And for those of you who don’t watch football…

In case you missed the new Star Wars Trailer last night, because you didn’t watch the game on ESPN:

My 2nd grader son looking over my shoulder as I previewed it asked “Dad, we’re going to go see that, aren’t we?”

As a seven-time viewer of the original, my answer was “Yes. We’re going to go see it.”

5 thoughts on “And for those of you who don’t watch football…”

  1. Just keep your boy away from the new comics and books. Lucasfilf isn’t slanting heavily towards Social Justice (homosexuality/feminism/cultural revision) in their ancillary product lines. Just read Star Wars Aftermath if you don’t know what I’m talking about. That novel’s author openly, and with much vulgarity, attacks conservatives and traditional values on his twitter account. His name is Chuck Wendig and, where the new novels are concerned, he’s Lucasfilm’s golden child.

  2. I am pondering if I have ever seen anything as dumb as the boycott star wars movement in my entire life. So far, I have come up with nothing that stupid.

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