Anti-prison group event featured Haugaard, Dave Roetman as speakers

Well, that sounds like a barn burner. (sarcasm warning)

The anti-prison NIMBY’s in Lincoln county had an event last night to raise money for their sisyphean fight against the state who is building a new prison on land it already owns.

Who were the featured speakers? Steve Haugaard and NDGOP exec for a week Dave Roetman.

Ironically, given Haugaard’s prohibitionist attitudes on alcohol, the musical entertainment was a Jimmy Buffet tribute band called “too drunk to fish.”’

If they had any number of people there, I’m guessing they were there for the band.

11 thoughts on “Anti-prison group event featured Haugaard, Dave Roetman as speakers”

  1. It shows how desperate and ignorant these NOPE fellows are when they bring in the “little dog”, Mr. Haugaard, to yap for them.

    Shame, NOPE people. Shame.

      1. I would rather live near a prison than a public high school.

        I have lived lots of different places, including only one block away from a railroad track, but high schools make the worst neighbors.

      2. in an effort to get the most bang for the limited bucks, state corrections officials and lawmakers have to recognize the best reform rates following incarceration are in situations where the inmates are housed closer to their homes, to keep their family and life connections strong. this will involve facilities being established in various places as opposed to one huge lockup for everyone. a basic tenet of mainstream christianity is that we are ALL criminals, jailed or not. prisoners don’t stop being fellow humans. i’m in rapid city which of course means i can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a detention facility or halfway house at some point. suck it up. freedom isn’t always free.

  2. Sounds like a real hootenanny. Were the women required to wear smocks and dresses with the hem below the knee.

    1. Mr. Haugaard demanded that smocks/socks and long dresses were required. People complied, except the prettier ladies who didn’t want to wear smocks/socks and longer dresses and wanted to shave their shins. This annoyed Mr. Haugaard, and he lost his situation because of his stiffness and … of course grudznick caused much of this … the jamming of Mr. Haugaard’s “god” down other people’s throats made other people jam their government “down Mr. Haguaard’s church’s situation.

      More to come. Mr. Haugaard, a Howitte of Gordantic proportions, will continue to peep.

  3. Can’t imagine marketing South Dakota’s largest community while actively building a new prison….

    1. “we lock up the criminals here” might be a good marketing campaign targeting refugees from New York and Chicago.

  4. I am against the prison because we are spending more on the prison facility than the fed is spending at Ellsworth to upgrade for the B21. Furthermore, the prison can house 1,500 people, that is about $500k per bed, double what Nebraska is spending per bed (they also have double our population). Imagine asking for something like $1 per student (PK-12) for the year $150K total, and that being voted against in appropriations, but $500K per prisoner, and getting full party support.

    Something more is going on here…..

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