Citizens Against Assisted Suicide launches effort opposing suicide in South Dakota

The South Dakota Ballot Measure group Citizens Against Assisted Suicide – a South Dakota nonprofit organization with a nine-member bipartisan board – is up and running to oppose the ballot measure currently being circulated to legalize physician assisted suicide in South Dakota.

And in one of their first salvos against the organized effort to kill grandma, they’ve produced an infographic handout to explain the problems with the measure:

You can download the handout yourself here: No Suicide Infographic – SDakota 2  

Anyone wishing to make a contribution to support their efforts can send a donation to:

Citizens Against Assisted Suicide. Inc
c/o Steve Haugaard, Treasurer
1610 East 69th Street #302
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Inquiries about the group can be sent to their spokesperson:

Sara Frankenstein
506 Sixth Street
Rapid City, SD 57701

Stay tuned – lots more to come on opposing the measure

25 thoughts on “Citizens Against Assisted Suicide launches effort opposing suicide in South Dakota”

  1. I am noticing a pattern …Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado keep passing liberal stuff through ballot measures….

    hence ballot measures are bad…NO on all and NO to liberalism

  2. What kind of people could be so irresponsible to disregard the list of Serious Side Effects? No witness at the time of death is really frightening and quite sad. Props to the group that collected info & is now exposing such an ignorant measure. It’s reassuring to see bipartisan push-back, the DNC doesn’t like when you step out of line…you rebels. You can be expecting a donation from us, is there a GoFundMe page by chance?

  3. I find it amazing how much people want to interfere with things that have 0 effect on them. Here’s a bit of insight:

    Don’t believe in allowing a dignified death? Don’t do it.

    Don’t believe in cannabis use? Don’t do it.

    Don’t believe in alcohol use? Don’t use it.

    Don’t believe in religion? Don’t practice it.

    Don’t like guns? Don’t own one.

    Don’t believe in abortion? Don’t have one.

    Life is a long list of choices we make every single day. We are all personally responsible for ourselves. We all have the ability to decipher what is right or wrong for us and make an appropriate choice based upon our beliefs. It’s not rocket science. I do NOT understand why people in this state feel they have to ban/take away/suppress others rights to having the ability to make their own choices. It is beyond puzzling to me.

    When did we become so infantile that we need others to take away all the options so that we are given only one option….to conform to a society that feels it needs to control us. It’s not right. It’s not what America stands for. It’s not what my family has fought for during the decades of service to our country….it’s not what my Brother in Law died defending in 2005.

    Personal responsibility and having the right to live the life we love, with out our government interfering in everything we do/say/think.

    You all need to think long and hard about the issues you stand against. Do your own research. Talk to non-biased experts. Someday someone is going to come for one of the rights you hold dear and you will understand fully the impact of the interference in ones PERSONAL choices. When it is YOU, YOUR loved one or something that directly impacts YOU then I believe you have a seat at the table in these discussions if none of the above apply to you then stop. Find a hobby. There is no glory in saying you took away a choice YOU wouldn’t make for someone who WOULD. No glory, no power and no reward.

    Personal side note: If you are against death with dignity I want you to read this. People should not have to commit a violent act to end their lives in a time when peace & God need to be involved. I took care of a man during my Nursing career with Huntingtons Disease. His condition deteriorated so quickly in his 30’s that he attempted to end his life with a shotgun blast to the head. Due to the spasticity of the disease he missed and took off 1/4 of his skull and a good chunk of his brain…..and lived. He lived for 9 more years after this. His wife divorced him, she refused to allow the children to visit due to the extreme nature of the injury upsetting them & family visits were rare. He begged me every single day to end his life….every single day. He eventually died by rolling himself out of bed and breaking his neck.

    Now you tell me what is right about that. How is that a compassionate, dignified death? How does that rate on your quality of life scale?

    Instead of making a choice, saying goodbye, being surrounded by those you love, in your own home, in your bed and being allowed to go peacefully; you all are forcing people to make terrible violent, shocking choices that devastate families for a lifetime.

    If it doesn’t affect you then you need to leave it alone. This is not Nazi Germany. This is SD and I would like to think with our Midwestern values & religious upbringing we would know better. You are not me, I am not you. My choices are mine. Your choices are yours.

    1. Melissa,

      You and Grudznick’s good friend Lar sound more like Libertarians than Democrats but you sure used the state Democratic Party along with a few others to use it as a vehicle to advance this garbage without any regard to the short and long term damage South Dakota’s main opposition party. Here you are as the Hanson County SDDP vice chair and you publically stated on facebook last year to your Marijuana enthusiasts that you did not vote for the DNC presidential nominee in the general and then turn around and complain about Trump getting elected. Party building, grassroots and the hard work it requires along with talking about a wide range of bread and butter issues?

      Don’t believe in allowing a dignified death? Don’t do it.

      Don’t believe in cannabis use? Don’t do it.

      Don’t believe in shooting up, huffing paint, snorting up, smoking crack or meth? Don’t do it.

      If only it could be contained in a tidy bubble and be so simple with no victims. I rarely is. Their chaos, dysfunction and pain ends up hurting and costing others besides themselves which is incredibly selfish!

    2. Mentele – Thanks for your insight, I feel so enlightened.

      Some concerns have been addressed above, did you actually read the post? Why do you continue to refuse discussing issues we see as serious and extremely risky; quite infantile wouldn’t you think? Same w/ the MJ rec measure, you think gives us freedom, there were questions presented & you ducked and dodged.

      It’s a very sad story about the man dying alone, begging you to murder him. His family left him, that’s not what we’re suppose to do to our loved ones. I got one for you, my husband’s grandmother died of Lue Garretts disease as you know very heart-wrenching & painful. She died at home with family & friends by her side, that’s they way it should be.

      I have two grandfathers that actually fought against the Nazi Germany (Purple Heart recipients), do you think they told their brothers dying on the field…”Let me give you death w/ dignity”? No, they fought for each other to live.

      “religious upbringing”? Did you forget, God’s will be done? You live by your truths and many of us will continue to live by God’s truth.

      Address the issues…

  4. Mentele apparently believes South Dakotans should have the choice to kill themselves, in other words, commit suicide. She claims that legalization of assisted suicide will give you “choice.” But whose choice will it be?

    Assisting persons can have their own agendas: an adult child wanting an inheritance; a financial predator seeking financial gain; or a doctor wanting to hide malpractice.

    In the few states where assisted suicide is legal, the laws are stacked against the individual with the most obvious reason being a complete lack of oversight at the death. The South Dakota measure has the same language.

    If the individual objected, or even struggled, who would know? There is no requirement that a doctor be present at the time of death. No requirement that any healthcare practitioner – or ANY witness be present. There is not even the requirement that family must be notified — and because there is no requirement that people requesting lethal drugs undergo mental evaluation to check for things like depression — this measure creates the very real possibility that one day mom or dad could come home to find their beloved but depressed 18 year old diabetic son or daughter DEAD from suicide from using this measure. Wrap your head around that.

    The measure is so poorly written, all of the above could happen. In fact, it’s public record that some deaths in PAS states are listed as due to diabetes. The measure specifically states that the death certificate can not mention suicide as the cause of death but must list the underlying disease. We want transparency in government? This measure requires the death certificate is falsified.

    Mentele will want you to believe there is a safeguard to prevent your 18 year old diabetic child from committing suicide using this measure. The measure says a patient must be terminal with no more than 6 months to live.

    The problem is the measure leaves open huge hole because there is no requirement the terminal prognosis includes treatment – so the insulin dependent diabetic can stop taking his/her insulin and easily qualifies as terminal, and may receive life-ending drugs under the provisions of this measure.

    Mentele is all about “choice.” But whose choice will it be?

    Assisting persons can have their own agendas: an adult child wanting an inheritance; a financial predator seeking financial gain; or a doctor wanting to hide malpractice.

    The measure even allows other people to communicate for the patient. In Section 1 (2) “Competency [means] in the opinion of a court or in the opinion of the patient’s attending physician or consulting physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist, a patient’s ability to make and communicate an informed decision to health care providers, including communication through persons familiar with the patient’s manner of communicating if those persons are available.”

    Being “familiar with the patient’s manner of communicating” is a very minimal standard.

    Assisted suicide was introduced this year (2017) in 23 states, including very blue states like Hawaii. It did not pass in a single state. Not one. Even people that support assisted suicide voted no. Why? Because when people read the measure they understand how dangerous it is.

    South Dakotans from all over the state and all political philosophies (Democrats, Republicans and other) are coming together to oppose this.

    This is a terrible, hurtful and harmful measure.

  5. Again with the strange online stalking behavior Miranda. I’m starting to really wonder about you. Did you have to dig through a year of my FB posts to find out who I voted for? Who does that and why does it matter? This state has been destroyed by straight party voting. I did not vote for the DNC candidate because I didn’t feel she was the one who should be running our country. That is MY choice and my RIGHT as an American citizen to vote the way I choose. You are ignorant if you think that SD really matters in the national elections. Our 3 electoral votes were cast long before Election Day by R residents.

    You continue to bash the SDDP like they have committed some heinous offense BUT they have done nothing in regards to any of these issues. The only thing they have done is adopt cannabis legalization as a resolution at the state convention. By a 100% yay vote and I didn’t bring the resolution forward. Ironic how you like to point fingers and cast blame everywhere when you are completely uneducated on the truth.

    KM you were given my email to address concerns. Still no email so don’t accuse me of refusing to address any issue when you have yet to bring those issues or questions to me. It is looking and sounding like you would rather have some public pissing match to see who is right over issues that science has proved valid, is working in 46 other states and is helping people live better lives. When you have a question that doesn’t entail me having to sit online and debate with you please send it to our email. Apparently none of you have jobs, lives, hobbies and families with as much time as you spend online. I don’t have that time. I have kids, a job, a home and responsibilities that come first.

    Fred-you won’t be addressed as your stats are incorrect and you are on some whacked out mission to interfere in a personal choice. When someone feels they need to take away personal freedoms and choices I don’t have time for them. You are welcome to reach out to the SD Doctors for Dignity group & have your discussion BUT I do warn you that you better get your facts straight. Many of the high profile Physicians, Pathologists and Healthcare professionals in that group are ready for you. They have the facts & the real life knowledge of why people deserve a choice and not much love for your fanatical approach.

    1. You’re dodging again… This is absolutely the forum for someone who disagrees to discuss issues presented in the post. You think it’s just us who read these comments, you think it’s mainly liberals that visit DWC? I am willing to change my mind when given facts and data that show positive outcomes. I see weak evidence presented by you, mostly rants about your feelings. As Ben Shapiro states…”Facts don’t care about your feelings” and neither do I.

      You won’t address Fred? Prove the facts he posted are wrong…nooo, you name call & run off to your safe space.

      It would not be wise for me to give out my email, you accuse Miranda of “stalking”, I don’t need that drama.

      1. KM,

        It is unfortunately constant deflection and the way it is being done I’d keep a very safe distance from this person under different circumstances. I value what others may call boring.

        I did call the Attorney Generals office yesterday and am in the process of finding out who in the state maybe heading up an opposition group or entity to the other 3 ballot initiatives 2 of which Melissa Mentele is involved with. I’m ready to volunteer and get going on this.

        1. Miranda – Yes it’s unfortunate. DWC is a platform that allows ppl the opportunity, to discuss current issues happening in our state. Why the NASD doesn’t use this forum to their advantage is telling. They may be new to this blog, but many of us are not. We know legislators, other media outlets and many voters visit often.

          Read Duetsch’s posts, Bradley Williams & yours, littered with facts, informative thoughts & links to credible resources (not CNN, NYT, Huffpo). Now, compare them to MM comments: attempts to make us feel guilty, criticizes us, false accusations, name-calls and such poor language – “circle jerk”, “pissing contest”. Who is the one actually discrediting them self?

          Dang, 2 other initiatives? I’d suggest the NASD find a new spokesperson.

          1. KM,

            Earlier I was trying a point that regardless of which political party one belongs to that if one is a county unit vice chair certain responsibilities come with the job. How they actually vote privately is one thing but to publically state one did not vote for the party presidential nominee while holding that position within the state party goes against what the mission of that county party unit is supposed to do. Can you imagine someone within the SDGOP doing that rather a broken opposition political party that is on the ropes? It further demonstrates to me that the SDDP was used basically like the Libertarian Party was used by Chad Haber & Lee Stranahan but on a larger scale.

            Melissa Mentele has led NASD for I believe at least one previous election cycle plus she ran for state house probably using it to further push this legalization effort rather than a sincere attempt to discuss broader issues so she opened herself and her organization for public scrutiny since that time.

            I’ll just ignore her, not waste further time and offer to help defeat this garbage..

  6. Melissa,

    Yeah…. your statements continue to reinforce the points I have made. Thank you! Throwing out stalking again? Looks like that falls into the well documented Marijuana paranoia/psychosis to me. We have seen that before with past pro pot advocates claims of crazy conspiracies including some shadow government raid on a former legislator’s ranch near Buffalo, SD and inside their armored personal carrier they would let this nut who has been banned nearly everywhere from commenting smoke whatever he wanted in his pipe in return and look the other way. Funny! The raid has never happened.

    You offered your phone number to me during our dialog at the Davison County Democrats facebook page. Thanks but No Thanks! I’m interested in a sincere truthful discussion to build on but you have never demonstrated any interest in that at all. It fits into the “push hard and fast model” used in other states trying to legalize going after the low information gullible voter on the legalization efforts and assisted suicide stressing compassion which are all deceptive.

  7. Author: Kristina McSweeney Resolution 007 Resolution in Support of Marijuana Legalization

    who had a grow operation and the police were called on a domestic dispute and found the operation in the house.

    Another associate one of many pro pot enthusiasts that flooded the convention and passed this garbage. Well played but that and other actions have cost the only opposition party in the state a great deal including supporting this assisted suicide fiasco.

  8. The really funny part of this whole conversation Miranda is I am not a cannabis user. You just keep on with your insane assumptions and accusations. I am a normal everyday person trying to change a law in our state. I also am randomly drug tested for my job and for the pain contract I am on. I guess in your irrational thought process you didn’t take that into consideration.

    Your behavior is very questionable the comments on my personal feelings, voting record and prior posts on FB are concerning. In any other situation I would have already filed a police report against you. However as Pat pointed out I am a public figure and will take your constant badgering with a grain of salt and ignore it. I will suggest to you to find a hobby that isn’t stalking people online. It really destroys your credibility for your own issues you advocate for. People have reached out to me after seeing your comments here and on the Davison Co event warning me about you and how your behavior could escalate into something dangerous. I hope that’s not the case.

    As far as the person who brought the resolution forward I do not know her nor was I aware of the situation she is in. Contrary to what you may think not all cannabis advocates/consumers know eachother. Would be like me asking if you are friends with Caitlyn Jenner just because you advocate for the same issues. Interesting how that works right?

    As you stated I did give you my phone number for a true in depth conversation regarding these issues. If I was hiding or not willing to have that conversation why would I bother with sharing my personal cell #? You are the one unwilling to have these conversations not me.

    Now that I have wasted my time on you again I have to get ready for my day. Lots to do and signatures to collect. Save your response for the ballot box in 2018 you are wasting my time and yours by pursuing this online circle jerk. No resolution will be found & personally I don’t care if you support the issue or not our polling was at 79% in favor in SD that is more then enough to pass.

    Try and have a good day. I’m sure with all the animosity, hatred and inability to understand personal freedoms it is hard BUT I do wish you well.

    God Bless.

  9. I nearly never comment on things here but, ignoring all the back and forth, this is a good info sheet. Thanks for sharing it!
    Even if someone is in support of the idea of assisted suicide – and I am not – I doubt that what is being proposed is the language South Dakotans want in law.

  10. South Dakota 2017-18 Initiative that does not provide witness to self administration
    This is not about people who are dying anyway, all of us, all ages are at risk. Medical standard of care according to the Oregon state reports is poison for expressing feelings of concern about possible loss of autonomy.
    The deceptive marketing trick of mentioning the assurance of “self administration” 7 times then omitting an ordinary witness eviscerates the so called safeguards. The difference is a witness honors and secures our choice without a witness it allows exploitation of all of us all ages via stealth euthanasia. This nontransparent Oregonmodel assisted suicide initiative ignores our choice by empowering others including predatory corporations encouraging enabling and embracing filicide
    There is no transparent reason for falsifying the death certificate which serves to block investigations and public study.
    It provides Instant immunity for all involved even a predatory heir who can be a witness or a predatory corporation.
    The bill allows that a stranger who claims to know how we communicate can speak for us through out. One could be diagnosed and dead in 15 days with immunity for a predatory heir, all before the family knows. This initiative 18 is not the one if you want our choice to be honored.
    Bradley Williams
    MTaas org

  11. Mentele, I imagine you are a good person. However, unlike you, I take time to listen to people even if I don’t see eye-to-eye with them. Legalization of assisted suicide in SD has little to do with you or me, and everything to do with the facts of the ballot measure. You may not want to debate me now, but if you can get your act together and finally get a measure on the ballot, the time will come when we will debate in a public forum.

  12. We tell teens not to kill themselves but for adults we give them a choice. I am sure teens get the distinction. NOT

  13. Anyone else see the irony of the pot measures and the assisted suicide working together.



  14. George, what I find ironic is the lady that’s sponsoring these three drug measures is a nurse. If she passes all her measures she can give people marijuna to get them stoned and then follow with a barbituate overdose cocktail to take their life. She’s no different than the mass murder Jack Kervorkian.

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