Revisiting last week, a few pics of our delegation, the local scenery, and enjoying a cold one.

As I’m waiting for a coffee table I’m building for my daughter to dry (I added skirting), I was perusing a few of my pictures from trip to DC last week, and I notice I had a few photos of our delegation I hadn’t added.

Here, Congresswoman Noem briefs the assembled group about the issues that are (were) coming up in front of Congress, and specifically the Ways and Means committee .


Here, Senator Rounds gives us his time – and he gave us a lot – and listens intently as we explain the issues we’re working on for families of children with Autism. Mike offered a few pointers on things we should look at in state law which he remembered from being in the State Senate and the Gov’s office.


Here Senator Thune talks with our group before the sunrise breakfast session.


And a couple of the buildings we walked by on the way. – Here’s the Supreme Court in the days leading up to the recent SCOTUS decisions:


The US Capitol under renovation:


And, in case I forgot to share it earlier, here’s your’s truly at the Dubliner Irish Pub enjoying a cold glass of Harp.  IMG_1513.JPG

Good times. Now I need an excuse to go back!

Bags are getting packed for next week’s DC visit.

I’m busy today getting ready for my return trip to DC on Sunday; Getting those last minute tasks done, running to the bank, making sure my stuff is covered at one office, following up on things at the home one. Now if I would only get my hotel reservations…

whitehouse-from-rooftopThe great part is that the Autism Speaks Leadership Summit is taking care of the hotel, I just had to buy the plane ticket, and any extra days I’m there for sightseeing.

I did find out today that apparently, I’m staying at the “W” Hotel, which is smack in the heart of DC, right by the Reagan building, with views of the memorials & everything in the area.

You can even see the White House from the Rooftop bar.   My only question – how big a mortgage I need to take out for that extra day?

I’ve got visits set with all three members of our delegation set, including Senator Rounds in his brand new office, and I’ll have my camera at the ready. So, stay tuned!

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