Congressman Dusty Johnson’s Weekly Column: International Energy Implications

International Energy Implications
By Rep. Dusty Johnson
February 18, 2022

As Russia continues an aggression campaign against its neighbor, this raises growing concerns across the globe and will have significant implications not just for Ukraine, but for the worldwide energy supply. If Russia invades Ukraine, Germany will withdrawal its approval of the Nord Stream 2, a natural gas pipeline that runs through the region. This pipeline is set to provide 15% of Europe’s natural gas. 

Currently, Russia supplies 39% of Europe’s natural gas, and the U.S. only supplies 3.5% of Europe’s supply. If Russia decides to withhold these energy resources from Europe, it could send the entire world energy market into a spiral, ballooning prices for all energy sources. 

While increased globalization has delivered goods and services where needed throughout history, times of war or conflict always highlight the need for national independence. We should be working towards domestic independence for essential commodities like food, natural gas, and oil. However, the unilateral decision President Biden made in the earliest days of his presidency to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline hinders our ability to become energy independent. I don’t consider Russia and China our friend, and our reliance for essential commodities and goods is a vulnerability that we cannot afford. 

I support an all-of-the-above approach to energy independence using all forms of American energy including wind, nuclear, solar, biofuels, oil, natural gas, and other traditional fuels to bolster our supplies. Increasing the use of all energy sources not only reduces our reliance on foreign oil and lowers costs for working families, but also safeguards our environment by producing it under our terms. Our country had made tremendous strides in the amount of energy we are producing domestically – President Biden has set us back. 

At a time when most Americans are facing increased energy, electricity, natural gas, oil, and gasoline prices, an international dispute will dampen access to energy sources and will make prices even worse. 

Whatever the outcome of the Russia – Ukraine conflict, one thing we know for sure is the importance of improving our energy infrastructure to become a more independent country.