Argus Article on Minnehaha County States Atty being out of pocket for weeks quickly turns into puff piece.

From the Argus Leader comes an article on the Minnehaha Co States Atty being out of pocket. And while it starts out being fairly straightforward, it quickly morphs into something that should be on the opinion page as opposed to the news:

Minnehaha County’s top prosecutor has been absent from the office for several weeks with what is being described as an undisclosed medical issue, the Argus Leader has confirmed.

Aaron McGowan has been gone from the office since at least mid-July, but the exact date has not been released, and the chief of the office’s civil division, Donna Kelly, has not returned messages.


He joined the office in 1999 as an assistant prosecutor after graduating from the University of South Dakota School of Law. In 2004 Nelson promoted him as the office’s youngest felony drug prosecutor.

He left the office in 2006 and opened a private office specializing in criminal defense work before running in 2008. A Democrat, McGowan was so respected that Republicans did not field a challenger.

Read that here.

Wait, what?

So the article starts out in what could be a critical examination why an elected official has been out of the office for several weeks.. but then it quickly shifts to a retelling of his resume, and a statement that will probably be placed on a campaign piece as it ends with an unsourced gushing claim that “McGowan was so respected that Republicans did not field a challenger?

I assume they had to cut it off there, as they needed the space where the XXX OOO would have went at the end for an ad.

20 thoughts on “Argus Article on Minnehaha County States Atty being out of pocket for weeks quickly turns into puff piece.”

  1. And it took 2 Argus reporters to write it.

    I guess they both wanted brownie points from McGowan. I hope they both got a nice pat on the head from the absent “public servant”.

  2. If Kaczke had written the piece it would have turned into an anti-Trump diatribe at the end

  3. People will be shocked to hear what went down at Mcgowanns house if the word around the FOP is accurate. Not good. Who’s investigating this matter?

  4. I guess if you’re elected as a Democrat you can just vanish for 6 weeks and not do your job and that’s ok!

    1. I dunno; if all the Democrats in DC didn’t do their “jobs” the country would be better off. Maybe a little apples and oranges.

  5. This prosecutor is awol as the crime situation in Sioux Falls spiraling out of control

    Of course fellow Democrat Barth covering for this guy

    1. Agreed Pat. The keyboard warriors on here are trying to implicate some sort of cover up or unsubstantiated allegation against Mr. McGowan. Unless and until definitive proof is substantiated, any other allegation is libelous at this point if it’s purpose is intentional to defame and is in fact untrue.

  6. That sounds quite litigious and threatening. Could Mr. McGowan be taking some time to post on DWC?

  7. Businesses being constantly harassed by vagrants in downtown Sioux Falls and this lazy prosecutor is doing nothing and isn’t even in town!

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