Troy Jones: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.” (Cicero)

Since becoming President a bit more than a year ago, these are just a few of President Trump’s successes on the war against radical Islam and its multi-headed monsters (ISIS, al Quaeda, etc.).

1) A virtual obliteration of the Islamic State and it’s supposed Caliphate- Instead of following the conventional wisdom the first step to defeating this borderless “State” was to have regime change in Syria and bolster the Iraqi regime. Trump took the fight direct to the “Caliphate” and they folded like a cheap suit.

2) The defeat of ISIS in Syria had the domino effect in Iraq where these cowards laid down their arms faster than Tom Brady ran off the field on Sunday.

3) Our President called their bluff and announced moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. They yelled, screamed and folded again.

4) In Afghanistan, the President said our commitment is until the Taliban is defeated (no time deadline) and embarked on a series of mini-surges which has the Taliban fleeing to Pakistan who we have warned we will cross their border to eradicate these terrorists.

5) Using diplomatic pressures, the President got the Saudi’s to right their efforts in Yemen and ultimately got “regime change” in Saudia Arabia through the marginalization of the more extreme Wahhabi-backers in the royal family.

6) Domestically, in addition to the travel, immigrant, and refugee ban from certain nations, the President’s clear speech at the UN with regard to our vigilance to safety is international and domestic sent a message to our enemies, our allies, our military, our law enforcement (note this includes Homeland Security and Department of Justice), and our citizens this is an effort for which he has called for unity of purpose.

In short, our President knows what he is doing and has marshaled the resources of the United States toward his goals.

But, the South Dakota Senate has 16 members who doubt President Trump, don’t think his Cabinet is competent, and supported a resolution usurping President Trump’s authority. The operative final words of Senate Concurrent Resolution 13 is: “Now, therefore, be it resolved, by the Senate of the Ninety-Third Legislature of the State of South Dakota, the House of Representatives concurring therein, that South Dakota petitions the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Department of Justice to identify the root cause of global war on terrorism in order to keep our cities and citizens safe.”

President Trump has enough No-Trumpers, liberals, and mainstream media spreading innuendo about President Trump’s capabilities and leadership. It is embarrassing to have so many South Dakota elected Republicans piling on.

Here is the list of Trump-haters who are second-guessing President Trump’s Departments of Homeland Security and Justice and question President Trump’s leadership and efforts to keep us safe.

R. Blake Curd, Majority Leader, Brock Greenfield, President Pro Tempore, Jim Bolin, Gary Cammack, Phil Jensen, Josh Klumb, Ryan Maher, Jeff Monroe, Stace Nelson, Jenna Netherton, Al Novstrup, Lance Russell, Jim Stalzer, Neal Tapio, John Wiik, Jordan Youngberg.

26 thoughts on “Troy Jones: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.” (Cicero)”

  1. “Wasabi-backers.”

    I too hate spicy mustard supporters.

    It is a form of horseradish. Thanks for the catch. I’ll change to Wahhabi.

  2. Get the popcorn! The Civil War movie is about to start!….(Who do you think wins?)

  3. It is a good thing our ancestors who immigrated some fleeing persecution and war themselves are not alive to see what is going on today with the power of social media. Some of those ancestors had to deal with inflammatory newspaper articles ginned up to demonize also.

    Video posted on an Aberdeen group’s facebook page supposedly showing a woman wearing a Hijab deficating at the Aberdeen Walmart yet no proof that it happened and even in Aberdeen since the video was poor but that did not matter since they posted it to demonize.

    Spreading gossip about chickens being raised inside apartment building units that would certainly alert other tenants and property management and owners.

    Cherry picking crime stats in South Dakota and in South Dakota cities to support their fringe bigotry and demonize a group while ignoring the broader crime stats and issues facing the state.

    Claims that Sharia Law has been imposed somewhere in South Dakota.

    The Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor and other well known established and respected organizations including businesses in Aberdeen accused of being associated and allied with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Those who do not agree with this some of which are volunteering their time to help these newcomers integrate into our communities and fight bigotry are accused of being enemies of the state?

    1. If you are against bigotry, then you picked the wrong side. The Muslim Brotherhood believes in one way….Allah. If you disagree, then you are an Islamophobe. In other words you are violating the Fitnah component of Sharia.

      1. The Presentation Sisters, Pope Francis and other clergy of various faiths enemies of the state too?

        1. No, they don’t advocate killing people who don’t believe as them. What are you anti-Catholic? Placing Catholics in the same category as radical Islam butchers is despicable! Even if you are trying to be a smart ass.

          1. I’m Catholic and would defend the Presentation Sisters and Pope Francis any day but you clearly don’t get it do you?

  4. Troy made an excellent point and is far more clever than the 13 who voted for this resolution.

    1. Most of those ‘Trump hating’ senators are ardent supporters of Trump, unlike most of the 19 who were not Trump supporters. Trump has done a good job as Troy said. But in the US, too many people are fighting Trump in his efforts to stop Muslim extremists, such as his temporary ban, not on all Muslims, but on those from certain Muslim countries who have a large number of terrorists.

  5. We should all thank the 6 Democrats who defended Trump by voting against the resolution. Cory Heidelberger is also very happy it went down. Maybe we should make him the conservative of the month.

  6. As is often the case, Troy intentionally misrepresents the motivation and actions of those with whom he disagrees. It’s much easier to frame an argument if you’re not worried about being bound by things like truth and integrity.

    1. You are exactly right. Troy, in his smarter-than-thou fashion, wants us to believe Tapio and the rest of the conservative Republicans are anti-Trump, and the Dems and RINOs aren’t ! Save the space and keep your biases to yourself !

      Slick, I am just reading their resolution and taking them at their word. This resolution is exactly the Allinsky tactic of the No-Trumpers by inferring Trump isn’t up to the job on this (and by extension others) issue. Are you saying, these people are actually dishonestly saying one thing but mean another? Troy

  7. Jaa Dee,

    Why you keep projecting Clinton and Democrat behavior on the Trump is beyond me. The indictments are going to happen.

  8. Jaa Dee,

    You are rude, insolent and have absolutely no intellectual honesty, integrity. Your first two or three posts had nothing t do with the subject of this thread. That gets you ejected.

    1. Troy, look at your own comments in your original article. “Trump haters”, those senators are mostly Trump supporters. Why do you have to stoop to the name calling that others do?

  9. Interesting twist Pat. As a Pro-trump and military family, we actually agree with the logic here. There is definitely some work to do in South Dakota on vetting refugees and monitoring movement of secondary migration but the approach and motivation must be looked at. There are “real” concerns by South DAKOTANS on this issue and rightfully so but NO one person has all the answers nor skills to deal with it. Look what happened to Michelle Bachman and Minnesota is flailing.(Just saying)

  10. They are fake supporters. Say it but their actions feed the no Trumper whispers Trump doesn’t know what he is doing. With “friends” like this, he needs to find better friends. That is why I picked the thread title I did.

    Or like another poster hinted they are dishonest.

    I guess I can’t really tell what kind of phony they are.

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