10 thoughts on “Dusty Johnson asking committee why they’re working on honoring blueberry month instead of anything meaningful”

    1. Although a good idea, the bill was not ever going to pass, because everyone knew (including Rep. Johnson) the democrats wouldn’t agree to it, as they are only interested in 2 reliable far left senators. It was a bill that was brought to show how hypocritical Dems were being on DC Statehood.

  1. Exactly right. If the interest is really is “voting rights for DC” then giving nearly all of DC back to Maryland is a perfect answer. They would be part of electing Maryland’s two US Senators and would have enough people to qualify MD for an extra congressional district. Maryland is already a very Democratic state, but it would make it that much harder for Republicans to win there, a small benefit for Democrats.

    DC statehood is not a good idea. We should not have a single city core as a separate state. DC is the central part of a metro area and doesn’t even include the suburbs around it, which are in Maryland and Virginia.

    It is certainly true that DC has a population that is comparable to the smallest states, including South Dakota, but those states were created more than 100 years ago. If the states were being drawn today they would likely be different.

    1. When will you be declaring that you will run for Representative Dusty Johnson’s congressional seat or Senator John Thune’s seat?

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