Tapio Resolution Identifies Fundamental Islam as Cause of War on Terror, Calls on SD Organizations, Businesses, Military Veterans for Support

Tapio Resolution Identifies Fundamental Islam as Cause of War on Terror, Calls on SD Organizations, Businesses, Military Veterans for Support

South Dakota Congressional Candidate and Watertown State Senator, Neal Tapio this week introduces a concurrent resolution which formally acknowledges fundamentalist Islam and Sharia Law as the root causes of the global war on terrorism and challenges South Dakota businesses, organizations and political leaders to support the resolution   in a show of unified support of America’s military personnel and in opposition to the terrorist organizations and Islamic nations who practice Sharia law, including the execution of non-believers or those who speak out against Islam.

The resolution which comes under consideration at an as yet undisclosed date in Pierre clearly identifies Islamic laws of apostasy and the belief in capital punishment for anyone who leaves the Islamic faith as the driving   doctrine behind the violent Jihadist tendencies that are plaguing peaceful western societies in both Europe and  North America and makes formal request that businesses, organizations and political leaders in South Dakota stand up and be counted as supporters of that message in order to facilitate renewed dialogue and effective policy against the stealth Jihad and sleeper cell invasion that has been concealed by the United Nations refugee resettlement program via NGO or nongovernmental organizational placement of Islamic refugee populations in South Dakota  and other states.

“The intent of this measure is to very clearly define the root causes of the plague of jihadist terrorism and violence that is ravaging open societies around the world,” Tapio said. “And to give some of the most powerful and influential organizations and businesses in South Dakota an opportunity to indicate one way or another their policies and intentions in either supporting or rejecting this resolution and thereby clearly signaling their   sentiments and future plans contributing to either the safety or danger of South Dakota citizens moving forward,” Tapio said.

Senator Tapio’s resolution formally calls on the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce, Lutheran Social Services, Sanford Health, Aberdeen Development Foundation and other entities to support America’s military troops home and abroad by stating clearly an acknowledged solidarity against Islamic jihad around the world while simultaneously issuing a statement of unified support for freedom from persecution, discrimination and threat of violence for anyone seeking to escape the deadly and hateful ideology that threatens death for leaving the Islamic faith. Tapio also calls on Governor Dennis Daugaard, U.S. Senators Mike Rounds and John Thune and Congresswoman, Kristi Noem to support South Dakota’s troops and veterans and those who have offered the ultimate sacrifice for their country by declaring publicly and explicitly that Islamic terrorism and organizations    who propagate jihadist violence are directly responsible for the war on terrorism and the untold carnage and human and material cost incurred by fighting that war in theaters around the world.

Tapio’s resolution goes so far as to name specific organizations and state sponsors of Islamic terror, such as Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Haram. Al Shabaab, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and other signatories of the Muslim Brotherhood, all fighting to enforce globally the Islamic laws of apostasy which prescribe the death penalty for leaving the Islamic faith.

“This hateful and deadly ideology is a scourge upon humanity and all freedom loving peoples, irrespective of race, color, creed, gender, religion, sect, or national origin,” Tapio said.

“Every individual and every nation suffering under the violent and cruel oppression of Islamic Sharia law should rise up in the same spirit of our American fighting men and women, their soldiers and families and shrug off the mantle of slavery and mental and physical bondage placed upon them so that they may know what it means to live and remain free,” Tapio said.

Senator and Congressional Candidate Tapio called on his fellow candidates, office seekers and office holders, including Kristi Noem and Marty Jackley, Dusty Johnson and Shantel Krebs, to support the resolution as well. Tapio’s resolution also includes a clear corollary to the imperative laid out in the formal declaration which states   that anyone, any organization, business or political candidate who fails to support the resolution is by omission declaring themselves an apologist for radical Islam, an enemy of the state and de facto supporter of and accomplice to violent jihad on American soil. Tapio  says his resolution and the political firestorm and debate to come will   serve as a clear line of demarcation in what he sees as the clash of civilizations and the ongoing policies both   federal and state which have allowed an influx of Islamic practitioners of Sharia law to locate within the    continental boundaries of the United States.

“No longer will we allow patriotic Americans to be considered members of a hate group, or political extremists or xenophobes, or Islamophobes, simply because we believe in freedom for all mankind and can clearly identify ideological or religious threats to the freedom, peace and safety that should be the birthright of every human on earth,” Tapio said.

“Today begins a fight for the very heart and soul of America. A fight for the survival of freedom and liberty in this nation.  A fight for the heart and soul of every American who has sacrificed for their country and come home to  find us importing the very ideology that tried to kill them overseas,” Tapio said.

“America stands on the Judeo-Christian traditions of freedom and liberty. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors that fought and died so that all men might be free. We fight likewise in a different time and place, without apology, but with the equal conviction that any tyranny over the mind of man is contrary to our Constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of religion,” Tapio said.

“We don’t apologize, we won’t back down, and we will not surrender as we wage this valiant struggle against encroaching darkness, in defense of this gleaming bastion of liberty that has so sweetly and famously been referred to as a ‘Shining city on a hill,’ Tapio said.

“It is our sacred duty and honor to fight this battle. And surrender is not an option,” Tapio said. “Let’s roll.”

Senate Concurrent Resolution 13 can be found here.

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    1. Short attention span? Something takes longer than 7seconds to read and you’re out, seems about right.

    2. He has idle hands. He needs to find something to do because he won’t even get anything passed in Pierre. Really amazing in a chamber that is 83% GOP.

  1. Each of the first two paragraphs are written as a single sentence. Writing like this doesn’t help make the job of news editors easier, which is a key goal when writing successful press releases.

    Here’s the full list of sponsors: Senators Tapio, Curd, Jensen (Phil), Maher, Novstrup, Wiik, and Youngberg
    and Representatives Kaiser, Campbell, Dennert, DiSanto, Frye-Mueller,
    Greenfield (Lana), Jensen (Kevin), and Latterell

    1. OK – quick follow-up.

      I read Senate Concurrent Resolution 13. The two-page resolution does not do many of the things listed in the Tapio press release. Maybe there’s another resolution out there? BTW, that’s another important point for people writing press releases and news stories about legislation: include the bill numbers!

      1. I agree…always include the bill number! I read many newspaper stories and want to then go read the actual bill or listen to the debate and end up wasting time searching for it…

        Good tip Michael!

  2. “…anyone, any organization, business or political candidate who fails to support the resolution is by omission declaring themselves an apologist for radical Islam, an enemy of the state and de facto supporter of and accomplice to violent jihad on American soil.”

    Demagogue much?

    There is no terrorism in South Dakota besides Mr. Tapio and his fear-mongering.

      1. And how many died? Besides, they arrested that dude without fear-mongering and stupid unnecessary laws. Meanwhile, 2 men die in a drug deal gone bad in SF – why aren’t you spending time and resources on more pressing matters that actually kill folks?

        1. Take that up with the AG. Sad that you think we can only work one problem at a time. Sounds like a red herring argument.

          1. The only red herring here is Mr. Tapio’s snipe hunt. If he’s so good at working on several problems at once, why do we never hear anything from him on other (read: important) issues?

        1. Steve were these guys in Minnesota Muslim converts or part of the Muslim Brotherhood? Grenade Launcher? Sub machine guns? Silencers?

    1. LOL

      “Why, there are studies underway to Islamify salt, flour, fruit juice, soup, sugar, milk. Ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children’s ice cream.

      1. that is Brig General Jack D. Ripper who is obsessed with bodily fluids. So other than what is mentioned above is this why they have an obsession with bathrooms?

      2. Oh no! Many food items sold in grocery stores are Kosher. Will Tapio go after all things Kosher, too?!

  3. I agree the press release is way too long…unless he is giving them many things to quote, but I doubt they are printing the whole thing each time…I am interested in this stuff and giving all 3 candidates a fair shake but tooooo long.

    1. Think about the press release (any press release) as a vehicle to engage the reader in conversation and, if appropriate, call the reader to perform a specific act in response to reading it.

      For the news editor, s/he needs something short, declarative, and to-the-point of interest to their readership/viewership. For the news consumer, what are the quick hooks and takeaways from the press release? What will first engage them – want them to read the story? Why should they care? What are they being asked to know and/or do as a result of reading the story? Those answers should each take no more than a sentence or two at most. Three or four one-sentence or two-sentence paragraphs. Short, simple, and clear.

      1. Clarity is a product of cogency and the comprehension of the reader. I’d keep your limited interpretive abilities a secret. It’s bad advertising.

        1. It’s a mistake for a press release writer to assume the comprehension of the reader. The burden is not on the reader to understand; it’s on the writer to be understood.

      2. He lost me at South Dakota Congressional Candidate and Watertown State Senator, Neal Tapio…

  4. This is the “call” of the resolution after all its “Whereas”:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Senate of the Ninety-Third Legislature of the State of South Dakota, the House of Representatives concurring therein, that South Dakota petitions the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Department of Justice to identify the root cause of the global war on terrorism in order to keep our cities and citizens safe.

    When I read his long ramble, I go to the actual resolution and shake my head. This is all about “identifying” a cause and someone how that is necessary to keep our cities and citizens safe.

    Mr. Tapio, how about DHS, DOJ and the military (which Tapio didn’t call on) just worry about fighting the war on terrorism? The President has already adequately identified what ails the terrorists. He doesn’t need you trying to tell his Cabinet what to do.

  5. Now we fear more “fodder” for the leftists and resident S.F.activist to combat loudly as they prance around Pierre! One circus after another.

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