BH Pioneer Survey Predicts blowouts for Thune, Johnson, Noem

In yesterday’s print edition of the Black Hills Pioneer, the newspaper published an unscientific survey of their readers on a number of races, including the top three on the ticket. The respondents came in pretty strongly, selecting US Senator John Thune over Bruce Whalen in a vote of 83-20, Dusty Johnson over Taffy Howard 77-41, and similarly Governor Kristi Noem blows the doors off of Steve Haugaard in the race to the second floor:Whoof. This might not be the night for the Haugaard consolation party to be a dry event.

5 thoughts on “BH Pioneer Survey Predicts blowouts for Thune, Johnson, Noem”

  1. But remember, that was a poll of readers. It will be a little closer when the votes of those who can’t read are added in tonight.

  2. Mr. Haugaard is probably a tee-totaling fellow. But he’ll swear up a bitch storm behind the curtain and beat his tiny fists into the Costco cake with a cream cheese American flag drawn on white frosting that is back stage, meant to celebrate his unlikely win.

  3. I feel like maybe the realistic position for we 25% is not to win, but perhaps to water ourselves and grow.

    It’s too late to nip this movement in the bud.

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