Day 2 of the Annette Bosworth Trial (#BozTrial) – Thoughts, Winners & Losers.

Ohhh my god…. will it never end?  Day 2 was marked with boredom. From the audience.

It was great through the examination of Sioux Falls Attorney Joel Arends. Then everyone left as soon as the painful cross examination slogged on. And on. And on.  By the time Italia Frederici took the stand to corroborate much of what Arends said, and fill us in on juicy details including that it sounded like Bosworth was having a book ghost written, everyone was out working on their lawns.

Again, KELOland did a bang up job & set the standard for media coverage for providing the video that most everyone else was watching. But… KSFY and KDLT joined in with KELO via twitter. The Argus is still spending it’s time with the Associated Press’ sloppy seconds in terms of coverage.

Tomorrow? I suspect we’ll hear from Pat Davis. Not sure if we can wrap this up by this weekend though.

Winner: KELO again for superior coverage. Honorable mention for KSFY and KDLT.

Loser: Accomplishing anything today. This was boring. Nothing like Law & Order. (bum bum).

8 thoughts on “Day 2 of the Annette Bosworth Trial (#BozTrial) – Thoughts, Winners & Losers.”

  1. Same crap from Boz and the crazy train. Just bigger repercussions for losing this debate.

  2. I heard that today there were nearly fisticusps in the hall outside the mens room and that some witness turned into a runner and had to be wrangled back. I think young Dr. Bos has a farther reaching cult following than many of us think.

  3. I thought Italia’s narrative of her tour of duty with the Insane Clown Posse was the most entertaining, and fortunately my iPhone got really good reception when propped up in the sombrero of a concrete Mexican (not a standard Apple accessory, I’m sorry to say.)
    How she came to this barren land at Patrick Davis’ invitation, her two felony convictions which made her a good fit in the campaign, the chaos in the medical office which doubled as a campaign office, full of staff, volunteers, children and a dog, the petitions scattered all over the place, and finally, the 11th hour drive to Pierre to file the petitions At the SOS office complete with running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, SouthDakota, was great drama. Did you ever see that John Travolta movie, “Michael?” It was sort of like that.

    I wonder if anybody has bought the screen rights.

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