BTW… I see Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel blocked me

As another postscript to the below story, I notice Lora Hubbel blocked my access to her political facebook page this weekend. Likely because as an announced candidate, she has no interest in people reading about her views that are flat-out crazy.

Let the games begin!

28 thoughts on “BTW… I see Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel blocked me”

  1. As Tara says,stick to the issues. Ha. You did, the issue is that her views are waaaaaaaaaay out there.

    1. Tara – Lora, at times, takes issues too far. Her statements about vaccines and the Westerhuis’s investigation are 2 that keep me away. Even the fb post about SD Learn has hints at conspiracy. She really does do it to herself.

      1. You folks need to be more open minded and assertive. I know this is SD nice and it’s part of the old culture not to ask questions and hold politicians accountable for their votes, or avoiding the press and town hall meetings. Status quo has got to go. I just think if would be great for the state to elect someone that is maybe over passionate, maybe takes some things a little far, but heck, isn’t that better than voting same ole same ole. KM, get out of the box and be a little adventurous. You just might be glad you did.

        1. We don’t need to elect somebody who is insaner than most, and apparently lazy too. Not good form for the young Ms. Hubbel.

        2. Tara, I’m not that old, but I was raised with what may be considered “SD nice”, what I call respect your elders. I do step out of the box, but when it comes to politics and ppl making serious decisions about Ed, taxes, our way of life, etc we’re going to keep it reasonable. Lora just steps over the line & takes things to far for us.

    2. Tara, you think her view that having babies sleep on their back was so the government could control them is a mainstream thought? She’s nuttier than squirrel turds.

      1. I think you took that a little out of context Jon. Trust me, she is far from nutty…..her genious IQ might make her appear a little nutty, but aren’t we all? To me she is such a straight arrow.

  2. I don’t understand all of the negativity on Hubbell, Nelson and Krebs.

    Let them do their thing.

    1. You don’t? The first two are insaner than most, and the latter is catering to their minions.

  3. Why do you have such a problem with her Pat. I can see you going after a Cory Heidelberger but all the name calling and trying to discredit her. It’s fine to disagree with her on issues but to attack her with nasty comments. Maybe that’s why she blocked you.

    1. Tara, that is a false statement. All I’ve ever done is point out her statements and views.

      She can run for office, but she doesn’t get to hide.

  4. Do you really think I am going to fall for your BS lol ……seriously Pat, do you really think I am that stupid. You have been trying to discredit her for years. I must admit, your posts on Lora are quite entertaining. I hope you are doing it for ratings. Apologize to her and I bet she will unblock you. I am sure most people don’t believe that nonsense….I can only hope.

      1. Whatever you say Pat. Maybe Trump is rubbing off on her. I wish she would start twittering. I would like to read some of her tweets.

  5. I agree, it would be great if she got on Twitter. I can only imagine that crap she’d make up on the fly. Can’t pay for entertainment any better than that.

  6. I will never forget her Facebook post with a photo of a condensation trail near her house and her concern that the government was spraying her, personally, I guess, with chemicals to subdue her or something.
    Then she said the SIDS-prevention “back to sleep” campaign was to flatten the skulls of the babies so they would be easier to control.
    Another Facebook post was about dogs being microchipped so the government could keep their owners under surveillance.
    Then the usual stuff about vaccines and common core.
    Once in a while she’s right about something, like taxes, but she spirals into paranoid delusions so rapidly it’s hard to take anything she says seriously.

  7. Some of those things she posts are for education and discussion. Did you read the wheat article today? Broaden your minds.

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