Black Hills preparing for invasion of dirty hippies.

The invasion of the Black Hills by dirty hippies continues to move forward, and continues to generate news stories over the clashes between the hippie “tribe” and area Native Americans. From the Daily Beast, a story titled “Lakota Warriors Vow to Crush Dirty Rainbow Hippies”:

“We don’t want you here. You have no f—king respect for Lakota people!” the 54-year-old Native American yelled into a mic attached to his truck. His T-shirt bore another message: portraits of warriors who had shellacked the U.S. Army in the Battle of Little Bighorn, alongside the words “Original Homeland Security.”


Swan is not a tribal council representative and does not speak for the Sioux. That isn’t stopping him from fighting the Rainbow Family of Living Light, a counterculture group that’s held annual gatherings in national forests every July since 1972 to pray for world peace—and deliver drugs, nudity and sometimes murder and other crimes in their wake.


Swan said Rainbow Family adherents tried to soften him up by saying, “We’re just like you, [but] the government doesn’t recognize us as a tribe.”

“You’re not a tribe,” Swan added. “You’re fricking fruitcake people.”

Read that all here.

Yes. I’m sure calling themselves a tribe helped to smooth over matters.

The hippies are also in the Rapid City Journal again today, as their war of words with James Swan continues on, and the Hippies claim that they don’t condone the use of drugs…… but some of their members apparently didn’t get the memo.

And Bonus! They discussed their hygiene habits!:

Members of the Rainbow Family held a question and answer meeting with area residents in Hill City on Tuesday evening to address the concerns that some might have. There was a sense of unease from some residents, who voiced concerns on a variety of topics, including the extent of drug usage at the gathering, how laws would be enforced at the gathering, their general hygiene habits, if they would destroy the forest and whether it would have an impact on the tourism industry that Hill City relies on.

“This is the 44th year we’ve been doing this, if we trashed the forest, we’d have been shut down years ago by the National Service,” Winslow said. “As with any gathering of people, there will be a few dissidents, but call other towns that have hosted us, they’ll all tell you that it was a positive experience.”

He also said the Rainbow Family does not condone the sale or usage of drugs.


James Swan, also a member of the Strong Heart Warrior Society, appeared at the meeting and was visibly angry with the members of the Rainbow Family. He loudly said they were violating tribal land and he threatened to “serve them an eviction notice” and “kick their asses out” if they weren’t gone in 48 hours. He left the meeting without waiting for a response.


In Rapid City and Pennington County, officials have taken a firm hand with Rainbow gatherers so far, instituting a “no tolerance” policy on aggressive panhandling, and urging businesses owners to call police if trouble arises. Several arrests of people who said they came to the area for the Rainbow gathering were made in Rapid City last week on panhandling and drug charges.

Read it all here.

Why do I think this isn’t the last story we’re going to see on this?

17 thoughts on “Black Hills preparing for invasion of dirty hippies.”

  1. “THAT’S EN-TER-TAINMENT” we liberals sing when any group or idea out of the “rut in the road” you conservatives call normal gets under your skin. In fact, that’s the major motivation of the RAINBOW FAMILY. Like teenagers, they love to irritate you, that political party with the sticks in your posteriors. lol ~ Maybe you should do an “on the scene” report from the gathering, Mr. Powers.

    1. Porter, just like conservatives like to irritate lefties like yourself by stating that traditional values are good and moral and the way things should be. Lefties like you have no foundation but the spirit of the age, and that is a pretty poor foundation. I would guess that in the end, it will all be shifting sand and your little empire will crumble.

  2. Porter Lansing: The best recruiting tool for our youth to join the Republican Party! 🙂

  3. ““You’re not a tribe,” Swan added. “You’re fricking fruitcake people.”

    Sounds like he’s describing the Madville Times crowd.

    James Swan for US Forest Service supervisor!!!!

    1. There are two key words here – PUBLIC LAND – Just because we don’t like or want them here is not enough to ban them . Lets say you don’t like Republicans or Democrats or Jews or Catholics or Italians or Swedes using “our” Black Hills should we throw them out ?

  4. Didn’t Timothy Leary say “if you can remember the 60s, you weren’t there?”

    1. Leary must have been one stupid hippie; with the pot-induced haze that was the sixties (I wasn’t there, thank heavens, but I can read) it is not surprising that people that were there can’t remember. Timothy Leary was not a decent, honorable, role model, despite what Port-air may say.

  5. Given the frequency of heavy rains out here they won’t remain dirty for long.

  6. At least they don’t bring the Burning Man here. We don’t need any more fires

  7. Thanks. But, on a serious note, some spies should be sent in to look for runaways. Many who’ve not felt comfortable at home end up with this group because of the compassion they show.

  8. I don’t have a problem with them being there as long as they leave the place as clean or cleaner than they found it, as long as their drug use doesn’t spread beyond themselves, and as long as they don’t bother other people using the area. We just drove through the Deerfield area a couple of weeks ago and it’s beautiful; hope it remains that way.

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