Brendan Johnson lining up for Hillary; Where are other politicos at?

I caught this on facebook yesterday, that former US Attorney Brendan Johnson is announcing early that he’s all in for Hillary Clinton:


Brendan is one of a few South Dakota Democrats who have publicly jumped on board a Democratic Candidate’s team. (Or maybe I should cut that off at “one of a few South Dakota Democrats.”).

Republicans are also largely hedging their bets this far out with notable exceptions such as House Assistant Majority Leader Steve Westra, who is heading up the Jeb Bush campaign along with eight other notable South Dakota supporters.

So legislators, and other politicos – Anyone else want to come out and declare their favorite candidate they’re actively supporting for President?

11 thoughts on “Brendan Johnson lining up for Hillary; Where are other politicos at?”

  1. What I find remarkable is only 8 legislators have lined up behind Bush.

    Reflection on Bush or Westra?

      1. I agree Troy. 8 doesn’t sound very impressive. Westra should be working those phones and getting around 50-100 current and former legislators or else not be promoting this thing. If he was just promoting himself and Tim Rave as legislative leaders then I get it. But when he’s got a list of random legislators who aren’t in leadership then he should get a ton of them. I know they are out there.

        Right now it looks weak.

        1. Schoenbeck should come out for Walker and he’d have 50 current legislators in his sleep.

          I’d like to know how many Democrats would go for Hillary, Sanders or Warren. (they easily could because even Bush isn’t in the race yet and he has a group encouraging him.)

  2. Honestly I like that Brendan has the guts to support a candidate publicly.

    I wish Kristi would.

    Thune will again hopefully also. Rounds will probably be with Huckabee again.

    I don’t have to agree with the candidates choices but it tells me they are invested in the presidential race which is very crucial to the future of the USA.

    (brendan most likely is looking towards an appointment in DC rather than elected office in sd.)

  3. in this poisoned environment there is no sense in jumping on the bush bandwagon so early. no sense at all even though he’s probably going to be the candidate. south dakota happens too late in the republican primary season to ever have a large effect on the race. given the current establishment / tea party divide, i wouldn’t court trouble at this time by forcing everyone on the bush bandwagon early. a huge establishment wall for bush at this time would only disenfranchise the tea party more than they already feel they are.

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