Are you on the “Do Not Call List” and got the Robocall Last Night? You may have a recourse.

Have you registered for the “Do Not Call List?”  And did you receive the “Peter Waldron/Annette Bosworth” robocall?  If so, there may be a recourse for you:

Before you file a complaint regarding a telemarketing call, please read about the types of calls exempt from the Do Not Call law.

  • Calls from or on behalf of political organizations or candidates, charities and telephone surveyors are allowed.
  • Calls from companies with which you have an existing business relationship (collection agencies, credit card companies, Internet service providers, etc.) are allowed.
  • Additionally, a company may call you for 18 months after you make a purchase or three months after you submit an inquiry or application.
  • Calls from companies you have given permission to call are allowed.

You may file a complaint with the PUC online or by phoning 1-800-332-1782. You must know either the name or the phone number of the telemarketer that called you. You must also provide the date the telemarketer called and your registered phone number.

After receiving a complaint from a South Dakota consumer, the PUC will research the complaint. After completing its research, the PUC will contact you with the results and will discuss any further action that may be taken. If the telemarketer appears to be in violation of South Dakota law, the matter may be brought before the PUC for enforcement action. A telemarketer can be fined up to $5,000 for each occurrence.

Read that here.

Since to my knowledge “No Compromise Group” is a private and not political entity, and not registered as a political organization, and I don’t have a business relationship with them, nor bought anything from, or given permission to call me……  I’m kind of thinking they’ve broken the rules.

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