A tale of two parties, and the case for vigilance and activism for the GOP faithful.

I came across this as I was looking for something to write about today. And to me, it makes a good case for getting out there and getting involved. Because it all can be taken away at a moment’s notice.

I was looking at the SDGOP’s May 2015 FEC Report for their federal account, which indicated $11,997 Raised. $17,609 spent. And $21,134 cash on hand.

SDGOP May 2015 FEC Report

In comparison, South Dakota Democrats filed a report with different figures:

SDDP 2015 May FEC Report

$47,149 raised. $18,737 spent, and $59,113 cash on hand.

Wait, what?

Before you start getting excited, that doesn’t tell the whole story. $15,000 of what Dems reported was transferred in from party and committee sources. And these are just the reports from the federal accounts. State Year end reports from the SDGOP had them at $32,923 cash on hand as compared to the Democrat’s $14,047. And state accounts tend to be where a lot of the day to day stuff happens, especially for the SDGOP who holds all state offices, as well as a strong majority in each house of the state legislature.

However, it’s worth noting that it should serve as an item for Republicans to keep in the back of their heads as we move through the doldrums of the off year.

All we’ve done together – all we’ve accomplished – can be taken away in the blink of an eye if we become too complacent. We hold all state offices, and all but 20 state legislative seats. And I don’t suspect Democrats like that fact.

If we think back, it wasn’t that long ago when Democrats held all federal offices. In the last 20 years or so, Democrats held a majority in the State Senate for one term.  Unless there are those who want that to happen, the figures posted by Democrats in their last FEC report should be a call to the rest of us to shake off the dust that’s gathered since November of 2014, and to get to work.  Go to the SDGOP web site or contact your local Republican Party County Chairman or legislator and volunteer, make a donation, or otherwise get involved to make it happen.

It’s our party. And win or lose, it’s what we make of it. So, get involved.

24 thoughts on “A tale of two parties, and the case for vigilance and activism for the GOP faithful.”

  1. Our legislature and governor raised taxes, raised fees, increased spending, created more government, opposed gun rights bills, supported Common Core, and opposed pro-life legislation. They did so by voting with Democrats against Republican positions on all these issues. Like Lynn DeSantos said, it’s hard to get excited about “Republicans” who vote like Democrats.

    1. i know what stories you howie people like to tell. i have never met a republican like that in the state, who would ‘vote like a democrat’ because even when their vote agrees with a democrat the thought process that took them to that vote was very different. frankly, i put way more trust in that than i do the thoughtless rejection that happens with tea-party style political-correctness. no thanks.

  2. If you don’t like something, and want to change it, then get out and run for office yourself.

  3. … blink blink “Think we’re comin’ for your guns? We’re comin’ for your sons … and daughters, too!” The party of the Chronically Contrary won’t last another generation. The older angry white males are dying fast and youth see no future on the right.

    1. Are you the same guy who predicted before the 2014 election that the Republican party was dead and no longer relevant? How did that work out in the 2014 election?

    2. Porter are you going to come back to South Dakota and help the Dems to victory?

      1. @AnonymousMaximus … until then I’ll be appearing on Pat Powers from Brookings’ SDWCollege because “When it’s your duty to fight bullys, you go where the bully’s are!”

        1. when shall we be expecting you? Will you be going door to door? making fundraising calls? helping a particular candidate?

          your truly

          1. @AnonymousOptimus … I’m not really comfortable talking about myself, much. You know, right? I’m more of an issues pundit with Washington leanings. I watch South Dakota because as a Viet Nam era Vermillion Liberal that’s where my bones were made. (PS … the guy in Pierre from Watertown/Webster looks beatable, though.)

    1. The FEC report is somewhat deceptive, as the GOP has traditionally taken in the most through their state account.

  4. To me, what is relevant is we have a lot of supposed Republicans voting like Democrats. Republicans acting like Democrats is what weakened the GOP nationally.

    1. this chronic complaint is provably wrong. there are republicans who are working with some democrats to rebuild the political middle ground, which has been bombed out of existence. UNLESS there is a middle ground, nationally the democrats are going to keep their hold on the independents, and the more a bunch of “we ain’t conservtiv enuf” dopes shouts about not being ‘republican’ enough and similar crap, the more the independents are going to tune out what they’re hearing from the republicans. gee, there was only like 85 percent conservative turnout for mccain and romney. for all the bluster about throwing a tantrum and staying home, the conservatives getting out and voting like gangbusters twice in those cases was NOT enough to win. STOP THE ‘NOT CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH’ message already. those who run the numbers know its a crock.

      1. “Our legislature and governor raised taxes, raised fees, increased spending, created more government, opposed gun rights bills, supported Common Core, and opposed pro-life legislation. ”

        Obviously you have ran those numbers yourself “Enquirer” and found the statement to be legitimate. Those “numbers” indicate our legislature is anything but conservative enough, let alone Republican in those efforts.

        Trying to follow your argument of yes the Republicans are voting with the Democrats on leftist issues (to lay claim to the middle?), but they are still conservatives while voting opposite of conservative issues? !?

        1. dear “running the numbers” – i was talking specifically to the comment i was responding to which brought up the national election results. it didn’t have a single thing to do with the state legislature, and i commented about that closer to the top of the column. look for that and post your comments to that. sheesh. good night.

  5. So the RINOs are so secure in their alliance with the Democrats that they don’t even deny it anymore?

    Where are the political reporters in SD? Why isn’t Mercer or ToddEpp reporting on the hypocrisy? Are they both liberals?

  6. Is South Dakota and its Republican party as “conservative” as I’d personally like?

    Not really.

    Is South Dakota one of the most conservative states in the country.


    Will I continue to try to move legislators and state officials to understand my point of view and agree with it?


    Will I call them names and try to shout down opposing views.

    Not likely.

    I’ve never won over anyone to my point of view by damning them as a person.

    I try to save my ridicule for those who are beyond hope 😉

  7. South Dakota has among the lowest taxes in U.S., least regulation, most conservative abortion and othe social policies.

    Yet people yell it South Dakota is run by liberals. What a bunch of loons.

  8. I signed up for the GOP $16 a month program a couple weeks ago. I suggest everyone else do the same.

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