5 thoughts on “Is Mike Huckabee getting in Race today? He sure sounds like a candidate.”

  1. At least Huckabee can play guitar or banjo at GOP fundraisers. That will be his contribution this up coming election cycle.

      1. “The Huckster is a tax and spend nanny stater”

        Romney obviously got his money’s worth for all that anti-Huckabee propaganda he bought in 2008.

  2. Bring them all Hillary is way ahead in the polls I know you cant stand that .Run Photo op Thune as he can run for senator to unless its a democrat then you will change it again.

    1. i hope hillary is the candidate, she gets her faithful all excited but there’s nobody who can suppress the other part of the democrat voter turnout more than she can because she’s the same old clinton crap. i hope she’s the candidate, mccain would have beaten her last time.

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