3 thoughts on “Can’t say I would have pegged Rep. Goodwin supporting this.”

  1. I get the point and I think there’s a case to be made for medical mj. I also support people making their own choices. However, let’s not manipulate us into thinking drugs are safe.

    Maybe Goodwin can explain what “safe” means? Is it similar to the way PParenthood claims abortions are safe? Safe for whom?

    Do doctors have to prescribe opiates for a decade? Doubtful. People are allowed to make responsible choices and manage their pain meds. We know opiates and mj is addictive and come with risks. Can mj cause an early death? Ya, it’s possible, heart attacks or lung cancer they cause early deaths. What if users don’t heed the warnings to not operate heavy machinery while doping and cause a car accident that kills another? Would that be considered an early death?

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