Almost election day in Rapid City? Make sure you check out Sam Kooiker’s Web Site.

SamWebAd-SDWC-Blog-300x200 Just a brief plug for our Rapid City readers – Today, please take a moment to check out the web sites for one of our advertisers, Sam Kooiker, who is out campaigning hard for re-election to the office of Mayor of Rapid City.

Like him or not, you can say many things about Sam Kooiker. First and foremost, he’s a hard worker who in campaigns keeps his eye to the grindstone, no matter what his opponents throw at him.

I’ve known Sam for many years. And in my dealings with him, I’ve always found him to be honest & a straight shooter who doesn’t treat people any differently whether they own million-dollar companies or dig ditches for a living. And for someone in an office such as he’s running to return to, that’s a good thing.

So, if you haven’t made up your mind yet, check out “” and find out more before you cast your ballot in tomorrow’s election.