A few campaign items from the trail: Mary Mowry (sans hat), Monae Johnson, and Steve Haugaard

Hey – an update from the campaign trail, as I managed to snag a few of the items that the candidates are passing around when they meet and greet the voters. First Mark Mowry for Senate with the same recurring problem:

I haven’t seen a bumper sticker like that before, but it looks like a small batch, fairly expensive item. Which still does not have a disclaimer on it, much like his prior materials.  At some point, that could get expensive for him when the FEC catches wind. Assuming that he’s going to be around past March. I remain skeptical.

Next is the campaign piece Monae Johnson is distributing in her run for Secretary of State:

The front is ok, although the back is a bit of a mess and has no mention of her name whatsoever, and has a generic list of qualifications and some random photos. And there’s that other problem.

If you’re going to note that you have 8 years’ experience in the Secretary of State’s office towards the top of your list, and highlight “election integrity,” you probably shouldn’t violate South Dakota campaign finance law regarding disclaimers on campaign material. Because it doesn’t have one.

I’d throw this batch away and start over.

And here’s a piece I’ve been looking for. Steve Haugaard for Governor. And I’m not sure, but Steve Haugaard might have actually found a way to communicate blandness in print:

Second Amendment: The 2nd Amendment confers an individual right.

Hold me back. I’m not sure how I could have ever doubted Steve’s ability to defeat the most popular Republican in South Dakota for Governor with a scintillating chestnut like that.

Again, they managed to communicate these resume points in a manner which actually has me looking up more synonyms for bland – banal, boring, white-bread, flavorless, tedious, uninteresting…  This looks more like a job application that’s missing the EEOC disclosure.  Further illustrating one of the Haugaard campaign’s problems.

The palm card looks more like they’re just going through the motions of producing a palm card just for the sake of being able to say they have one. Because they’re not communicating anything resembling excitement or energy.

In this case, I would have used the first page for the bullets, and used the second one to explain why people should care he’s been in the legislature and what he’s accomplished, as opposed to writing “Serving since 2015.”

Hang on for more. At least until March 29th.

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