Former Independent US Senate Candidate Howie reports over $100,000 in income from his ‘media empire.’

I caught this as I was searching for Annette Boswoth’s legal fund information.

If you’re not familiar with Gordon Howie’s Life and Liberty Group (LLC), From his facebook page:

The purpose of the Life and Liberty Group is to reclaim the Christian, Conservative vaulues (SIC) that our country was founded on for our families, communities and government.

“Reclaiming Christian and Conservative Values,” but apparently, they left off the part that it’s good to Gordon’s bank account. At least, according to his financial disclosures filed with the US Senate Select Committee on Ethics which was made (somewhat late) in February:

Good to be Gordon

Yes, that’s Gordon Howie claiming to the US Senate that he received $110,000 as income from his Life and Liberty Group venture.

17 thoughts on “Former Independent US Senate Candidate Howie reports over $100,000 in income from his ‘media empire.’”

  1. What’s wrong with Gordon making a living from his media enterprise . Is there something I’m missing here ? Are you suggesting there is something illegal going on ?

    1. Mike there is something missing here but maybe PP just did not post all the great Godly things being done with the money taken in by Howie’s enterprise like clothing poor kids and setting up suicide help lines and funding mission trips to savaged parts of the world. Lets hope all the hype on his media videos about doing God’ work is not in vane.

    1. I really doubt any Democrats are paying hm. Watch out Family Heritage Alliance. He is educating your flock. You won’t see Gordo hob knobbing with the party elite. He is to busy calling them out. I like his Conservative Independent style. He now represents the people instead of the party click. I feel the same way about the Democrat party also.

  2. Mr. Howey,
    If you’re reading this, “The SD Democratic tent is large. You don’t need this ankle biting from the conservative groupies over your well deserved income. As our President would say, BUCKET!”
    55: Percentage of 18-29 year-olds that want the Democrats to retain the White House, compared with 40 percent who want the Republicans to win in 2016, according to the Harvard University Institute of Politics poll.

    1. Good thing 18-29 year olds don’t vote. They don’t have a broad enough experience of Democrats screwing up the country.

    2. “The SD Democratic tent is large.”

      No it is not, and Heidelberger and his pals are making it smaller every day.

      1. Sibson you got banned from that blog for life. Take it as a blessing! Move on with your life bud.

      2. Sibby is right. Dakota Free Press blocked him. There really is not much difference between the 2 parties anymore.

        1. yes! both parties have a secret alliance and those chemtrails up in the sky are proof!

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