Borglum Campaign posts announcement video. Speech gives indication she’s going to try to run to the right of Rounds.

From Facebook:

The Scyller Borglum for US Senate campaign has kicked off this morning with her announcement speech in Rapid City. And from the tenor of her comments, as opposed to running as a more moderate alternative to US Senator Mike Rounds, it appears that Borglum is running to the right of Rounds.

(I’ll be adding to this once I fully process this speech.)

62 thoughts on “Borglum Campaign posts announcement video. Speech gives indication she’s going to try to run to the right of Rounds.”

  1. Of course she wants us to think she is conservative, but her voting record proves she is a liberal.

    Family Heritage Alliance- 64%
    AFP- 20%
    Citizens for Liberty 2nd Amendment scorecard- 60%

    1. Conservative Voters Guide details 20 votes taken by legislators in 2019 and puts Borglum at 29.2%.

  2. Scyllar, lots of talk about conservative values. If I bring a bill to require only biologic boys and girls may use the cooresponding bathrooms, changing rooms and showers in public schools, will you vote yea or nay?

        1. What’s important is focusing on real issues that affect real South Dakotans, not more of the social engineering Republicans like Fred have been obsessed with for the last few decades.

          1. What’s important is real conservatives push back against the social engineering from the left. South Dakota doesn’t need boys in girls bathrooms or boys playing on girls sports teams. I’m grateful for any legislator that stands their ground to protect our children.

            1. Would that also include the claim that South Dakota cities are now No Go Zones and are under Sharia Law? Anti Vaxxers?

            2. Since when are boys in girl’s bathrooms? There have been incidences where they might try and peek in.

          2. Social engineering? How about common sense and common decency? Fred has a moral foundation, how ’bout you?

            1. Fred’s obsession with bathroom activities is an attention-seeking solution desperately in search of a problem. It has nothing to do with morals.

            2. Well I did go to the 4th most conservative University in the nation where there is no co-ed dorms, bathrooms, showers, booze, tobacco, shacking-up unlike the SD Universities. I don’t put myself above anybody. I believe in local control. If you don’t like how the schools are conducting themselves run for school board. Only problem…nobody cares about education or they would vote.

                1. Yes I did and I graduated from the top 5 Conservative Universities in the nation. Rise and shout, the Cougars are out.

    1. Government should stay out of that and let the local schools handle it. They have been doing a great job. Another manufactured problem that doesn’t exist.

      1. Local schools have no choice in the athletics issue. They are REQUIRED to follow SDHSAA policy.

            1. If you are a school board member, why are you acting like a coward by not stating your name? What kind of example does that show students? I think you are a fake. lol

                1. Are you afraid somebody might make run of your rubber stamp voting record?

      2. Of course I support equal rights and compassionate treatment for all members of LGBTQ. But gender ideology (the idea that a boy can have a girl’s brain, or a boy belongs on a girls team) is ideology. There is no place for this in public schools.

  3. She says she remembers thinking in 2014 how did Rounds squeak into office..?

    Did she live in South Dakota in 2014? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t understand how Rounds got elected having enjoyed historically high approval numbers as Governor.

    1. She didn’t vote for Rounds in 2014, because she didn’t even live here in 2014. Of course anyone can run for anything, but she probably shouldn’t offer too many opinions on SD before she moved here in 2015.

  4. She has a 100% rating from Equity SD – the gay, lesbian, queer and transgender lobby group.

    1. Good for her! Plenty of Republicans are tired of all the anti-LGBTQ within the party and want it to move forward.

      1. You say anti-LGBTQ, I say defense of morality and family values. And don’t pull out that tired left-wing tripe “Hate is not a family value” crap.

        1. In America, you don’t get to use the law to impose your morality on others. Sounds like you’d fit in well in an Islamic state.

          1. So why is the LGBTQ lobby imposing their values on SD? They have imposed their values on the SDHSAA which has capitulated to allow transgenders to play against our children. We now have biologic boys, in SD, playing against biologic girls.

            1. I don’t believe here are any schools in SD that allow boys to compete in girls sports. Name me the school and sports they are participating in.

  5. “The political landscape is changing and what it means to be conservative is eroding but the Republican “establishment” isn’t discussing it because it makes them uncomfortable to admit that it’s not going right.”

    If anything is eroding, it’s becasue of liberals like Borglum masquerading as a conservative, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

  6. The GOP will be able to select between two liberals attempting to convince voters they are conservatives. Couldn’t get any better than this. No conservatives to castigate here–new territory for the GOP establishment. The establishment will have to attack a fellow RINO. Wow! Love it!

  7. Extremely bright, a go getter, positive, people focused and part of a new generation of leaders. Go Scyller!!!!!!!!

    1. Those qualities could also be used to describe Healy. What I’m interested in is the candidate’s values.

  8. In a two person, the Over-Under on her final number is 14%.

    On fundraising (not counting any direct contribution from her or family, a spigot I have no idea if it is a torrent or a dribble), the over-under is $175,000.

    This candidacy is more than DOA. Based on what sounded like single digit claps, it died before the speech started.

  9. Strategically I still do not understand how throwing Dusty & company under the bus helped her. She could’ve kept quiet and not been branded a liar or alienated herself from part of the party.

  10. Miss Montana better do some more research since she would have no clue what happened here in 2014 since she wasn’t even living here.
    Also a very clear swipe at Senator Thune for not supporting Trump early on. Care to explain to all of your lady supporters that his personal life was ok with you when there were other choices?
    One thing is clear, her speech was not inspiring and while I have never met her, I thought her to be kind of sweet and energetic. Now all I see is vicious and naive. The only political mobster she knows right now is the one running her campaign.

  11. One of Borglum’s issues is immigration. Just do happens HB1172 was an Act to provide for cooperation with federal officials in matters of immigration.

    She voted no.

    That means she does not support SD law enforcement cooperating with federal law enforcement. And she is running for US Senate???

    I don’t think so.

  12. She also voted against SB55, “an act to require the national motto of the United States to be displayed in public schools,” that passed both chambers and was signed into law by the governor.

  13. I listened as far as her saying that traveling around South Dakota she has heard we need to get more young people and women into politics.
    We weren’t looking for candidates for statewide office, we were trying to help TARs and CRs to do things like go to camp and hire speakers for campus events.
    That’s what was going on at the LDDs in Yankton and Watertown which she attended, we were trying to raise money for the young people, because they are on the front lines of the culture wars.
    She seems to have misunderstood what we were doing, or she heard what she wanted to hear. Not a good sign.

  14. I really like the red outfit . . . very professional looking . . . and the little girl with the flags adds a nice touch.

    Nothing in the speech inspires me. Content was blah, and delivery reminded me of high school debate.

  15. Did she really say “Independence Party”?

    I don’t know Scyller. She seems like someone with good intentions, but she is clearly overmatched by Rounds in every way. Mike knows South Dakota like the back of his hand, and South Dakotans trust him to do the job right.

    I actually feel bad for Scyller and her naivety. She doesn’t stand a chance. This campaign will be like watching a car crash – horrible to witness, but I can’t help but keep staring.

  16. Run for the US senate…raise money…drop out and run for state house…only path for success that I see!

  17. She voted against SB55 and HB1172. Those show what her political philosophy is. Votes are more important than words!

      1. She voted against having the national motto displayed in públic buildings (SB55) and against cooperating with federal officials regarding immigration (HB1155).

          1. That may be, but these votes show her political leanings. That enough for me.

            1. The irony is she want to be a federal lawmaker but she votes AGAINST cooperation with federal law enforcement.

  18. I went back and watched the whole speech. From the sound of the applause I don’t think there could have been more than six people in the room.
    Where she has posted it on Facebook, 1.7K saw it, 28 people posted some kind of response, and 3 people shared it.
    She talked a lot about “common sense” but common sense should tell her this isn’t working. “Common sense solutions” are often proposed by 2 kinds of people. The first kind is people who have no ideas. They think good ideas will just spontaneously pop into their heads eventually, they’ll figure things out later. They have no idea what they are doing. The second kind are people with really bad ideas, ideas the voters will not like at all, but once they are elected they’ll do whatever they want and say “these are the common sense solutions I promised.”
    This explains why “common sense solutions” are usually terrible.

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