Author and Speaker VJ Smith running for State Senate in District 7

From the Brookings Register comes the announcement of another great Republican candidate for the State Legislature :

 V.J. Smith of Brookings has announced his candidacy for the South Dakota State Senate seat from District 7.


“I had two majors: history and political science. Ever since I was young, I’ve had an interest in politics. I felt one day, when the timing was right, I would venture into the arena,” Smith said.

He returned to SDSU in 1990 to serve as assistant to the athletic director. In 1996, he was named the executive director of the SDSU Alumni Association and held that position for 10 years. For the past 12 years, he has been a full-time professional speaker and travels throughout the United States. He is also a published author.

He feels the time is right for him to step into the arena.

“Frankly, the tone of politics right now isn’t what it should be,” Smith said. “Studies have shown we are quite divided, and the reason why we’re divided is because we’re not doing a very good job of listening to each other.”

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10 thoughts on “Author and Speaker VJ Smith running for State Senate in District 7”

  1. His announcement doesn’t really show a good real-world work experience. 28 years of SDSU work and speaking tours. Hope his earlier approxmately 14 years can relate to the common man.

  2. Born and raised right in Eureka, SD to a great attorney and homemaker with a slew of brothers and sisters. Also one of the best speakers SD has produced.

    I hope VJ wins for many reasons and somewhere high on the list would be listening to his floor debate. Jim Bolin look out your competition is on deck.

    Inside baseball – Bolin is one of the greatest orators the Legislature has ever had.

    1. VJ Smith is a great guy and would be a wonderful representative for the State of South Dakota.

    2. Where someone is born and to whom doesn’t make him someone I would vote, for only those reasons. What is his real-world work experiences? Can he relate to the problems that average individuals face. And Charlie, I won’t hold it against him because he was from your neck of the woods!

      1. I know two great speakers from Eureka, SD. Mr. Smith and Mrs. Hoffman. Have heard them both, and both very impressive. Good luck VJ

  3. Anon 10:43 AM if I told you VJ Smith and I don’t speak 10 words to each other in a year yet I know more about him and his family than 99% of SD does and still I hold him in my highest respect possible would that up your approval ante?

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