10 thoughts on “Bollen to change plea?”

  1. There is a moment in every campaign when a candidate finds their footing. This is Marty’s time. Kristi just lost momentum.

    Jackley will defeat her.

  2. Really after Gear Up, EB5, and the repeal of anti corruption you’re saying Marty is stronger then ever because of a plea deal with Rounds’s buddy? You’re delusional!

  3. Marty Capone should resign after all the corruption that has taken place while he’s been Ag

  4. Noem doesn’t have all the baggage Jackley does. Plus he’s never had a real race and she beat Herseth. Noem will chew up Jackley and spit him out.

  5. No surprise that Rounds’s buddy Bollen will get a slap on the hand and I’m sure AG Jackley will see to it that Bollen doesn’t get any jail time. Crony capitalism at it’s finest.

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