Rounds on Fox News: President Biden Made a Very Serious Mistake That Cost American Lives

Rounds on Fox News: President Biden Made a Very Serious Mistake That Cost American Lives

 WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, joined Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom this morning to discuss the upcoming Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing with Secretary of State Blinken on the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. The hearing begins this morning at 10 AM ET/ 9 AM CT/ 8 AM MT.

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Excerpts from Senator Rounds’ interview below:

PERINO: What have you not heard the administration answer so far that you would like to get to the bottom to?

ROUNDS: Right now they said they have about 124,000 individuals that they’ve helped get out. The problem is that out of the 124,000, about half of them, we don’t know who they are. There’s between 5,000-6,000 Americans they said they’ve helped out. There’s about half of the remaining 124,000 that are SIVs—Special Immigration Visas. But the remaining numbers, we don’t know who they are. We want to find out who those individuals are and how they were allowed to come out. We’ve got literally 100,000 more individuals who helped our men and women in uniform over the last twenty years. Their lives are at risk. We don’t know where they’re at. We are not getting good answers from the Department of State as to how we are going to help them get out of Afghanistan alive.

HEMMER: …this whole idea about the deadline—that was moved by the current administration and so the debate goes to what was their plan to get out?

ROUNDS: The previous administration, under President Trump, was set up to do a conditions-based withdrawal. There were changes being made. The Taliban has not lived up to their side of the deals that were being made. This administration had every opportunity to modify a withdrawal. When Joe Biden decided to arbitrarily set a date and set it without regard to whether or not the Taliban was honoring their side of the commitment so far and was not based on conditions on the ground, he made a very serious mistake and it’s cost American lives.

ROUNDS: …today with the Secretary of State, I think we need to focus on moving forward, how are we going to help get the remaining Americans out? What’s your plan? What about the other individuals who helped our young men and women in uniform—what’s your plan to get them out? And how are you going to respond to China and to Russia and to Iran and to Pakistan who now see this void in Afghanistan…what’s your plan moving forward? Why is it that after this arbitrary date, how do you except to be able to respond accordingly in that area now that you’ve withdrawn our forces and you have very little to negotiate with?


10 thoughts on “Rounds on Fox News: President Biden Made a Very Serious Mistake That Cost American Lives”

  1. History will not be kind to the Biden’s Presidency: Afghanistan, XL Pipeline & Nord Stream Pipeline, Southern Border, & Covid mandate. If this issues weren’t so serious, you’d just laugh at the comedy of errors.

    1. The recorded history of this time will depend on the ability of political parties to keep government operating “by the people, for the people.” If it even is now, to be frank. The current fourth estate, which is recording events as they happen, has too many members who feel free to tailor the record as they see fit.

    2. It still is going to look better than Trump’s presidency. Niger, Syria, CA Fires and southern hurricanes. Fascist trade wars shouldered by the middle class and growing the wealth gap, along with our debt, exponentially. Downplaying a pandemic. Insulting allies and coddling dictators. Gaslighting our democracy and instigating an insurrection based on propagating lies. I’m not sure there is going to be a president who can top that list of screw ups.

      1. $80,000,000 in our advanced weapons handed over to the Taliban, out of control spending to make sure the lazy (Democrats) stay home on government welfare instead of going to work, dictatorial and unconstitutional mandates, total lack of moral foundation, daily lying to the citizenry.

        Yeah, President Trump is looking pretty good to intelligent, honorable people right now, and senile Biden/MIA Harris are looking good to those who hate the country.

        1. Trump wasn’t taking that equipment back from the afghan army so the end result would have been the same. First 2 stimulus’s came from Trump and he laid the groundwork for all the aid available during the pandemic. Yep, Trump was very dictatorial, had no moral foundation as exhibited by his behavior, and lied constantly because he was the expert and best at everything.

      2. “It still is going to look better than Trump’s presidency.” Well, yes – see my earlier post.

  2. I don’t know why Trump ever started negotiating with terrorists. The war needed to be done 19 years ago. If you expect the Taliban to uphold their end, you are dumber than Trump.

    1. Negotiating (Trump) as opposed for capitulating (senile, stupid Biden). I think I’ll take Trump’s way instead of Biden’s way, because I guess want our country to get better, not worse.

      1. Trump didn’t do a thing to make our country better and he wouldn’t have done any better here either. He would have sacrificed more innocent lives, just like he did with the Kurds.

  3. How long were we expected to stay in the forever war? How much more money would have been funneled to the Taliban by the corrupt sitting government that appears to have been in agreement not to fight as the us exited? The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the next best is today. Same applies to leaving the ghan. rip that bandaid off, good riddance

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