US Attorney General Holder has high praise for Brendan Johnson

While the NRSC was throwing cold water on Brendan Johnson, as he announced his exit from the office of US Attorney, in a release today, US Attorney General Eric Holder had high praise for the younger Johnson in his duties, and held him out as “as a key advisor to senior Justice Department officials” including himself:

Attorney General Holder Statement on the Departure of Brendan Johnson as the United States Attorney of the District of South Dakota

Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement on the departure of U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson:

“During Brendan Johnson’s tenure as United States Attorney for South Dakota, he has distinguished himself as an exemplary leader, a passionate advocate for his fellow citizens, and an extraordinarily dedicated public servant,” said Attorney General Holder.  “As a lawyer and as a leader, Brendan has set a standard of excellence that will not soon be surpassed.  Particularly with regard to public safety challenges on tribal lands, he has served as a key advisor to senior Justice Department officials – including me.  As past Chair of the Native American Issues Subcommittee, he is not only a respected champion for tribal justice in his own right, but a critical national leader – offering sound guidance, wise counsel, and candid advice on a host of pressing issues.  In standing against violent crime, fraud, drug trafficking, violence against women, and countless other threats, Brendan’s fierce and determined service, on behalf of the people of South Dakota, has been without equal.  Although he will be greatly missed, his many contributions will endure.  I thank him for his outstanding service – to South Dakota, and to our nation – and wish him all the best as he takes on new challenges and opportunities.”

Is that an endorsement we’re going to see used in a future campaign advertisement?

13 thoughts on “US Attorney General Holder has high praise for Brendan Johnson”

  1. that doesn’t sound line anything Holder would write, so for Johnson’s sake I hope the true author will be revealed.

  2. Praise from a crook like Holder is worse than nothing. I’ve got a suggestion for Johnson’s replacement: Bert Olson from Astoria (he’s a democrat with a law degree and, like Obama, really likes cannabis).

  3. I have three comments:

    1). I would rather have someone who has been working for me get praise from his supervisor than the alternative.

    2). I appreciate his service and willingness to serve. We were going to have a Dem. US Attorney. While Brendan’s politics is far from mine and I really don’t know him personally, he is a fine and decent person from ALL accounts.

    3). That is a bizarre letter. It is like it was written by someone who had never met Brendan. I would call Bill Janklow fierce. At the same time, I wouldn’t call Janklow wise. Those two words don’t exist in the same person but only in myths. Brendan is a person not a myth.

    1. “wisdom” in the political realm would be better if called “shrewdness.” janklow had that.

  4. Holder is the worst US AG ever–if Boy Brendan had any scruples, he would have told Holder to shove it.

  5. Holder should be held for accountable for giving machine guns to Mexican drug dealers. Exactly who I would want endorsing me. Hope voters remember Holder/Johnson equals Liberalism!

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