12 thoughts on “Marty Jackley for Governor posts new campaign video to Facebook”

  1. I like it. I didn’t know Marty had a sister. I like seeing more about him beyond his service as Attorney General

  2. I don’t think there’s much to Marty beyond the fact that he’s a lawyer and he wants to be Governor.

    1. Why does Kristi want to be governor? I haven’t heard a good reason. Last year at the Lincoln Day in Meade county they took the Mic and walked her off the stage before she ever got to a reason. She hasn’t finished talking about her kids yet and people moved on.

      What made her so formidable and powerful in 2010 was that her reason was clear.

      Marty is very compelling on the stump. I did not expect him to outshine Noem but he has.

  3. Wait till they pull Billie’s inlaws out and his family. This will be brilliant compared to that.

  4. I don’t understand this commercial at all. Marty’s sister wants Marty to be the governor. Big shock there, but why should the average voter care?

    1. He is trying to address his known weaknesses: He’s bland and nobody knows anything about him other than he’s an ambitious lawyer who wants to be governor; and he’s soft on crime.

    2. Kristi does have vastly better video people. At the end when Marty puts his arm around his sister I can’t see his face. The video is promoting Marty. Mistake not to show his reaction.

      Marty is a genuine guy. SD will be blessed to have him.

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