Democrats call on Billie Sutton not to waste his chance and run for higher office in 2018

Over at the Sioux Falls Drinking Liberally Website, the Sioux Falls area Democrat insiders who write the site are calling on State Senator Billie Sutton not to run for Governor in 2018.


Because Ann Tornburg’s Democrat Party is in such a shambles, there’s not much possibility that Sutton is going to end up any differently than any of the last several sacrificial lambs who have run, and lost:

In South Dakota: Suzie Jones Pranger, the South Dakota Democratic Party’s (SDDP’s) Executive Director, resigned abruptly this week, just two weeks before McGovern Days, the SDDP’s big annual gathering and fundraising event. You have to wonder what in the hell is going on at the SDDP. Speculation has it that Suzie plans to join the Gubernatorial Campaign of Billie Sutton from Burke (Suzie is also from Burke) but Billie hasn’t decided to mount a campaign for Governor or any other Statewide political office yet, according to the Argus Leader.…

I like Billie Sutton and I think he would make a fine candidate, but with the SDDP in such obvious disarray ( as underlined by Ms. Pranger’s resignation ) I don’t believe he or any other Democrat stands a chance in hell of winning a statewide race right now. Just look at the facts. Democratic voter registration in South Dakota continues to decline and now stands at 30.9%, its lowest level in generations. Meanwhile, Republican registration continues to increase. In the legislature, Democrats only hold 20 out of the 105 potential seats, almost all of which, including Billie Sutton’s own seat, were uncontested by Republicans in the last election.

So I say, “Say it ain’t so Billie”. Save your powder and ignore the Sirens beaconing you onto the political shoals of the predictable 36 to 38% defeat suffered by almost every statewide Democrat candidate in the last ten years. Until the Democratic Party can articulate a message to differentiate itself positively in the minds of South Dakotans from the Republican Party and until it can rebuild itself, the results will be the same.

Read it all here.

When the state Democrat organization is controlled by the hard liberal left, it’s going to be hard for Billie Sutton to convince anyone that a Democrat ran State Goverment would be in their best interest.

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  1. The SDDP has shifted from a priority of recruiting and supporting candidates to ballot initiatives. Sorry Billy but 2018 will have the SDDP’s focus include getting all uses of marijuana legalized and not supporting your run for governor.

    1. The time consuming and hard work of building a party and properly supporting candidates or get stoned. Getting stoned wins! Liberty! Freedom! Happy 420 dudes!

    2. So you know what true conservatism is? I consider myself a conservative, and I don’t support getting high.

      1. “I consider myself a conservative, and I don’t support getting high.”

        Then don’t get high. But if you’re a true conservative you won’t stop someone else from doing something that has no impact whatsoever on you.

        1. This what our state party has become.! More concerned about avoiding any responsibility for their actions. A very selfish outlook that they can do things thinking what they do does not hurt anyone. Drugs are not the answer and yes those pushing this garbage it is just another drug which pulls families down. This runs contrary to our party’s mission of helping lift everyone up!

          We test our employees at work. If they are under the influence or have THC in their system they are terminated. They can deliver pizzas or work fast food. Time to rebuild a party!

          1. Double down on terrible policy that the overwhelming majority of young people disagree with? Yeah that sounds like a brilliant way to “rebuild a party.”

    3. The obvious joke: the Democrats need to pass legal marijuana use so that there are enough high voters to vote in Democrats.

  2. Democrats have several good lieutenant governor options (including Billie) but no real governor options.

  3. I’m not complaining, but from a political science perspective, discouraging your only candidate, based on a belief that your party stinks, isn’t probably going to make a Lombardi highlite reel on motivation (nor a Bud Grant reel). Ironically, it’s their left that has really made them disfunctional, and I think the person telling Sutton not to run, is from that wing. You gotta love this stuff, can’t make it up.

    1. True Billie is a moderating voice that’s good for politics. Same with Frerichs.

      1. We are working on supporting moderates that know how to get along with others here in District 3 and across the state. Time to overhaul our state party folks. Billie will be a great candidate for governor!

  4. I think contested races are good. Billie has a good story. Democrats needs diversity in SD. He’d be a good candidate. I don’t know that registration helps him but it shouldn’t keep someone from espousing their beliefs.

    It’s better when republicans and democrats have to build consensus instead of steamroll opposing ideas.

  5. The SDDP is not far left. Since when is challenging corruption in government and advocating for healthcare and education hard liberal left?

  6. There seems to be some confusion. Within the Republican party is basically two strains of philosophical thought: Conservative and Libertarian.

    On most issues they come down on the same side even if their reasoning is different (sometimes profoundly different). However, drugs is one where there is divergence in position.

    Conservatives value order in society such they are willing to utilize the power of the state to criminalize use of non-medicinal drugs, restrict (and prohibit) sale of alcohol, strict enforcement of statutory fortification laws, and generally support stiffer sentencing/incarceration policies.

    Libertarians value individual liberties such they are willing to sacrifice societal order which allow individuals to legally conduct certain actions which are harmful to themselves or deemed immoral.

    These differences are manifest by Libertarian Republicans supporting lower consent ages for sex, alcohol, and tobacco as well as drug decriminalization. Conservative Republicans come down on the other side.

    Thus, a “true conservative” would not support legalization of marijuana use but a “true libertarian” would. Not that the semantics are critical but proper use of definitions engender more clear conversation and discussion.

  7. Least intellectual arguments possible:

    “Get on the right side of history” and “behind the times” are forms of tyranny as it denigrates minorities, minority views, and the labors of those who sacrificed to build what we have.

    1. The “war on drugs” has been a colossal failure, but there remains some room to debate the value of continued criminal prohibition of hard drugs like meth and heroin. But as for marijuana, this war has caused far more harm than good, and it’s useful to point out polling data and popular opinion to illustrate the unreasonableness of anyone who advocates for continuing with the starus quo. If that feels like denigration to you, so be it. It’s not the intent, but you certainly deserve it.

  8. Billie Sutton or (place democrat name here) won’t win a seat in the governor’s mansion in my lifetime. One post advocates waiting until democrats “…can articulate a message to differentiate itself positively in the minds of South Dakotans from the Republican Party…” There is no such thing as a positive democrat message. They want big government, higher taxes, gun control, welfare for everyone, open borders and abortion on demand. There are too many democrats in the legislature already. The problem is that some of them have “R”‘s after their names.

  9. Anonymous,

    Again you are conflating conservatism and libertarianism. They are not the same thing. Not that it matters except to the degree it makes you look uneducated and your “science” argument nonsense since you have proven you are uneducated.

    1. You’re an insufferable pedant, Troy. But just for fun…

      Is “limited government” a guiding principle of conservatism? If you choose to answer, please confine it to a yes or no.

  10. It is wholly appropriate to issue the merits of the legalization of marijuana but to try to make the assertion legalization is indisputably the conservative position is false and misleading.

    I disagree wholly with your opinion and find your attempt to make it “factual” is deceptive.

    I can’t answer your question honestly because your question is grounded in deception.

    I’m open to having an honest conversation but not engage in your deception.

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