Backyard chickens confirmed by KELO as resident bird-flu vectors

I know I’ve mentioned this every time I’ve written about it, but KELOland news is the first Mainstream Media source who is also noting that those cute chickens in your backyard who give you eggs could be bird-flu vectors:

Poultry producers across the country are losing their flocks to the bird flu. There are even two cases of backyard chickens getting bird flu in Montana.

Here in KELOLAND, urban chicken farming has been growing in popularity over the last few years.

Lisa Zandt raises chickens and turkeys just north of Sioux Falls at her home along the Big Sioux River.

“I feel it’s important to be as self-sustaining as possible and I like to know where my food comes from,” Zandt said.

But her food supply could be threatened by the bird flu.

Read it all here.

10 thoughts on “Backyard chickens confirmed by KELO as resident bird-flu vectors”

    1. Will these owners be compensated for their losses like these factory turkey and chicken farmers at taxpayer expense?

      1. I sure hope so–and money for the emotional distress of losing their dear loved ones?

  1. Can’t wait for the new-age luddites from Madville to start a campaign against vaccinating backyard chickens.

    This flu was CAUSED by the mercury in vaccines!

  2. “I feel it’s important to be as self-sustaining as possible and I like to know where my food comes from,” Zandt said.”

    What a nut. You’re not self-sustain–NOWHERE NEAR it. If you enjoy raising poultry fine–but it doesn’t make one any more “self-sustaining”.

    I’m self-sustaining, and am well aware that my food comes from the restaurant or the grocery store.

    VERY sustaining.

    1. if society suddenly collapses, that guy has a bunch of chickens, while i have at most two family pets and some frozen pizza rolls. he’s more self-sustaining than most of us in that regard. but it’s mostly gibberish i agree. ‘sustainability’ was intended to be non-specific. it’s a great debate-stopper.

      1. And what will she do when “society collapses”?

        Her water to clean and cook the chickens will be shut off; or the electricity for the well will be shut off. She cannot water or clean the chickens.

        The natural/propane gas to cook the chicken will be shut off; and she won’t be able to get to SF to buy more gasoline b/c the gas pumps won’t work.

        She may have firewood available to cook, but she needs to maintain & replenish that yearly, AND use it for heat
        Since she cannot get to town, her supply of chicken feed will diminish quickly.

        If she’s smart, she’d butcher and can the chicken meat as soon as possible. That’s requires jars and seals and water and heat, which will be rare b/c all other “sustainable” chicken farmers and vegetable gardeners will be doing the same. And no more eggs.

        You & I could buy her canned chicken with bartered labor, propane, homemade brew, crocheted afghans, or silver & gold buillion, and on an on.

        In the end, that “sustainable” chicken farmer is no more sustained than the rest of us who are productive. She may have more chicken meat, but less of other things, like access to a city with a lot services and labor even in a disaster.

  3. Mr Powers, care to address why your removed my comments?

    (As they have been for the last decade, off topic comments are removed at my discretion. -PP)

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