Citizens for Liberty attacking Republicans …again.

You have to wonder when the Citizens for Liberty will ever stop attacking Republicans. Because they’re back at it, once again:

Vargo is taking a leave of absence from his position as Pennington County State’s Attorney while serving as Attorney General through Jan. 6, 2023, with Lara Roetzel serving as acting State’s Attorney in Vargo’s absence.

The petition calling for Vargo’s resignation, presented by Tonchi Weaver at the commission meeting, garnered about 100 signatures.


Mike Mueller, representing South Dakota Citizens for Liberty, suggested that statutes were being ignored, and that the board should study statutes presented by Weaver before making a decision.


Commissioner Ron Rossknecht moved to deny the action requested in the petition, which passed 3-1, with Lasseter voting no. Commissioner Deb Hadcock was absent from the meeting.

Read the entire tale of idiocy here.

How dare he temporarily step in with the approval of his employers and help the state!

Politics in Rapid City are just as toxic as ever.

18 thoughts on “Citizens for Liberty attacking Republicans …again.”

  1. When Tonchi is chief deputy in the SOS office things are finally going to get cleaned up! 🇺🇸

    1. grudznick is hearing that young Ms. Tonchi will be the new receptionist. It’s the quickest way to power in that office.

  2. Actually, they may have something here. Being idiots, they picked all the wrong reasons, of course. When Vargo was appointed, my first thought was “how does this not violate the ban or serving in two elected offices at the same time?” Some HR policy saying you can take a leave of absence, does not mean that you’re still not an elected official.

    Any AG opinion, ruling or action he may take will be subject to challenge. Luckily, Mark’s smart enough to know and likely won’t be issuing a bunch of edicts.

  3. The Republican party platform is not set in stone, but some things have set up like concrete.

    Corporations control the citizenry through the parties. We’d like to change that so that when profits are made, they are not made from Government sponsored monopolies.

    Government sponsored monopolies are not a Republican value, for instance, which should be universally agreed upon.

  4. Pennington County commission was pretty entertaining when George Ferebee was there. These new commissioners have nothing on the craziness of the past.

  5. Still, such micro-dissection of law, done in the pursuit of full legal compliance, no matter how insignificant in the great scheme of things, is quite a feat.

  6. I do not believe Vargo should be holding 2 elected offices at once.

    He should resign and let the commission reappoint him in January if they so choose.

  7. The title of this post might indicate that Citizens for Liberty (CFL) has something against Republicans…it doesn’t. The problem the organization has with SOME Republicans is that they don’t follow the South Dakota Republican Platform.
    Mr. Vargo is a Republican and if he were a Democrat, I believe that Mrs. Weaver would be pointing out (not attacking) the same problem given the same situation.
    Mrs. Weaver is one of 2-3 people who attend Session every year, at their own expense, to keep an eye on what takes place in Pierre and to challenge bills that go against the principles of CFL and its mission. They are reimbursed gas mileage by CFL, but beyond that, they are not paid to lobby. What they do is not to enrich themselves, but to look out for the interests of not only their fellow CFL members, but also for the 886,000+ residents of South Dakota!
    Traveling Man gave a good suggestion which Mr. Vargo should follow since he has so many allies on the Pennington County Board of Commissioners.
    Everyone has a RIGHT to challenge any issue if that issue might harm the citizens to one degree or another. Based on debates I’ve heard on the legislative website, some legislators do not like to be challenged and that may be where some of this animosity comes from.
    If you’re an elected official in any capacity and have thin skin and do not like being challenged, you might consider another way to occupy your time. As long as we have the First Amendment, nothing will change whether you like it…or not.

    1. Ms. Weaver, insaner than most, is from Caputa. I am surprised she is not working for Mr. Howie, the insanest of them all, on his new get-rich scheme. These people are so whackadoodle that even Ms. Taffy steers clear of them.

      1. Grudznick, I believe the reason Ms Taffy steers clear of them is that when two narcissists share the same stage, it doesn’t end well,
        Both want all the attention they can possibly draw to themselves. Both will do whatever it takes, and cancel each other out..
        . So Tonchi heard the county commissioners were meeting and decided to come up with something, anything, to make herself the center of attention.
        This complaint about the lawyers was the best she could do.

    2. CA Escapee your problem with SOME Republicans not following the Republican platform is your failure to understand that nobody is obligated to follow it; it’s not a contract. When the elected officials are sworn in, they don’t take an oath to uphold the Republican platform.
      Nor should they, because once elected and sworn in, they represent their constituency, not just the Republicans.
      The platform is a beacon, a unifying statement of what we believe, to draw people into the party. It says “this is Us, this is what we believe.” It’s not a binding document nor is it a weapon.Think of it as a lighthouse, or perhaps a guidebook.
      It’s bad enough this has to be explained even once; the fact that it has to be explained over and over and over again year after year after year, is unbelievable.

      1. I’m sorry. But when I vote for a candidate, the Republican platform is my template for much. If a party cannot use this platform as a set of principles, then what’s the point for having it? As a delegate, we labored five hours over this at convention and the committee spent plenty of time outside of that afternoon. Yes, I’ll continue to hold our Republican, elected officials to that platform.

  8. Interesting, when Jessica Castleberry was appointed to the Legislature by Gov. Noem, Citizens For Liberty attacked her for putting “Re-Elect” on her campaign material, because she was appointed and not elected. Now they want to attack Mark Vargo for holding two “Elected” positions at the same time. Just another case of Tonchi Howling at the Moon, because nobody asked for her blessing or cares what she thinks.

  9. There are a lot of ‘no ones’ who respect her opinions and value her dogged research into issues. While all of us may not agree with all of her opinions, nevertheless, she is not one to ‘name call’ those who oppose her. She is a true Christian woman who believes in the principles on which our country was founded and believes in how much better it can be. Obviously no one elected Mr. Vargo to the AG office, but if it’s in statute that an elected official cannot hold two offices, then he must resign from the PennCo SA office or the law must be changed.

    1. Are you not aware of mayors being legislators simultaneously? Look it up. It happens all the time. Chuck Turberville for one.

  10. Six months will be more than enough for Vargo to destroy the AG’s office just as he has the Pennington County State’s Attorneys office. Pretty shameful that he’d find time for grandstanding like this when the office he’s been elected to is in shambles.

  11. Why is Fitzgerald in circuit court in Pennington County trying a murder case for them? He’s a deputy in Pennington.

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