Waldron group operated out of Sioux Falls PO Box issues press release attacking Jackley over Bosworth

The Bosworth affiliated No Compromise Group fronted by Peter Waldron & operated out of a PO Box in the Sioux Falls UPS Store issued a press release this morning in their latest salvo against Marty Jackley.

For Immediate Release Contact: Peter Waldron
May 18, 2015

Bosworth Case: Attorney General Marty Jackley’s Obvious Conflict of interest

Christian Activist Calls AG Jackley’s role in the Annette Bosworth Case a serious conflict of interest

SIOUX FALLS: … South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley’s role in the investigation and prosecution of South Dakota physician/missionary Dr. Annette Bosworth is fraught with conflicts of interest.

Attorney General Jackley was appointed by then-governor Mike Rounds. The AG donated funds to the 2014 Senate Campaign of Mike Rounds. AG Jackley had an active role in a 2014 fundraiser for Senate-candidate Mike Rounds. In spite of the obvious conflict, the Attorney General rushed forward with an investigation of a 2014 political opponent of Senate-candidate of Mike Rounds.

“Forget about an appearance of conflict, there is substantial evidence that Attorney General Marty Jackley has serious conflicts of interest,” said Peter Waldron with the No Compromise Group, an organization that is committed to honest, open, free, and fair elections. He should have publicly recused himself from any investigation and prosecution of Dr. Bosworth. Sadly, his involvement in her prosecution appears to the reasonable citizen to be more personal than official.”

A lot is currently written about ABC-TV personality George Stephanopoulos’ conflict of interest with the Clinton Foundation and concern for his objectivity in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Campaign. “We are talking about a TV host not a state attorney general,” Waldron explained, “Certainly much more caution must be taken in the official matters of state when it comes to the prosecution of a single citizen?”

“The Court should acknowledge Attorney General Marty Jackley’s conflict of interest, dismiss the charges against Dr. Bosworth, and assure the good and decent citizens of South Dakota that justice is alive and well in the South Dakota courts,” Waldron concluded.


So, that’s it?  That’s the sum result of the “investigation” that Gordon Howie was squawking about this AM? An brief, innuendo filled press release that’s less than accurate?

I had the invite here at SDWC that Marty was appearing as a host at a Pierre area fundraiser. And Bosworth herself raised the fundraiser issue herself in May 2014, except with slightly more clarity than Waldron, even though there’s no indication whatsoever that it affected Jackley’s decision whether or not to investigator not.

Also, as he spouts innuendo, Waldron neglects to mention that Marty was appointed, then stood for not one, but two statewide elections on his own merits.

I do notice that there’s no mention of how much money Waldron might be making off of all of this, or who paid for the robocalls he made.

Maybe that’s the biggest question that needs to be answered before they start rehashing old news.

May 18-22 is Boz week! Just like Shark Week, but much less coherent!

The stage is set, and Jury selection begins today!  May 18-22 is Boz Week. Just like Shark week, except much less coherent, and you want this to be over!

We have 2 failed US Senate Candidates, one of which claimed she had to live in an RV with her family. We have a former Sado/Masochism photographer. We have an evangelical political organizer who spent time in a Ugandan Jail Cell for terrorism.  We have the husband of the accused who ran against her prosecutor as a third party candidate for Attorney General, despite lacking a college degree or Law School education.

And those are just the major players – I’m not even hitting the secondary supporters who think drivers license cameras scan our irises, or that there’s a plot afoot that robot bees are going to replace real ones.

I could go on, but I think you get the gist.  This week will likely mark a new low in politics in what is surely the most head scratching episode in South Dakota political history.

The trial didn’t have to happen. But not because of any prosecutorial zeal is involved. The charges were appropriate, especially in light of the fact that the accused admitted the behavior. It’s because the accused doesn’t want to take responsibility for it.

And over the course of nearly a year, we’ve been treated to attack after attack, and a campaign against prosecution that resembles any political one, complete with fundraising letters, press releases, press conferences, web sites devoted to it, robocalls, and busing volunteers & well wishers to the trial.

Or at least, they’re claiming they’re busing volunteers & well wishers.

All we can hope is that this week marks the peak of the frenzy, and that after her anticipated conviction, the whole thing will start to all die down.

It would be great if it just disappeared off the political map, but I’ve been around the block enough that it’s probably going to pop up here and there like a brush fire that’s dying off. And eventually, we might be able to say the Bosworth circus has finally left town.

Boz employee claims “hundreds of supporters” coming to Pierre. Anyone buying that line?

From KCCR News, an employee of Annette Bosworth (the Trial Supervisor for Meaningful Medicine, no less) is claiming that hundreds want to come to Pierre for the trial, but alas, there’s no room at the inn:

According to Joy Jensen, trial supervisor with Meaningful Medicine, Dr. Bosworth has an unnamed supporter who has offered to pay for hotel rooms in Pierre for supporters of Bosworth to stay during the trial.


Jensen confirms with KCCR News that they already have had hundreds of supporters interested in coming to Pierre from across the entire state.

Jensen says they have only secured rooms for a portion of those folks because of the limited hotel options in Pierre. They are still working on a solution for the rest of the Bosworth supporters.

Read it here.

If Pierre can host multiple conventions, including the 6th Annual South Dakota Cornhole State Championships, I suspect that very easily, they can find adequate housing for the people who want to watch Bosworth attempt her own ‘cornholing’ of the justice system.  (yes, that’s an intentional entendre’)

Since they’re already floating the false “limited hotel options,” despite a thousand or more hotel rooms in the Pierre/Ft. Pierre area, I’m suspecting that’s the excuse they’re going to claim when it all turns out to be BS. Seriously, I think it’s delusional to think that ‘hundreds’ of people are going to show up in any way, shape or form.

Unless they’re coming to watch the judicial equivalent of a bad car accident, as Annette explains that yes, she was in the Philippines, but those people intended to sign her petition.

(I suppose I should thank timing and providence that I have my #3 daughter graduating this next weekend, otherwise I’d be “fighting for seating” with those hundreds of supporters as the trial proceeds next week.)

Do former officials remain honorable after their 15 minutes is up? It depends.

A web site comment today (and subsequent retort) pinged my memory, and had me digging for what the proper protocol is.


True, Tim is not a Senator anymore, but it’s not like he’s using it to get anything, and given he just left office it was very likely a slip of habit. But as I did note, it did bring up the issue of what is proper protocol.

Democratic State Senator Doris Miner, who had served in the 90’s was not unknown to refer to herself as Senator when out of office at least for a time. I know of another former State Rep who served a single term back in the 90’s who still refers to himself as “the Honorable.”

But they’re the exception more than the rule. Most are quite content to go back to being Joe Blow.  But, seeing the always pleasant comment section this AM had me scrounging around to look it up.  And I found a great reference in the on-line web site for the book “The Protocol School of Washington’s Honor & Respect – the official guide to names, titles, and forms of address.”

So, what does the protocol guide have to say about the use of former titles? It’s actually easy after you see it laid out:

Referring to Former Officials
By their Former Office in the Third Person?
       One thing I find missing is how one should reference a former United States Official in descriptive text or to a third party.  I notice that former Governor Huckabee is always introduced as Governor Huckabee on his TV show.  Is this correct, incorrect, or optional?  I assume it is correct to use their official titles when describing their actions in office.

Dear MLB:
Addresing Mike Huckabee as “Governor Huckabee” is not correct.
Mike Huckabee would not be referred to as “Governor Huckabee” at the Governor’s Mansion, at the State Capital, in Washington, D.C., or in the U.S. Capital. He’d be Mike Huckabee, former Governor of … or Mr. Huckabee.
Perhaps the producers of the show are concerned everyone won’t know who he is?
Former officials who hold a position of which there is more than one at a time — retired judges, retired ambassadors, retired generals, retired senators, retired bishops etc. — use their “title” in every situation for the rest of their lives.
But officials of which there there is only one at a time (The Governor, The President of the United States, The Speaker of the House, The Secretary of State, The Surgeon General …) don’t continue use of their former title.
They use what they were entitled before taking the one-at-a-time position. E.g., Dwight Eisenhower in retirement went back to General Eisenhower.  He was no longer The President”.
Same with Colin Powell … he’s no longer addresses as “Secretary” … he’s General Powell. 
Bill Clinton is now “Mr. Clinton.” When you hear a TV journalist saying “President Clinton” it’s a short-hand third-person phrase to quickly tell the viewer who is being discussed. It’s not a form of address.  If they are directly addressing him that way it is incorrect.
— Robert Hickey

Read it here.

According to the protocol guide, since they’re all former officials who hold a position of which there is more than one at a time technically, Tim, Doris, and others who have served in the legislature are quite proper in the use of their former title of Senator or Representative.

Now you know. (And knowing is half the battle.)



Thune Urges Congress to Pass TPA to Bolster Opportunities for U.S. Agriculture

Thune Urges Congress to Pass TPA to Bolster Opportunities for U.S. Agriculture

“We can’t afford to take these exports for granted, as other nations are actively negotiating new agreements …”

WASHINGTON, D.C.— At a press conference today, U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) urged passage of the bipartisan trade promotion authority legislation, highlighting the importance of opening new markets to America’s farmers and ranchers.


“By failing to reauthorize TPA, which is something we haven’t done since 2007, American producers are missing out on new opportunities to sell to the more than 96 percent of consumers who live outside of the United States. And, nowhere is this more important than when it comes to the area of agriculture. America’s high quality agricultural products are in high demand around the globe, which is why ag exports last year hit a record 152 billion dollars …

“But we can’t afford to take these exports for granted. As other nations are actively negotiating new agreements, our producers are going to be left on the sidelines if we don’t get trade promotion authority put into effect.”


It sounds like an Onida Ethanol Plant’s attempt to build on existing rail spur sparked some lively political theater.

It sounds like an election forum sponsored by the people constructing an ethanol plant got lively in Onida recently:

After a heated exchange between Walt Wendland of Ring-neck Energy and Feed LLC of Mason City, Iowa, and Adam Altman, the persistent Aberdeen attorney going down a list of questions on a yellow legal pad, that drew them within a foot or so of each other, Wendland turned to the crowd: “Anyone want him to continue?”

“NO! NO!,” came loud answers from several in the crowd. Wendland then told Altman he hadn’t been asked to take part in the forum, which was organized by Ring-neck to answer concerns about the plant.

“I didn’t say you could speak,” Wendland told Altman. Applause broke out from half or more of the crowd, it appeared.

Read it all here in the Capital Journal.

Since it was a private forum sponsored by the people building the plant, they didn’t have to let the opponents speak. They didn’t need to let even them in the door.

But it does sound like it made for some great political theater.

Bosworth allies robocalling again tonight? This time for cash?

I had a note from one of our faithful readers tonight claiming he got a call for cash from some of the Boz people. He noted:

Just got another call from them, this time asking for money. You know they are heathen bastards, as they are taking the Lord’s name in vain for their political cause. 
Did anyone get a call, and it’s on tape?  If so, e-mail me here.

Otherwise, if you got it – tell us about your call in the comment section.

State Officials Warn of Potential Unscrupulous Contractors in Wake of Delmont Tornado Disaster

State Officials Warn of Potential Unscrupulous Contractors in Wake of Delmont Tornado Disaster


Marty JackleyPIERRE – Attorney General Marty Jackley and the South Dakota Department of Public Safety urge Delmont tornado victims to proceed with caution when moving into the recovery phase of this disaster. Residents will understandably be eager to have new construction or the necessary work done to their damaged property. However, state and local officials are urging consumers to take the necessary steps to evaluate a bidder before contracting for a job. Consumers who need repair work done quickly following a natural disaster are often targets of unscrupulous business practices.


“While the vast number of contractors follow legitimate business practices, there are a handful that will seek to take an unfair advantage of this tragic situation,” said Jackley. “Many victims are quite vulnerable in the recovery stage, and we encourage them to take time to evaluate and secure the right contractor to avoid becoming a victim of a scam.”



“In these types of disasters, those impacted residents are dealing with many issues and trying to cope with repairing their homes,” said Public Safety Secretary Trevor Jones. “We know these are momentous decisions. We urge them to take their time, do their research and hire a legitimate contractor.”


Here are a few suggestions when choosing professional contractors:



  • Take the time to evaluate the bidder before contracting the job.
  • Homeowners should look for a reliable contractor with a proven track record who readily offers credentials
  • Ask for reference Legitimate contractors should be more than willing to provide a list of satisfied customers to verify their work.
  • Ask for a written estimate and a written contract
  • Ask for sales tax license.
  • Keep a copy of the final, signed contract Read this contact carefully before signing. This contract will usually be binding once you have both agreed to it. The contract should state that any changes in the project should include a Change Order signed by both and put guarantees in writing. Any guarantees made by the contractor should be written into the contract.
  • Obtain a local building permit, if required.
  • Make final payments only after the work is complete Do not sign completion papers or make the final payment until the work is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Pay by check. Avoid on-the-spot cash payments. The safest route is to write a check to the contracting company.
  • Avoid door-to-door contracting offers. Many transient contractors will not be available if problems occur months after the work has been completed.

Tornado victims are also encouraged to shop around for materials that might be used during this time of recovery. South Dakota does not have price gouging statutes to protect consumers. Consumer will have to use their own due diligence to research and compare pricing of building products. If you have questions regarding price gouging or transient contractors contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-300-1986 or at [email protected].