Daugaard: Open SD Receives Facelift

daugaardheader DaugaardOpen SD Receives Facelift

PIERRE, S.D. – The Bureau of Finance and Management has redesigned state government’s transparency website, Open.SD.gov, to make financial data more accessible.

Open SD was created in 2008 to provide public access to state financial data and new functionalities have been added over the past seven years. The website is updated daily with information from the state’s central financial systems. Searches for vendor payments, employee salaries and state government contracts are among the most utilized features of the website. The site also provides access to detailed budget information, tax expenditures, financial publications and other open government resources.

The Bureau expects the reorganization will simplify its ability to incorporate other functionalities in the future. In addition to making cosmetic changes to Open SD, the Bureau has reorganized the navigation menu and made the site mobile-friendly. The new site also links to commonly-accessed public information, such as the Boards and Commissions portal and the state statutes and rules websites.

In 2014, the US Public Interest Research Group named Open SD the eighth most improved state government transparency website in the nation and designated South Dakota as the top “Advancing State” for transparency. Since 2011 the South Dakota has improved its US PIRG rating from a D+ to an A-.


10 thoughts on “Daugaard: Open SD Receives Facelift”

    1. Absolutely. EB5, education grants going lord knows where. This is just what the state needed, an open SD Facelift. TONE DEAF anyone?

      Kelo has probably moved back to stories about kittens and the argus is doing stories on bikes again so I guess this is good enough.

    1. South Dakota was dumped from the program, and that’s it. No prosecutions by the DOJ? Considering a Democrat congress made the program a hundred times more profitable for crooks than it was, and considering that nobody is PROSECUTING anyone, it tells me that examining the books of Joop Bollen or any real punitive action would expose too many cronies to the light of day. Many of them Democrats. If this was a mostly Republican problem, every scandal monger would be here muckraking already. The MOST we hear whenever a new EB5 story comes out is the same old tired rumors Weiland put out. Do something or shut up Democrats.

      1. I see the Dakotans fer Pot gang along with Hubbelites are back looking for Krazy stories about secret govt goings on, vaccine mind control and who knows what else.

        1. Those krazys would be better off spending their time doing role playing and video games. They love their mind-altering drugs and fantasies that’s for sure.

    1. Except for maybe SoS Shantel Krebs. Kinda happy with the way she’s righted the ship after the mess Gant left.

  1. Damage control, pure and simple. Nepotism, cronyism and corruption are the hallmarks of South Dakota State Government.

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