Right to charge fees ballot measure actually attempt to remove right to work laws?

On the Argus Leaders’ 100 eyes today, they dropped a hint that one of the more innocuous ballot measures is actually far more sinister than it would let on:

Initiated Measure to Allow the Charging of Fees by Pat Powers

Apparently, as related on the show, this measure is allegedly an attempt on the part of unions to bust right to work laws by allowing them to force fees – and potentially involuntary Union membership on non-union members by claiming they’re representing all workers… allowing them to charge fees, i.e. Union Dues, of everyone they represent.

What do you think? Is this valid application of this proposed change to the constitution?

And now that the cat is out of the bag, should ballot measures circulating be forced to provide more information than they apparently are letting on at the onset of circulation?

Missed this at the fair!

having been busy I didn’t have a chance to get over to the state fair this year, and apparently I’ve paid the price. My daughter just dangled this sweet swag item in front of my nose, having picked it up it at this years’ state fair.

I believe Senator Thune has a basketball in a similar manner, but I don’t seem to have one around my house at the moment.

Senator Rounds’ Weekly Column: The President’s Nuclear Concession Deal

RoundsPressHeader MikeRounds official SenateThe President’s Nuclear Concession Deal
By Senator Mike Rounds
Sept. 11, 2015

This month, as we pause to recognize the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 and 2012 Benghazi terror attacks and remember those we lost, we are reminded of the freedoms and values we hold dear as Americans. We are also reminded just how different our country is now than it was on September 10, 2001. The threats we face today pose the most complex and uncertain international environment for the U.S. since the end of World War II. The foreign policy decisions we make today will undoubtedly have repercussions for generations to come. That is why it is unfathomable to me that any Senator would refuse his or her colleagues an up-or-down vote on the president’s nuclear concession deal with Iran – one of the most consequential issues of our time.

The Iran deal is widely unpopular – a recent poll shows only one in five Americans support it. It is also opposed by a bipartisan majority of both chambers of Congress and more than 200 retired generals and admirals announced their opposition to the deal. And it’s not hard to see why. Even my third-grade grandson understood this when he curiously asked me about it over Labor Day weekend.  After telling him all that the president gave to Iran in the deal, he asked, “what do we get?”

Iran continues to be the leading state sponsor of terror – the president’s own State Department admits as much. It also continues to promulgate hatred for the U.S. and our allies. Earlier this month, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called America the “Great Satan” and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans from Beirut to Iraq and is currently holding four Americans hostage – the fate of whom weren’t even considered as part of the negotiated deal. Its leaders also continually vow to obliterate Israel, our longtime friend and ally.

Contrary to what you may hear from the deal’s supporters, this deal does not end Iran’s nuclear program and because it allows them to continue research on nuclear weaponry, essentially conceding that it will get a nuclear bomb after a 10 year period. It fails to require “anytime, anywhere” inspections and will allow Iran to access tens of billions of dollars that can be used to fuel more destruction and instability around the world. Iran will also have access to nearly one million more barrels of oil that they can now legally sell and profit from. We are giving Iran a windfall of capital that they can use to increase terrorism, grow their military and strengthen their economy. According to the Wall Street Journal, Iran has been preparing for the economic boost this deal will provide them and increased their defense budget by 32.5 percent last year.

Previously, President Obama told the American people that no deal with Iran would be better than a bad deal. I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, he has doubled down on this bad deal by stiff-arming Democrats in the Senate to filibuster it so that we cannot even vote on the deal.

America faces very real threats that deserve serious, meaningful debate in Congress. Unfortunately, Democrat leadership and President Obama are playing politics with the Iran deal, essentially robbing the American people of a voice in one of the most consequential issues of our time. If the U.S. is going to give the Iranian regime access to nuclear warheads and nuclear research, new markets for their oil and tens of billions of dollars in cash which officials have admitted could be used to advance terrorism, the American people deserve to know where their elected officials stand on the issue.


Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s Weekly Column: Back to School Lunch Reform

noem press header kristi noem headshot May 21 2014Back to School Lunch Reform
By Rep. Kristi Noem
September 11, 2015

It’s back to school, and for most South Dakota students, that means back to school lunches.  Once again this year, schools are facing even more stringent restrictions when it comes to what they can put on our kids’ plates.  As a mom, I think it’s gone too far.

I want to do everything I can to make sure my kids are eating healthy and learning healthy habits.  It’s one of the most important things we can do for our children.  But I also know that if the food doesn’t taste good and half of it is pushed off the tray at the end of the meal, it’s not doing them any favors. Unfortunately, that’s what is happening under current regulations.  As a result, kids are leaving the table hungry or opting to bring their own lunch and dropping out of the school meal program completely.

In fact, between the 2010-11 and 2012-13 school years 1.2 million kids dropped out of the federal school lunch program.  That was the first decline we’d seen in over a decade.  Unfortunately, when participation declines like this, food and labor costs increase, meaning some school districts have had to pull from their general fund to make ends meet.

The downward trend began after Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was implemented and a slew of new regulations came into effect.  These new regulations tied the hands of local schools and parents, so we’ve been working since to bring some relief.

This year, Congress has begun the process of reauthorizing the school meal program, giving an opportunity to make some meaningful changes.  Some of what we’re looking to do is captured in legislation I wrote.

More specifically, under Michelle Obama’s law, schools are strictly limited in the amount of sodium they can serve – so much so that once the law is fully implemented, foods with naturally occurring sodium, like milk, cheese and some meats, could push schools outside the USDA-approved zone and jeopardize some of the federal funding they receive for school lunches.  I would like to scale back those restrictions, as well as those that require foods to be 100% whole-grain rich.  Those changes give schools more choices.

My legislation also makes the USDA’s easing of meat and grain requirements permanent.  As written, the law limits schools to serving only small amounts of meat.  In fact, three chicken nuggets could put a school over the allowed meat limits.  While the USDA has lessened those restrictions through regulations because of pressure from Congress, I’d like to back that change with the certainty of law.

Finally, we should give schools some additional flexibility if the costs to comply with certain federal regulations get too high, which my legislation does as well.

These changes need to be made – and they can be made while still ensuring students are served nutritious meals.

Our son, Booker, is an active kid.  I want to make sure federal regulations aren’t stopping him or any of our young people from getting the food they need to be successful in school and in their after-school activities.


Governor Daugaard’s Weekly Column: Continuing The Workforce Marathon

daugaardheader DaugaardContinuing The Workforce Marathon
A column by Gov. Dennis Daugaard:

Supplying our employers with needed workforce continues to be a major challenge for our state. Our low unemployment rate is a sign of economic strength, but it also means it’s difficult for employers to add more jobs even if they have the business to justify it.

Still, whenever we face a challenge, South Dakotans roll up their sleeves and work together to find a solution.

One year ago, I challenged all sectors – business, education and government – to work together to address workforce challenges. Using feedback and information gained from six regional workforce summits, we identified the key components of an effective workforce system.

First, we need to prepare our youth to reach their true potential by providing the tools, information and opportunities to guide them in their career decisions.

At the high school level, our Dual Credit Program has provided opportunities for juniors and seniors to enroll directly into college courses. This helps prepare them for their careers, and also provides credits toward both a high school diploma and a post-secondary degree. During the 2014-15 school year, nearly 2,000 students registered for 3,810 courses totaling 11,196 credit hours. Three out of every four earned A’s and B’s.

Second, employers need mechanisms to help them recruit and retain quality workers. Certainly, training is needed to help citizens fill the skilled jobs in our state. At the same time, though, we should recruit workers from outside our state, welcoming new South Dakotans and encouraging the return of those who have left our state.

Toward encouraging local communities to meet their own unique workforce needs, the Community Incentives Matching Program provided 1:1 grant dollars to help implement locally developed strategies.Fourteen grantees received a combined total of $1 million towards their sustainable local initiatives. Workforce strategies ranged from housing to internships and certification and training programs to English as a Second Language classes.

Lastly, the foundation of an effective workforce system must be built around data and a common language. The Department of Labor and Regulation is overhauling its entire SDWORKS job service system. When the overhaul is complete, to make decisions we will have real-time, skill-based supply and demand information, not just historical information. Additionally, the jobs database will use language describing jobs and job seekers in terms of actual skills and experiences, competencies, and preferences, not just job titles. This will allow job seekers, employers and education institutions to make better job matches by using common terminology.

Looking at our progress, many other programs included in our South Dakota Workforce Initiatives are also doing exceptionally well. Collaborative efforts to fill our workforce gaps have grown and been successful. The South Dakota Workforce Initiatives annual report is a testament to the progress we’ve made. Read it at SouthDakotaWins.com.

The challenge of supplying our employers with needed workforce cannot be overcome easily. This is a marathon, not a sprint, but we’re making progress.


Tick….. tick….. tick….. Dems running the clock down on a serious US Senate Candidate

In the last election – two years ago on May 8, 2013, Rick Weiland announced that he would seek the Democratic nomination for the South Dakota’s U.S. Senate seat.

We’re now 4 months past that in this cycle, and Dems are showing no signs that they’ve got anyone yet.   What do you think their excuse is going to be when they let it go unchallenged again?

Bosworth defenders peek out from under rocks to grumble about the verdict.

In the wake of Annette Bosworth having her license to practice medicine revoked by the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners for having been convicted of multiple felonies, a couple of her defenders crawled out and started their mewling cries that an injustice has been committed.

First, Gordon Howie who abandoned the GOP to run as an independent in last years’ US Senate Race, receiving 3% of the vote:

It is nearly unbelievable.

Her “crime”? signing political petitions which contained 37 signatures she did not personally witness. For this she has been convicted of multiple felonies and now lost her medical license.

Others (many) guilty of the same “crime” are not prosecuted, even though formal complaints have been filed.

This horrific injustice perpetrated by the political, judicial and medical establishment is grievous beyond words.

Read it here.

Also defending Bosworth was an even less coherent Lora Hubbel, who last we knew abandoned the GOP to run against the Lt. Governor (receiving 4.1% of vote):

Today the Governor-appointed (not a peer review board of Doctors) Medical Board took away Annette Bosworth’s medical license. WHY? it has nothing to do with signing our out-of-statute campaign petitions. It had to do with Annette defying the 4th branch of SD Government… Satanic Sanford (well, I mean, the logo of Sanford is a Satanic symbol of a double cross and infinity sign…just look at the “o” in Sanford – but maybe they didn’t realize this…)

This was posted in June and as of yet Attorney General Marty Jekyll has not responded to my signed and notarized affidavit that insider Rep Steve Hickey did the same thing that Annette did.

AFTER the AG received my letter, I’m told Steve Hickey was in Pierre visiting with the AG. What was said? Why wasn’t I given the courtesy of even a call from the AG’s office? Where are you Little pp on this one? Still trying to sue your insurance company to pay for all your psych meds and procedures? …..and people wonder why I tell them to watch the Republicans because they are just using the label of “republican” to bamboozle all the good people of SD.

This string of crazy comes from Facebook.

If you take out the parts about Sanford Health system worshiping Satan, namecalling not worthy of a 12 year old, Marty not responding to hearsay, even though it was ‘notarized’ (LOL), and me being involved in a lawsuit I was never aware of (same first & last name, but completely different middle initial. And state.), some of Bosworth’s more vocal supporters seem to have a common thread.

Bosworth’s support is mainly coming from the disaffected, who have latched onto her like parasites, seeking to exploit her temporary time in the spotlight to try to gain some attention for themselves. They’ve tried grabbing fame and attention for themselves through politics running multiple times, but after they got a taste, and their views became publicized, the state’s electorate started rejecting them. And doing so at nearly every turn.

Howie ran and lost at the state level in two separate elections now, and Lora Hubbel managed to find a way to do it twice in one year. And when they lost, they lost badly. Their views weren’t rejected by the public at large – they were utterly and completely repudiated.   But of course, it’s not their fault of promoting views which range from being outside the mainstream to utterly batsh*t crazy.  It’s the fault of the ‘establishment.’ How dare they not throw out people from the GOP! How dare they they mock people who say ‘laying babies on their back makes them susceptible to government mind control!’

The Bosworth verdict gave her self-appointed parasites defenders an excuse to peek out from under rocks yesterday to grumble about the verdict. Big deal. For them, Bosworth’s self-inflicted plight was just an excuse to try to pick up more disaffected supporters.

And nothing more.

State Medical Board yanks Annette Bosworth’s medical license.

Without an attorney or, it seemed, a clue on how to mount a credible defense of her actions, Annette Bosworth stayed true to her script to the end, regardless. From KELOland:

Annette BosworthThe South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners has voted to remove Dr. Annette Bosworth’s medical license.

It comes after a felony conviction for election law violations.  A judge sentenced Bosworth to three years of probation and 500 hours of community service. She’s been doing that community service by working at an addiction-treatment program on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Read it all here.

Watching it, it seemed an ignoble end as Bosworth kept repeating the same lines we’d heard throughout her entire campaign tenure. And they had been worn threadbare by election day, much less when used as a defense for her actions, which she never really fessed up to.