SDGOP Chair Dan Lederman points out Sutton record. And in case you were wondering, He’s a Hillary Clinton Democrat.

In today’s Argus Leader article on the Sutton announcement from Dana Ferguson (which she has a glaring error in), South Dakota REPUBLICAN PARTY CHAIRMAN Dan Lederman points out the Sutton record when it comes to his politics:

Dan Lederman, executive director of the South Dakota Republican Party, was quick to point say Sutton was a not a moderate, pointing to Sutton’s votes on a bill that would legalize marijuana and against bills viewed as favorable by the National Rifle Association.

“Billie Sutton is a hyper partisan liberal Democrat that doesn’t want voters to know his record,” he said. “Sutton’s policies would be wrong for the state.”

Read it here.

As for myself, I’d be curious to know if in the presidential primary, Sutton was a Bernie Sanders Democrat, or a… nevermind. I was able to answer my own question:

Read the entire article here.  And there’s more. He apparently was her biggest spokesman in the state:

I am proud to join my fellow state legislators in endorsing Hillary Clinton for President,” Senate Minority Leader Billie Sutton said. “Secretary Clinton has shown she has the same values as families in rural America.  She understands our issues and has been a tireless advocate for our farmers, our ranchers, our veterans, our Native Americans, and all working men and women. As First Lady she brought the importance of pre-k education to the forefront of the nation by piloting literacy programs and fought alongside Senator Tom Daschle to create the first national children’s health insurance program.  As U.S. Senator, she worked with Senator Tim Johnson to secure vital investments in renewable energy and bio-fuels, that helped drive the economy of our state. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton lead this nation in an increasingly complicated world.  Hillary is the most qualified person running for President. I couldn’t be more thrilled to support her campaign.”

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19 thoughts on “SDGOP Chair Dan Lederman points out Sutton record. And in case you were wondering, He’s a Hillary Clinton Democrat.”

  1. Given the circus clown of a president we have today it is great to read that Billie supported the Democratic nominee. Hillary had her flaws and was not my first choice but at least she would of acted like an adult with class in the oval office. Our country would be moving forward instead of backwards both domestically and in our international relations.

    Good For Billie! So far so good. He has my support unless the SDDP nutjobs get to him.

      1. In your mind; I think a lot of people would disagree. Hillary is a pure politician whose only concern is herself. She is not honest and she DOESN’T share the values of the majority of rural Americans, and it takes a twisted kind of thought process to think she does.

        1. Replace “Hillary” with “Trump”, and I don’t think you’ll find any difference – except that “Hillary” is competent, whereas “Trump” is a ridiculous clown.

          1. Anon 3:59 And Hillary acted like an adult the night she lost the election, throwing such a tantrum that she couldn’t even come out and address her supporters. And ever since, has blamed everyone for her loss except her own actions and policies. Yup, quite the mature adult !

  2. This is laughable.
    Sutton is by no means a “hyper-partisan liberal.”
    He voted more conservatively than 12 of his Senate Republican colleagues in 2016 according to the ACU. He’s topped the charts with 100% Right to Life ratings. He’s been endorsed by the NRA. Etc. Etc.

  3. Here is what I don’t get:

    A Republican is pro-life and he is anti-woman. A Democrat is pro-life and he is their man.

  4. I see Lora Hubbel has already stated that Bille Sutton is as corrupt as Noem, Jackley and our current Governor. Of course she and her running mate are not corrupt in her mind.

  5. Well, that did it for us. Didn’t Sutton say something about changing the culture of corruption? Endorsing one of the most corrupt politicians seems to be contradicting (typical Dem) and will be difficult to back away from. Sutton may be pro-life and endorsed by the NRA now, but Perez will make sure that changes. Today, being aligned with the DNC is not attractive: abortion on-demand, everyone is a victim (except white men), the gov’t knows what’s best for you, Antifa, attack on our 1st & 2nd Amend, Etc, Etc…. Sutton is going to have a very steep hill to climb…oh wait, is that considered a trigger?

    1. Didn’t candidate Trump state that Ted Cruze’s father was involved in JFK’s assassination? Obama had him bugged yet when pressed by both GOP and Dem Senators Trump backed off. President Putin oh I mean Trump that you voted for is making America great again fer sure!

      Meanwhile China is now taking advantage of the US rift with our allies and other nations abroad. You guys own him! Trump is the new GOP. Sure miss the days of our Republicans like Gerald Ford. He was a class act.

      1. Since our US Senators and Governor did not endorse Donald Trump, does that mean they voted for Hilary Clinton in the privacy of the ballot box?

        Sure mix that Dick Nixon. He was one class act, too. Sheesh. Where do we get these people from anyway. With Trump we have the bottom of the barrel. So glad our US Senators and the Governor did NOT endorse him. That took some REAL class, too.

  6. I think we should let Mr. Sutton have a little lime in the light here. He seems a decent enough fellow, outside of his misstating of facts. That will bite him later, but let him be a happy young man for a while.

  7. Methinks you doth protest to much, Dan.

    Sutton is going to be a strong candidate. Anything can happen, especially if Noem and Jackley get ugly, which is likely.

  8. Since our US Senators and Governor did not endorse Donald Trump, does that mean they voted for Hilary Clinton in the privacy of the ballot box?

  9. I noticed that Kate Monson is signed on to do media/PR for Billie. Her website and LinkedIn broadcast pretty clearly that she works for progressive candidates and causes. She’s also the typical SD liberal that moved away from SD to find more likeminded folks (and more successful campaign opportunities). We’ll see how her MN DFL tactics play in SD.

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