Bags are getting packed for next week’s DC visit.

I’m busy today getting ready for my return trip to DC on Sunday; Getting those last minute tasks done, running to the bank, making sure my stuff is covered at one office, following up on things at the home one. Now if I would only get my hotel reservations…

whitehouse-from-rooftopThe great part is that the Autism Speaks Leadership Summit is taking care of the hotel, I just had to buy the plane ticket, and any extra days I’m there for sightseeing.

I did find out today that apparently, I’m staying at the “W” Hotel, which is smack in the heart of DC, right by the Reagan building, with views of the memorials & everything in the area.

You can even see the White House from the Rooftop bar.   My only question – how big a mortgage I need to take out for that extra day?

I’ve got visits set with all three members of our delegation set, including Senator Rounds in his brand new office, and I’ll have my camera at the ready. So, stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Bags are getting packed for next week’s DC visit.”

  1. what an interesting time to be in the nation’s capital. this week online, senators harry reid and patty murray both loudly and publicly declared that DEMOCRATS would be forced to shut down the government this fall, if republicans can’t move back to the president’s recommendations on social program funding. DEMOCRATS. so, this morning on facebook, “occupy democrats” have been pushing big meme around which says “REPUBLICANS are planning to shut down the government this fall, if democrats don’t sign on to the republican effort to drastically cut social services funding.” REALLY? seems like the action that shuts down will be initiated by DEMOCRATS and reid said so. lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie it just never stops.

    online democrats are persecuting jim gaffigan for doing a televised bit involving glenn beck. online democrats are circulating a petition to throw the koch brothers off of various museum and non-profit boards and reject their philanthropy. online they can’t stand that obamacare isn’t locked in yet so they’re suing to hasten the protection-racket style handling of health insurance.

    never stops.

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