Senator Nelson investigates voter records of Sioux Falls resident who wrote Letter to Editor critical of his Nosh Bill

WOW. Literally on the heels of Dakota Posts’ newest.. well, post, I had a reader send me this e-mail that’s making the rounds.  If you recall the other day, former Citibank general counsel Dave Zimbeck had a fairly critical letter to the editor regarding Senator Stace Nelson:

For instance, the latter offer of an opportunity to engage in a great debate over a state nosh, the legislation’s sponsor, Sen. Stace Nelson, R-Fulton, provides fellow legislators a welcome reprieve from his incessant “man-splaining” of how the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is controlling over all others; not to mention routine temper tantrums, while regularly purveying conspiracy theories, with little if any suggestion of substantiation. He, the champion of “food fights” of another form. Even the most casual observer of politics in S.D., can take one look at a rather corpulent Senator Nelson and recognize that he would not recognize a “nosh” if it hit him in the head. The notion of something resembling a snack must be an anathema to a person of his girth, yet he finds the need to spend even the smallest amount of time debating the merits with this latest, albeit less destructive, food fight.


Speaker Mickelson and other leaders, need to gain control over the nonsense before most of us can be convinced that S.D. should do anything but go to a biennial legislative session.

Read that here.  That was that.. until today, when this e-mail started making the rounds:

From: Dave Zimbeck [redacted]
Sent: Friday, February 9, 2018 11:29 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Your investigation

Sen. Nelson,

I recently learned that you are conducting an investigation of my voting records. Glad to know that you are still able to put to use your NCIS investigative skills.  By all means, proceed.

Of course, you can always just email me if you have any questions of a private citizen who is critical of your best use of time during the legislative session. I sincerely hope that you have fun.

Bon appetite!

Wow, again. Are we reading that a State Legislator is allegedly  “conducting an investigation” of the voting records of a private citizen who wrote a letter to the editor critical of him?  I can’t say I’ve ever heard of such a thing.   And I’ll repeat it because I’m a bit incredulous – a State Legislator is allegedly “conducting an investigation” of the voting records of a private citizen who wrote a letter to the editor critical of him?

Amazing.  And it gets better…  Because Senator Nelson responded, and CONFIRMED he was investigating him:

On Feb 9, 2018 11:59 AM, “Stace Nelson” <[email protected]> wrote:

Mr. Zimbeck,

Angry Stace NelsonNot surprising, just confirming another loud mouth Democrat masquerading as a Republican. You clearly have no clue about the process or the duties involved in Pierre and think the job entails simply being a tax and send RINO like the rest of your kind. You don’t like all the work I do for my constituents? Tough! suck it up buttercup. Or? Feel free to come up and poke me in the chest and run your suck like a man instead of some whiny malcontent. Now scurry off, the big mean conservative Bull elephant has better things to do.

Sent from my iPad

So, when pressed about his investigation of Zimbeck, Nelson admits he was “just confirming” his suspicions? Ugh. How many times has anyone ever heard of a sitting State Legislator “investigating” someone who wrote a letter to the editor disagreeing with his frivolous legislation?

As far as I’ve heard, NONE. NOT ONE EVER. NO ONE DOES THIS. 

But by the same token, no one else refers to themselves as a “conservative Bull elephant” (as is Nelson’s tendency).  Did he do so because calling one’s self a bull elephant will impress someone who was Citibank’s General Counsel?  No, but it might make Senator Nelson look like a buffoon.

And if that wasn’t enough, Dave Zimbeck provided a snarky reply to “the big conservative Bull elephant’s” (or bull-something’s) poison letter:

From: “Dave Zimbeck”
Date: Feb 9, 2018 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: Your investigation
To: “Stace Nelson” <

Your reputation for intolerance of views that are not exactly the same as yours is well-earned.  Glad to be a part of that club.

Keep up that constituent service!  First Frank Kloucek delivers for the district with kuchen,  and now you deliver on chislic.  All in the name of value added agriculture.  Hope it works for you.

Keep fighting us RINOs, big fella.


Frank Kloucek and Stace Nelson? That’s rarified air. Rarified air indeed.

EPILOGUE:  I corresponded with Mr. Zimbeck this afternoon, and he noted that yes, he did change his registration for a few months back in 2008. As in a decade ago. Why? In his words, he “did so in order to be able to cast a vote against Hillary Clinton.  At the time, it seemed that it was going to be my one and only chance to vote against her.

Ultimately, I think most members of the Republican Party in the party would be ok with that. Many of us enjoyed that opportunity a year and a half ago.

However, there is always a dissenter or two. Considering the ‘high-level’ investigation he conducted against someone who thought his trivial ‘state nosh bill’ was absolutely trivial, those in the Senator Stace Nelson “conservative Bull Elephant” Party have a problem with someone switching parties to make a statement.

Fortunately for Mr. Zimbeck, that might be a party of one.

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  1. This is exactly why we need to drop the the party affiliation from citizens voter registration cards! In no world is it appropriate to “investigate” a citizen who is critical of a political position taken by politicians! Wake up people. Go and re register to vote on Monday and clearly mark No Political Affiliation on the card! Government can’t be trusted with that information!

    1. Rush Limbaughs operation chaos. I know many who switched to Democrat to vote against her.

      1. Looks like Rush and all his listeners are RINOs, according to the big conservatve bull…

        1. The world has changed over 10 years. If someone voted against HRC in the 2008 primary, or the 2016 primary, I can respect that. Since 2010, many good Americans, moderates, independents, and Reagan Democrats – voters who elected Bill Clinton in ’96 – have been appalled by the police-hating, flag-burning left. Do you welcome them? Or would you demand life-long ideological purity and (therefore) exclude nearly every centrist? In 1990, a case could be made that Dems cared about South Dakota’s mostly Christian middle class — comprised of hard working men and women guided by traditional values. In 1992, most Democrats stood for the national anthem. Today’s Dems have other priorities.

    2. Then voters would not know what candidates use for a platform….everyone would be just a big bunch of nothings….you could then say, hmmm….Ralph. No, never liked that name. Marilyn…my mother had a cousin with that name. Yes, I will vote for her. It makes no sense to have no party affiliation.

  2. I’ll say it again; Stacey Nelson singlehandedly has turned the South Dakota Legislature into a total S__t Show of Epic proportions never before seen. Unbelievably even the good bills he brings to the table which would certainly be passed on consent are battered down because of his belligerent mindset. Anyone who thinks they are onto a Trumpian Legislative Agenda by following Senator Nelson is “foolish” ;
    nicest word possible.
    Remember that Nick Moser was told by Representative Nelson that HE Would Eat Him Alive in any Floor Debate after Nick asked Stacey a question Stacey did not want to answer.
    Reality is for those who can’t handle The Truth….

    1. So Mr. Jones, do you have censor power today? You write a topic of discussion and you censor that discussion? You cannot factually defend the claims you made? Don’t you wish your “glorious leader had that power? Don’t you and yours wish for An America where your “glorious leader” could do what you did?

      How shallow can one be?

        1. Mr. Powers, if you want me to stop posting here say so…. I don’t think it was you blocking my comments last night when I was totally on topic….. Why would you allow someone to do that to your blog that has always has been fair and open to disagreeable discussion?

    2. Jones, how about you telling us the process of getting a FISA warrant? Talk to me Jones, after all the comments you blocked last night, we need to make them up—-=– Tell me why my comments were blocked other that they showed you to be wrong and asked questions you refused to answer—– I am disappointed in Mr. Powers in letting his blog be turned into an Ellis blog where only the choir is allowed.

  3. Stace is not even that old being 50 years old and he keeps talking like he is an old man ready to be put out to pasture and he actually said that. Always his way or the Highway.

  4. Jaa Dee here is a listing of pharmaceuticals for your problem; Risperdal, Clozaril, Seroquel, Geodon, and Zyprexa, all good dealing with delusional disorder.

    1. I saw Jaa Dee’s comments before they were deleted. They weren’t what I’d call “cordial”, but Jaa Dee isn’t wrong about Mr. Jones not wanting to face tough criticism. Kinda snowflakey IMO.

      1. Sir, challenging truthfulness of or asking for explanations of statements is not supposed to be “cordial”—– I Certainly appreciate your comment…

    2. Mr. Hoffman sir….. If Mr. Powers saw fit to post my opinions as a discussion topic and your challenges to those opinions were blocked by me….. would you think I was fair in doing that? Would that be a display by me of integrity and confidence in the veracity of what I written? —- I happen to think those using a public soapbox to exercise their Constitutional right to express their opinion should have the integrity to defend that opinion…… If this were some other conservative site I would expect dissenting thought to be censored, I have had no reason to expect that here….until now..

  5. face it, nelson only gleefully searches for real party-changers because it supports his alt-right fear mongering against the bulk of republicans who feel compelled to stand up against his constant politicization of the lawmaking process. mister “bull elephant” is mister butt-less bull elephant after the week he and his homies had. so go ahead, call us all rinos sen. nelson.

    1. OOPS scratch “alt-right” and insert “far-right.” apologies, that was not intended.

  6. If you do not bow down and praise Stace Nelson you are subject to attack….a cult leader of the lowest order

    1. As a legislator, he took it upon himself to investigate someone critical of his legislation. This is uncomfortably close to Obama’s IRS investigating conservative groups.

      We do have a free speech right to criticize our government.

      That includes questioning the stupidity of Senator Nelson’s legislation.

      1. Abuse of power. It is disturbing. Does Stace have a dossier of those who question him or in his mind pose a threat?

  7. Zim was a lone conservative voice the leftist malestrom that was USD when he and I were there in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I’d love to see the BullShit Elephant try and have a debate with him.

  8. There is an old adage I keep in mind: “Don’t ask a question if you aren’t going to do anything with the answer.” It was told as a means to protect one from idle gossip, get distracted from the larger issues, or muddle your mind with stuff that doesn’t matter.

    My question is what did he think he’d do with this information against a private citizen? I can’t even dream up a rational use.

  9. “Feel free to come up and poke me in the chest and run your suck like a man“

    This is worthy of a formal repramand from Senate colleagues. It is physically threatening. He’s done it to many of us, and I once told some colleagues I hope he strikes me and we can be done with him in public service. It is why the capitol police stepped up and made sure those the Bully was harassing most were safe in the halls of the Capitol.

    1. I wonder how many legislators he has threatened over the years.

      Maybe THAT is something worthy of an investigation.

      1. It looks like Senator Nelson should be investigated if he does not resign. Does he have a primary challenger? Anyone running for his seat?

        1. Mr. Nelson bullies his entire district. Which, by the way, is rather full of low-information voters. Clearly, the least informed voters in the state. A shame. Mr. Nelson will probably want to poke me in the chest now and wave his big ham-fist around like the ballerina he is.

    2. Is that normal for Senator Nelson to include physical intimidation in a professional environment like the legislature?

  10. Barranco … Republicans have higher priorities? What a crock of BS!! Trump has four kids from three wives and paid for five abortions. How many preborn were killed by Joe Biden? Barack Obama? Hmmmm?

    1. “How many preborn were killed by Joe Biden? Barack Obama? Hmmmm?”

      I would venture to say in the millions through Planned Parenthood.

  11. Anonymous person posting from “the Netherlands,” If you’re going to post made up stuff, at least make it funny..

  12. Once Nelson gets done designating the state nosh, what’s next?
    The state soap?
    China pattern?
    Video game?

    If the Senate doesn’t get out ahead of this it’ll will never stop.

    1. Now we’re talking! Ok…
      State Soap? Lifebuoy (A Christmas Story anyone?)
      China Pattern? Anything by Chinet for when potluck breaks out…
      Video Game? I’m going to say Qbert just because I liked Qbert…
      Condom? I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may be embarassing.

  13. We’ve got a legislature half full of honyakers who have no idea how to run a government, let alone improve a government so they hang their overalls on the shallow, uneducated paradigm of “smaller government” and wander around punching down at minorities and women and picking fights with each other. DRAIN THE RIVER!!!

  14. Anon, if you’re going to claim someone was threatened, please provide links, or more of a citation.

    Thanks much.

    1. “His banning from caucus was related to a confrontation with a Republican state lawmaker, Nick Moser, with some accusations that Nelson threatened to kill the diminutive Moser. Nelson called that an outright lie, but there was definitely a confrontation between the two on the House floor that contributed to his expulsion. Earlier, Nelson clashed with the local sheriff in his home county. After leaving office, that sheriff, Mark Kessler (unrelated to Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler), eventually sought a restraining order against Nelson (later withdrawn), called Nelson a “psycho” and accused Nelson of stalking him.”

  15. Mr. Nelson is not much for state condoms and such. He would rather have people wear the next state paper hat and then come up and poke him in the chest, so he can bloviate he knows more than most about bloviating. The real former marines in this state are embarrassed by all the self back-patting and grandstanding. This district also elected Mr. Klouceck for many years. We need a bill to require water testing there of all wells.

  16. Should be zero tolerance in Pierre for sexual harassment AND physical harm insinuations. The headlines today should read… 350+lb SD Senator investigates constituent who wrote unsavory LtrtoEditor, harasses, invites bodily confrontation. We need a #metoo tag for all of us he’s bullied. Any ideas?

    Too long?

    1. 350+?

      I’ll have you know that the conservative Bull elephant Republican is no more than a svelte 345, and most of that is lamb chislic because he is the most Republican of all.

      Much more Republican than any of you liberal snowflakes who might have looked at a Democrat at one time in your lives.

    1. They need to clean house in Pierre. It is just killing our state and making us look like Alabama.

        1. haha! Good one! Do we want to become the Alabama of the North that being in a negative way? I sure hope not! lol

  17. The legislature needs to do something with this guy. You can’t have elected officials threatening citizen with violence like this. What kind of example is this for our young people? People disagree, so you threaten them? Time for action to get rid of the slime in Pierre. He claims to be a good person, but his actions tell a different story.

  18. Time for Nelson to go, he needs to go quietly into the night. He doesn’t help the party, politics, the people, or anybody!!!

  19. It’s just sad to watch. I expect so much more from public officials, especially in South Dakota.

  20. His thinly veiled challenges to fight him are getting really, really goddamn old. How do people continue to vote for this idiot?

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