Senator Nelson really not feeling the love today… Argus Leader letter to editor takes him to task.

Senator Nelson must really not be feeling the love today.

First it was Dakota Posts poking at State Senator Stace Nelson.

Now the Argus Leader via letters to the editor has former General Counsel for Citibank and 2016 District 14 GOP House Primary candidate David Zimbeck lobbing a few pointed words regarding Senator Nelson:

For instance, the latter offer of an opportunity to engage in a great debate over a state nosh, the legislation’s sponsor, Sen. Stace Nelson, R-Fulton, provides fellow legislators a welcome reprieve from his incessant “man-splaining” of how the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is controlling over all others; not to mention routine temper tantrums, while regularly purveying conspiracy theories, with little if any suggestion of substantiation. He, the champion of “food fights” of another form. Even the most casual observer of politics in S.D., can take one look at a rather corpulent Senator Nelson and recognize that he would not recognize a “nosh” if it hit him in the head. The notion of something resembling a snack must be an anathema to a person of his girth, yet he finds the need to spend even the smallest amount of time debating the merits with this latest, albeit less destructive, food fight.


Speaker Mickelson and other leaders, need to gain control over the nonsense before most of us can be convinced that S.D. should do anything but go to a biennial legislative session.

Read it all here.

9 thoughts on “Senator Nelson really not feeling the love today… Argus Leader letter to editor takes him to task.”

  1. I tend to agree with him.

    I think having a state nosh and seeking to amend our state constitution to put women in a non-existent militia makes everyone look bad.

    Work on the problems that affect people’s lives and make a positive change!

  2. Picking on Stace for his ‘Girth’ – i.e. basicly jumping in and saying ‘Oooo – pick on the fat kid.’ Is pretty low class.
    Really – There are enough actual issues with Stace and his stances and his bridge burning. Attack him for those. Go after him for his bullying.
    It’s cheap. It should be beneath anyone who wants to earn their place in the legislature.

  3. Stace is an obnoxious, grandstanding loudmouth. Still, utilizing the press to ridicule his weight is, to my mind, defamation. I hope he sues the Argus.

    1. Doesn’t it have to be untrue for it to be defamation?

      Plus the larger point is he is wasting taxpayer dollars on frivolous legislation….as a taxpayer I’d like a refund!

    2. Defamation has to be an untrue statement of fact, i.e. falsely accusing someone of criminal activity. Childishly calling a chubby guy chubby is not defamatory, it’s just dumb. Dumb alone isn’t grounds for a lawsuit.

  4. Stace’s problem is that even when he’s right, he’s nothing more than a clanging bell or jingling cymbal, and nobody wants to listen to him.

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