Pat’s father-in-law passed away yesterday.  I am sure the DWC is far from his thoughts.  I am not in my office today but I will see what I can find with regard to details.

(Pat’s Edit – Actually, He passed away unexpectedly & suddenly at home the day before yesterday. He had been undergoing treatment for Cancer, but this was not related to it, as far as we know. I’m holding the home fort down, as my wife headed way, way south to Arkansas yesterday to be with her siblings and help make arrangements. I’m sure there will be an obit in the Argus, as My wife’s dad was quite active in the Sioux Falls Cathedral church community, and worked for the phone company for many years.

I have no idea when & where services will be, as that’s yet to be determined.

I do thank everyone for all the condolences many of you have already sent. -PP)

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  1. This is something not rare involving cancer patients. I know of two others who had heart attacks while on chemo. Chase Rice’s father one of them. Doubly sad death.

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