful downtown, [not including the bunker ramp] it makes you wonder. And when the newest of businesses can’t pay more than 15 an hour, who is benefiting from the TIFs in SF? Certainly not workers . When subjecting our vehicles to potholes the size of a stockpond, people remember that. And when people’s right to open government is pushed back every inch of the way, people remember.
        When the cities law department has a dozen lawyers but still has to hire out any time it seems too complex for them, people will remember that too. All of this and he thinks it is important for himself to go where the Chinese virus started and get some photo ops,
        people remember that also. Sorry, he would not have aa chance in hell if he primaried for any state office.

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