A campaign Video from Billie Sutton that also omits his party affiliation

Hot off of his announcement, Billie Sutton’s Gubernatorial campaign has released the below campaign video….  which like his website and press release, also omits his political affiliation.

Given that being a Democrat in South Dakota is the electoral equivalent of being the kiss of death, I have no doubt that it’s being done intentionally.

14 thoughts on “A campaign Video from Billie Sutton that also omits his party affiliation”

  1. A cursory glance at Marty and Kristi’s web pages don’t show a party affiliation, either.

    Nice strawman you got there.

    1. Very cursory, as Marty has it in the first paragraph. Haven’t looked at Kristi’s today, but Republicans don’t need to hide their brand.

      1. Duly noted on Marty’s page.

        Still, I’m fairly certain Mr. Sutton isn’t trying to hide anything – it’s not like he’s going to show up on the Republican primary ballot or anything. I think folks around here are able to figure out who belongs to which party in a state-wide election.

    2. Looks like everybody is an independent these days. Nobody wants to be identified with Trump or Hilary. We are an independent people and we like it that way. Sutton is the best chance the Democrats have had in 40 years. He’ll likely be our Governor. He’s a South Dakota First kinda guy.

  2. This is shaping up to be one heck of Governors race. With Jackley and Noen going after each other it would be interesting to see if history repeats itself like when Rounds won the primary to everyone’s surprise. Will Hubbel/Ravensborg, Terrell or LaFlour end up facing Sutton in the general election?

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if a Democrat candidate could be proud of what being a Democrat stands for? But the far left has destroyed that in SD.

      1. That’s not fair. Mr. H is building his own brand and not relying on the fellows like McGovern, Sutton (the elder), Wollman, Kneip, and Bradford. Mr. H is a different kind of Democrat.

  4. Everyone knows that a Democrat doesn’t have a chance when it comes to running for South Dakota Governor. But then I started to wonder why some of you were trying so hard to discredit this guy with no chance to win. Then you put up his ad.

    Just see that spot once and you can’t forget it. Powerful. A moderate Democrat with decent name ID and a story like that? Running against the “establishment” including three decades of Republican control. You are wise to be afraid.

    Maybe he’ll fizzle out because anything can happen but this guy has potential. If you don’t see that, maybe politics isn’t your thing.

    1. Jimmy being that Sutton is a fairly moderate to conservative Democrat would it be too far of a stretch that years ago he could of been a Republican before that party went off the rails? They have had their own extremists just like the Dems.

      1. I am not sure about that. It’s a surprise to see a moderate Democrat appearing anywhere these days. He has won in what I believe is a pretty conservative district so I can imagine that he has the same potential statewide.

        Maybe he is like many Americans. He refuses to fall in line on every single issue. A political party can demand too much. Being your own guy can be unpopular but some manage to pull it off. Sometimes that’s called leadership.

        1. Good points! I consider myself as a moderate Democrat but can totally relate to the concerns of my Republican friends and family members. There are things I like and dislike about both parties. Depends on that area and their political environment whether I would just end up being an Independent or unaffiliated.

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