Congressman Dusty Johnson’s Weekly Update: The Big Three

The Big Three
By Rep. Dusty Johnson
September 15, 2023 

I’m revamping the Weekly Column to give you a greater look at what’s happening in Washington, D.C. This is the first edition of The Big Three, where I’ll share a BIG update of what’s on my mind, a BIG idea from a meeting I had, and BIG news about the hot topic in D.C. This week was full of BIG headlines, so I’ll try to keep it short.

BIG Update

House Republicans spent the week fighting the Left’s attempts to mandate all new cars be electric vehicles. We successfully passed the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act to stop California and President Biden from deciding what vehicles you may and may not drive. A fully electric vehicle fleet is not sustainable, not practical, and not affordable.

BIG Idea

This week, I met with the South Dakota Auto Dealers Association. We talked about catalytic converter theft, harmful Environmental Protection Agency attempts to mandate electric vehicles, and record-high used car prices. SDADA’s big idea is to add a VIN or serial number to every catalytic converter. It only costs $2 to add compared to $1,200 for a new catalytic converter.

BIG News

Talks in Washington, D.C. were centered around the impeachment inquiry and the spending bills to fund the government. As we barrel toward the September 30 government funding deadline, we face the possibility of a government shutdown. The stakes are high, and Republicans and Democrats are hitting major roadblocks during negotiations.

I’ve been fighting to keep the lights on, but not without measures in the funding package to secure the border. The situation at the border is getting worse, and it’s affecting communities across America. New York City begged the New York Governor to bus migrants out of the city. Massachusetts recently declared a state of emergency and requested funding for help due to migrant families. President Biden’s open border policies need to be reversed.

Ensuring border security is in the funding package isn’t the only thing I’m prioritizing—we need to cut spending. Congress’s runaway spending under Democratic leadership has piled up our debt. We cannot continue to spend into oblivion. Budget cuts must be made.

I’m working do all three: cut spending, secure the border, and keep the government open. Congress needs to act.


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  1. as the parent of a kid who had his catalytic converter stolen by thugs with a saws-all, i am really glad to hear it’s a problem that’s on your radar. you steal the converter off of an old car that someone desperately needs, you’ve made the car unfixable and undriveable.

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