Dakota Posts takes on Lora Hubbel.

Dakota Posts is taking on Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel this AM. But I think something on how Hubbel has said “Pharmacy is Sorcery” or “Alcohol Consumption will allow you to be possessed by spirits” would be funnier. (maybe next time)

From Facebook:

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  1. Cute……..do you really think people aren’t going to do their research on her? lol. Please don’t go by what SDWC says…do your own research on her. Thanks.

    1. I think people have done plenty of research. The polls and past results show that she is not fit to run the State of South Dakota.

      1. I agree with blogger 123…the more people know about Lora the less support she will have

        1. Crazy conspiracy theories
        2. Constant negativity
        3. No money
        4. No vision for the state
        5. No loyalty
        6. Constant victim mentality

        1. Nice diversion from the policies Lora wants to change. You flunk all 6. Hey let her debate and she what happens. lol

  2. All anyone has to do is take a quick glance at her FB page, and any chance she may have once had evaporates.

  3. As DJT says: I like winners and she’s a loser. She’ll never Make America Great Again because she’s a HUGE loser, yeah she’s lost big a few times, not just once but a few times. She’s also incredibly disloyal to what we’re doing here. It’s incredible how out of sink she is with Republicans. Seriously!

    1. Why should she be loyal to the inside operatives that are left of the party. They hate her because she is not one of them.

      1. which party do you speak?, she has been in and left the Republican party, the constitution party and then ran as an Independent

  4. Grudznick please take over for Loras campaign and acting chair for their Nelsonian Party. They need you!

  5. I didn’t advertise her website, because I don’t think she has one yet. FB is where it’s at. I would consider advertising if you and your no minds apologize. Deal?

  6. Tara your words come out in two ways. One side is light, fluffy and joking without any great determined direction. The other is an incredible adherence and allegiance to backing up every move and word of Lora with intense passion. If you switched emotional drive on both at least metaphorically you would seem less objectionable. Nothing personal at all either. Being sixth person on a championship BB Team means you don’t get the game winning shot is all.

  7. That was was a drawing of Lora Hubble? Looked like the alleged drawings of Stace Nelson. I think drawing lessons are in order.

  8. Why is Lora so anti livestock ag and gmo. I would think in State like SD it would be tough to win not supporting Agriculture unless it’s the farm with 200 acres, 40 cows and 10 sows. I’ve seen her comment to people that gmos are bad or they have to many livestock. We need less regulation not more. The democrats are the regulation party. Of course in SD very few republicans are conservative so maybe Lora being pro regulation is conservative.

  9. Tara have passion for ideas and humor for people. You and our friend Lora have it backwards. In fact you have anger towards people and in a political race that is poison.

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