Not looking good for the launch… @hawksforhouse twitter account screening followers.

The announcement of the Hawks for Congress campaign might be out in limbo at the moment, but in addition to their web site, they also have a twitter account up and running.

Except there’s a catch.


Has anyone ever heard of a candidate for congress screening their followers? As in, “we’re going to pick and choose who is allowed to monitor the campaign’s activities…”

Yeah, me neither.

Looks like Paula Hawks’ non-announcement is coming up soon. Web site is up, but lacks substance, just like the candidate.

It looks like the months-late announcement of Pauls Hawks being Democrats’ sacrificial lamb candidate to run against Congresswoman Kristi Noem is nigh.

Tonight I was able to grab these screen captures of her campaign web site (with logo) from, which much like Hawks herself, is severely in need of substance to go along with her ambition:

(Just click to enlarge)


Hawks’ Bio notes:

Hello, I am Paula Hawks and I am running to represent South Dakota in the United States House of Representatives.

While growing up north of Flandreau, I was exposed at an early age to the hard work, dedication, and state pride that makes South Dakota such a unique home. My parents, Hugh and Jane Hagel, raised four children on our family farm. We learned early on that to keep the farm running we each had to share the workload. We raised hogs and cattle, and planted and harvested alfalfa, corn and soybeans.

Having grown up in rural South Dakota, I knew how transformative teachers could be to the students of their communities, so I attended college at South Dakota State University where I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Biology along with my teaching certificate.  While I was at SDSU, I was lucky enough to meet my husband, Steve Hawks, a young rancher from Faith South Dakota. We married in 1997 and are now raising our children in Hartford, South Dakota.

After teaching at West Central High School in Hartford for 10 years I realized that the life I had built with my husband and my career as an educator were being impacted greatly by the decisions taking place hundreds of miles away in Pierre. I decided to lend my voice to the process by running for the South Dakota House of Representatives.

– Just as an aside, I note that this paragraph is leaving out that she left her job as a teacher to become a training specialist for METAbank. But I suppose if you’re running for office, it’s more compelling to paint yourself as an educator of children, as opposed to someone telling bank employees how to use the latest update of their banking software.

I believe that the strength of America starts with hard working people and that our economy grows when hard working South Dakota families are given the chance to succeed. I have never been one to shy away from a challenge, and I firmly believe that for our state to prosper in the adverse conditions we are facing as a nation, we need a strong voice in our Nation’s Capital. We need a representative who is not afraid to be an independent voice for our state and we need a representative who is willing to cross the aisle to work for solutions, instead of working to secure political points for the next campaign.

Okay, who wrote this? Is there any originality to it?

So, when Hawks’ ghost writer she says we need a strong voice in Washington, is she going to tell us how as a brand new member of the Democratic minority, she would have a direct hand in the farm bill? Or how she’d get a seat on the ways and means committee, one of the most powerful committees in Congress?  Because we’ve got that NOW.

I’d be interested in finding out how Hawks would envision herself getting anything done. By sucking up to Obama? Because I think we have enough Democrat sycophants in DC already.

South Dakotans have been telling me that our politics in Washington are broken, and honestly, I agree. But, when machinery was broken on our family farm, we knew that it was worth trying to fix before scrapping it all together. I am announcing to you today that I am ready to get to work and that I am prepared to give it my all to fix the mess. It may not be easy, and it may not be fun, but it is necessary. Join our team today. Working together we can bring much needed leadership to Washington D.C.

Washington is broken? Paula – a word to the wise: Mike Rounds called. He’d appreciate a writing credit if you’re going to use his campaign theme. (But a word to the wise, people might point out that it’s last years’ slogan, and they were referring to Obama’s policies when they said that. I’m just sayin’.)

Read the entire bio here, before they go back to the drawing board.

The rest of Hawk’s Congressional campaign web site is similarly devoid of content (Click to enlarge):


I think that’s a picture of kale… And a bunch of nonsensical gobbledygook to take up space while they get the rest of the campaign ready. At least the kale is nominally interesting. Something that won’t likely change when they post other content to it.

I’m sure Democrats had to have somebody to run against the popular Congresswoman Kristi Noem, who is currently standing with 1.2 million cash on hand to put into the campaign. Despite the fact that as we’ve noted here before, Hawks’ political resume is neither wide, nor deep.

Sorry Dems. As you surely know after the last congressional election’s drubbing, if this is what you’ve got. this is what you’ve got. And you just have to play that hand you’re dealt.

Even though you know you’re going to lose all your chips on this one.