24 thoughts on “Democrat Billie Sutton posts Commercial to his facebook page.”

  1. Good Ad! Billie seems to be doing pretty well in a low key sort of way just visiting with South Dakotans.

  2. Is that Jason Frerichs playing one of the security detail escorting the character played by Larry Lucus out of the room?

  3. Not a bad ad, good play on something that is popular right now –DILLY DILLY (the guys that thought that up are getting a raise this year!) also light hearted

    1. Lewis, what do you mean the subsidy queen? Here is your chance to define the difference between your candidate and Rep. Kristi Noem.

      1. Your statement here only applies to candidates’ families? Sometimes you show your hypocrisy using a magnifying glass. Care to justify the insults you hurl at Hubbel, Nelson, Tapio or other commenters on SDWC? Let me guess, you on your high horse gets to pick and choose who’s worthy of name-calling and then you get to direct people, using your moral compass that’s seemingly spinning out-of-control, on how to treat others. Great work, Troy.

        Maybe Sutton’s wife is a spoiled rich kid, how do you know and why can’t that information be shared? Oh, that’s right Jones gets to make the rules for everyone to follow.

        1. Why are you so mean to be attacking a candidate’s family member whom you don’t even know? She is not running for office.

          1. Where in my statement did I “attack” her? Please, copy and paste my “attacking” quote. I don’t care about her, I don’t know her. That was not the point of my comment.

            Jones verbally “attacked” you. You post anonymous and according to him you are a coward.

          2. Still trying to find a quote from me attacking a candidate’s family member? I think you’ll be searching for awhile because you can’t find a way to change my words.

  4. KM,

    Are you stalking me? If you want to smear another person, only a coward would do it anonymously, especially a politicians spouse or child. Being a coward is evidence of poor character.

    Regarding his wife or children, it is my opinion they are off limits. Be a person of character and attack these people with your name attached so people can compare who you attack to your own spouse and children.

    1. Stalking? Please, get over yourself. Just calling you out.

      I don’t verbally attack people, you do. And then you claim it’s not in good character for others to do exactly the same.

      Back to name-calling, I don’t expect anything less from you anymore. You’ve certainly helped SDWC turn into the Jerry Springer Show. Why do you need to know my name? Doesn’t add or take away from my observations and statements. You want to come over for coffee or help with daily chores? I was hoping to meet you at Tapio’s SF event so you could call me stupid to my face.

  5. KM,

    The stalking comment was sarcasm since you thought posters were stalking you and even sent notes to Pat asking them to be banned. I was just “calling you out” using sarcasm.

    Further, everything I say here I use my name and would say to your face. People who attack personally without putting their name are just cowards typing behind of computer screen and of ill-character.

    I dropped in at the ill-attended Tapio Sioux Falls announcement (I’ve been to legislative announcements better attended). I’m sorry you didn’t introduce yourself.

    1. Never said anyone was stalking me, but you certainly have a way of manipulating what I’ve said. I said I was being bullied and when I asked for it to stop, it did not. I didn’t drop notes for Pat to ban commenters, I said this is the one of few forums I participate in that *I* can’t flag for inappropriate language and then block.

      Ill-attended announcement…what day was it held? what time was it held? Considering those factors, I thought it was well attended. Several news outlets thought it was worthy of their time. I spoke with some men after who were lounging out in the lobby during the event and they thought Tapio had a strong message, strong enough to have them stop and listen and then engage with me after. Just because you don’t believe or have concerns about what’s happening in our communities with refugee resettlement, doesn’t mean no one else does.

      Remind me again what calling me stupid would be based on? Would it be the Jschool comment about me having the highest IQ on SDWC’s comment section? What did they say…33% of what I say is 80% truth? Hmmm….

  6. KM,

    I apologize for mis-remembering you complained about your pseudonym being bullied by an anonymous poster and not pseudonymously stalked. I feel bullied you assumed I was manipulating your words and not mis-remembering. Please stop.

  7. So funny he talks about getting rid of state government corruption. I believe he has been part of the state government for the past 8 years. Kristi has not. Hmmmmmm.

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