Congressman Dusty Johnson’s Weekly Column: Preserving our Partnerships

Preserving our Partnerships
By Rep. Dusty Johnson
February 23, 2023

BIG News

This week, I traveled to Taiwan with the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. It was a productive trip, meeting with Taiwan’s leaders to identify ways to strengthen our partnership and tackle the China threat. During a meeting with President Tsai, we discussed the importance of trade between our two countries. After Canada and Mexico, Taiwan buys more American ag products per capita than any other country. Taiwan also produces over 90% of the world’s most advanced semiconductors. Their trade relationships are critically important to the health of the global economy and preserving our partnership is vital to Taiwan’s food security and national security.

Taiwan is rightfully concerned about an invasion from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). During a visit to the Taiwan Strait, only 110 miles from China, I saw how an invasion by the CCP could play out. Our team spent hours being briefed by American military experts about how our nation is providing the training and equipment Taiwan needs to defend itself.

The Select Committee on the China meeting with Taiwan’s leaders.

BIG Idea

On Monday, I was in Wessington Springs to speak at the annual Farm, Home, and Health Show that has been on a three-year hiatus. High school senior Avery had the great idea to restart the show. She used her leadership skills to bring the show back, organizing more than 60 vendors and events throughout the day. Avery gave me the opportunity to share an update from Congress and answer questions from attendees.

Avery and Johnson at the Farm, Home, and Health Show in Wessington Springs.

BIG Update

Last April, the Biden Administration announced a proposed climate rule that would effectively require 67 percent of new car sales to be all-electric by 2032. That’s a big jump from last year’s 7.6 percent of all-electric car sales.

After pushback from thousands of car dealerships, industry workers, members of Congress, and concerned citizens like you, the Administration has decided to take their foot off the gas for this requirement. While this is a win for the short term, Biden plans to speed up EV benchmarks after 2030.

These EV requirements:

  • Increase our reliance on China for semiconductors and chips
  • Force Americans to pay more for their vehicles
  • Increase government debt due to EV tax credits

This week, I joined nearly 140 House Republicans to urge the White House to stop this proposed rule and I joined Fox Business to talk about this overburdensome rule.


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