Ever have a time when you hope for mutually assured destruction? GOP’s Extreme Right degrades into Facebook slapping fight.

While I am enjoying myself at a leisurely vacation, in the last hour or so I’ve had four or five people text me and asked me if I’d been watching possible GOP gubernatorial contenders Lora Hubbel and Stace Nelson assault other on Facebook?

Since I’ve been spending my time on more important pursuits, such as….  OK, let’s not kid ourselves, I could be clipping my toenails and it would be more important than these two, but I went and pulled it from Facebook for your reading enjoyment:

Of course, it didn’t end there…

And people wonder why I state with confidence that some people who run as Republicans are incapable of winning elections.

Not sure what more I can add about it…

98 thoughts on “Ever have a time when you hope for mutually assured destruction? GOP’s Extreme Right degrades into Facebook slapping fight.”

    1. No Pat, YOU are trying to make fools out of them because they are a threat to your candidates who pay you to do this.

      1. Don’t their own words speak against them? Is there something wrong with showing the discourse they have amongst themselves? If they didn’t put this sort of nonsense out there it wouldn’t be there to be ridiculed.

        1. There is nothing wrong at all with posting their comments…..just post the whole thing. ok. How was my spelling? Why don’t you let Lora defend herself?

    1. Let the primary begin…..it’s starting to sound pretty transparent, heaven forbid.

      1. Another South Dakota election shaping up to have the adults on one side of the room keeping a safe distance from the can of mixed nuts in the back of the room shipped in via the crazy train.

        1. Sorry, I think people are sick and tired of the same old politically correct BS……that’s how we got to be a corrupt state…..by acting like adults. It was all an act, and now look at all the scandals. You won’t get that with Hubbel or Nelson.

            1. Who really is? Parties are on their way out. A Populous got elected President who registered as a RINO.

    1. RINO…..Republicans IN Opposition……..People need to read all of the posts in context. Pat loves taking a quote here and there and running with it. He is a hired gun to personally attack these two.

      1. Tara – a couple of points..

        First, RINO is Republican In Name Only. Not sure where you’re getting anything else.

        Secondly, when people accuse me of things that are not true, as you’ve done here, you are bearing false witness against me.

        Not only does that violate the 9th commandment, but it is annoying, and will likely get you bounced.

        1. Pat, I am just sticking up for my friend. I don’t know why you dis-like her. Yes I know what RINO means. Don’t bounce me. Thanks.

      1. Tara, Lora started it, back when Pat was working in Pierre with Jason Gant and she called him the most arrogant etc in the state or something like that, in a Facebook comment.
        I never did find out what that was all about.

        1. I’d thought (and written that) Lora was an order of fries short a happy meal long, long before that.

  1. I voted for the lady in 2014. If I had to choose between the two in 2018 I’d flip to the big guy.

      1. Who really is? Parties are on their way out. A Populous got elected President who registered as a RINO

    1. These nuts are entertaining for about 5 minutes and then they need to go away and let the sane and humble adults get down to the business of serving the people.

  2. They both sound like they need crayons, coloring books, puppies and play dough to me.

    1. Tara, you mean Pat has an active blog with various commenters expressing their opinions? I agree being it is the #1 political Blog in South Dakota!

  3. Ha, ha…..I must say Anonymous, I have a hard time staying away. Is it more popular than that left one? Just try and be a little nicer.

  4. Why is this dingbat attacking these legislators for asking the gear up scandal be brought before hearings?

    She may have meant to attack him, but the reality is she attacked every legislator that signed the letter. Would love to see Representative May put her in her place.

    1. First of all she is not a dingbat and why don’t you print her quote. How many of these part time Legislators are rookies? Who is on the GOAC Committee? She never attacked anybody. She was just making some intelligent comments. Now I wish you would post her comments.

        1. Lora’s quote that Stace is having a temper tantrum over….. “Makes me wonder if this is a sincere effort to get to the bottom of this issue or if “Corruption” is just polling well and they need to address it…..not fix it mind you…just address it. So what the hell is wrong with the quote? Nothing is going to get done anyway because the letter went nowhere. Another wasted session over corruption.

    2. We will see if Pat allows me to respond…First of all I never saw a letter nor the signers until after Stace kept bellyaching about a letter. THIS is what is driving Stace to respond is such a manner…a thread off another post about the corruption issue (not a letter). Here, check it out, this is the comment Stace wants me to grovel over. “Makes me wonder if this is a sincere effort to get to the bottom of this issue or if “corruption” is just polling well and they need to address it…not fix it mind you ….just address it.”

      1. Did you miss the part where I said I was at a ball game?

        But by all means, here’s some rope….

    3. Gear Up hearings would be interesting.
      Are we bringing in the Long Island Medium or just using a Ouija board?

  5. Why is Hubbelcraft attacking these legislators for filing the letter? What polling is she talking about? Why would you give her any attention? That appears to be what she wants is to play the victim of her own making.

  6. Just post her comments. You are treating these Legislators like snowflakes. Grow a spine. If they can’t be scrutinized, then they shouldn’t be out there……So now she has to be politically correct? That’s what people like about her, she is not a fake.

  7. To recap: Hubbel posts a snarky comment on His FB page on his post about the legislators requesting a hesring. It blows up in her face, she claims she just woke up and didn’t know she posted on his page on the article. To distract from her attack, she then claims she’s a victim of her own stupidity?!

    Brilliant plan Lora! You keep attacking him! Dennis Daugaard, Deb Peters, Marty Jackley, & Kristi Noem are all laughing with everyone else at your brilliant campaign move.

    Curious what the other legislators thought about Lora’s snide comments about them?

  8. Will you post her snarky comments and where she claims to be a victim? Thanks. Lora disagrees with these people, so course she if going to point out the differences. I guess you can call that attacking, I call it honest politics. My are you hard on this woman. I can see why people don’t get involved in politics. Thanks for not bouncing me. I am go for your blog Pat. lol. 43 comments and counting.

    1. your friend Lora is digging her hole deeper and deeper. Would it not be best for her to withdraw from the race and save herself further embarrassment? She could focus on her realtor career yes?

  9. Just when you think Lora has hit rock bottom? She turns around and spits on the majority of conservatives in the legislature and then trys to lie out of her comments by claiming she didn’t know the comment she was making questioning these legislators ethics on this, was on the post about the legislators filing the hearing request where they were all listed in the linked article!

    Either she’s that stupid or that dishonest, neither choice is the qualitys I want in office.

  10. I know Jim Stalzer and I am offended that she made these comments about him! It is obvious that her temper tantrum is because NOBODY pays attention to her. Doesn’t give you a right Laura to say such nonsense about good people. Shame on you!

  11. i wrote the “snarky” comment on a thread once removed from Stace’s post. It was in response to Pam Opland’s post …not directly on the Gear Up article that Stace posted.Here it is…tell me if you think Stace needed to blow up over this…. here it is NOT taken out of context: Pamela Opland
    Pamela Opland DEB PETERS – was put in place by the Gov; who is in charge of the committee investigation & called it off?
    Unlike · Reply · 2 · 18 hrs
    Lora Hubbel
    Lora Hubbel Makes me wonder if this is a sincere effort (those on the committee) to get to the bottom of this issue or if “corruption” is just polling well and they need to address it…not fix it mind you ….just address it.
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    1. Lora Hubbel, not sure if you know how stupid or dishonest this makes you look. The more you type, the worse you look. You posted on the man’s fb, on the article. How could you miss the article you were commenting on? Who are you to be a jerk on his page?

      1. I posted on Pam Opland’s comment after she posted a thread on Stace’s post…my “Snarky comment” was regarding those surrounding the committee….I wanted to know if they were serious about getting to the bottom of corruption or if it just a campaign issue that make them look effective without actually DOING anything about it.

      2. What are you trying to say????……reaching……you don’t even make sense. Looks like Lora is the only one that will post her comments. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

  12. Ms. Hubbel, you posted your comment on Mr. Nelson’s Facebook page directly on an article about these legislators filing a request for a hearing. You even acknowledged that in a follow up comment when you said you were outraged they hadn’t called and consulted you as you claimed to be an expert.

    In what crazy liberal universe do you think you have a right to be ugly against someone on their own Facebook page and then act like you are a victim?

    I agree with the above posters, you need to apologize and then someone needs to intervene and take you off the internet.

    1. Bernice, Lora has invested much money and time fighting for the people of SD. She is a threat to the establishment because she does not back down to the powers that be. What do you think is going to happen when you fight the machine. It’s still a man’s world and they aren’t use to someone like Lora. And yes she is an expert. Nobody has put the time into seeking the truth like Lora. I just don’t understand why some of her cohorts don’t want to hear the truth. I really think they are very uncomfortable going against their own party. Lora isn’t, and that’s why she gets beat up on the blogs. About time we have someone that isn’t afraid to take on corruption. Bernice, can you post what she said that was ugly?

    2. Yes I did say I was “somewhat an expert on the corruption issue with all the money spent on Private Investigators, research and calls I have made on the issue.”
      I was surprised when I wasn’t called about the information I have….I don’t want to carry this all by myself….I would like to join forces to actually get to the bottom of the corruption problem.
      What I DON’T want is paper pushing about the issue….and asking the STATE to investigate itself!

  13. I dont think it makes any sense either.
    Especially the idea that the legislature is going to conduct seances to question dead people about their involvement in Gear Up.

    The Long Island Medium talks to dead people often. They always say the same thing, they tell her “I’m okay.”

    They never tell her what they did with the money.

    1. Somehow it would not surprise me that candidate for South Dakota Governor Lora Hubbel, candidate for Mitchell City Council Tara Volesky, Another Putin Russia puppit Lee Pornahan and the rest of their supermarket tabloid investigation followers come up with a way to find an alternative truth in past scandals. They will bring in the Ouija board!

      1. You aren’t use to people that ask tough questions. Now don’t call my friend names…..his name is Lee Stranahan, just you tube him, or listen to his daily radio show. Fault Lines. Sputnik Radio. He is paid by Putin. He took the job because they won’t sensor him. I think the station is in DC. Breitbart told him to stop going to White House Press meetings, so he quit. Radio is right up his alley. It’s kind of like a Cross Fire or Hannity and Combs. Tune in before you criticize.

    2. There are many live witnesses that would talk if they weren’t so afraid of the government.

  14. Everyone is acting as though this is a new phenomenon. Lora was cute and tolerable when she was attacking the Governor or our Senators but now that she has gone after Stace there is outrage?

    She was crazy then and is crazy now. The fact some have only now figured it out or are willing to call her out is on them.

    1. Just because you disagree with her, does that make her crazy. Could you give me examples as to why you think she is crazy? Also Troy, what did she say to Stace that created outrage….lol. touchy, touchy touchy…….What is the fact Troy that some have only now figured out or are willing to call her out is on them??? wow, you guys are funny.

        1. I am waiting. I want to read those comments. Troy should know, he’s accusing her. Post the one about what she said to Liz May.

  15. Hubbel: There’s major problems with your claim you posted your comment on Nelson’s fbook about the goac. Pamela Opland points out Peters canceled hearings on gear up in her comment, which you claim you responded to without knowing the topic of the main post. So you couldn’t have been commenting on the committee members as there was no hearing scheduled. The only people you could have been commenting on were the legislators in the linked article.

    You got caught being ignorant on his fbook and your response was the go to liberal card of playing the victim.

    Your actions are not of a serious credible candidate running for governor. What sane candidate publicly attacks a known supporter in such a weird way?

    1. It was an honest misunderstanding. It is confusing because we are talking about 2 Republican Committees or group of Republican people. Apparently one group of Republican Legislators want public hearings and accountability over the GOAC group of Republicans. Pretty funny, Republicans taking after Republicans. In all seriousness, it needs to be done. Ask the 15 Republican Legislators that want public hearings for Gear-Up. I don’t call that insanity. And why did Deb Peters cancel the meeting? Is GOAC going to grant these 15 Republicans their wish?

      1. Tara Volesky you and Hubbelcraft mouthing off about things you don’t even understand. I was told there was actually 20 legislators and the whole thing was Liz May’s effort.

        So when Hubbel made her comments questioning whether “they” were serious? It was Liz and the other 19 she was mouthing off about. You admit it was Hubbel’s “honest misunderstanding” sonwhere is her apology to these legislators?

  16. Troy Jones, you have bought into Hubbel’s spin and are missing the forrest for the big overweight tree. Hubbel was primarily attacking Liz May with her comment, Nelson and the others were collateral damage http://www.ksfy.com/content/news/Group-of-legislators-ask-committee-to-hold-public-hearing-on-GEAR-UP-Scandal-418556243.html

    Hubbel trying to spin this away from her jealousy of Liz May and lying about this only disgusts those of us paying attention.

    Stace was right to be angry, he showed a lack of sense though in arguing with her. He’s a BIG boy, not worried about him at all.

    1. excuse me, but I really have a problem with dishonesty. First of all, Lora and Liz are friends. Now could you post what Lora said by primarily attacking Liz May. Lora is jealous of no one. She get’s her self worth from her faith in God. This sounds so grade school. Back up your BS with factual statements that Lora so called made. Thanks.

  17. I am missing nothing. Lora was crazy in the past but tolerated because of who she attacked. Lora’s crazy is now but its not so acceptable because of who she is attacking (whether it be May or Nelson or anyone else).

  18. Think about it……Because you disagree with Lora…..who is attacking who. There you go with your name calling again, TROY. Can you disagree with Lora without trying to discredit her? Thanks. Post her so-called attacks against Liz and Stace.

  19. If I understand this correctly, Stace is one of a group of 15 who want to conduct a seance to find out what some departed spirits did with the Gear Up money. (They need 13 for a coven, so I guess the alternates can bring the brooms and Ouija board. )
    Lora pointed out this is just grandstanding, Stace is trying to make a name for himself because fighting corruption is polling well.
    If that’s what she meant to say, she’s spot on. Stace isn’t interested in anything except self-promotion.

    I want to know who are all the witnesses who know more about the story who are “afraid of the government,” and why would they be willing to talk to the government if they are afraid of it? Won’t they just invoke the 5th Amendment?

    So if Stace thinks this warrants further inquiry, why doesn’t he conduct an investigation, privately, on his own time? He was with NCIS; there’s a TV show you know. It’s not like he drove trucks or anything.

  20. Tara,

    If it was an “hones misunderstanding,” she has to apologize for it. It is what decent people do- take responsibility for what the do regardless of intention.

    1. She’s not apologizing because it was obviously an intended slight on the 18 legislators cited in the article.

      So Hubbel went after the group because she’s worried May/Nelson running for guv, and Ravinsberg is mocking them because Nelson is working on Russell’s campaign?

      Sweet! Get me some popcorn!

      1. Can you please post it. Nothing to apologize for. She has no problem with either one of them. She will defend herself if you trash her unfairly. Just post her comments that she should apologize for.

    2. Troy is absolutely right. It is obvious that it isn’t a “hones misunderstanding”

      Hubbelcraft for called out on her disrespect and instead of doing the sand thing and apologize, she played the victim to distract from it.

      Inside baseball says this was Liz May’s project. So Lora wasn’t going after the overweight gorilla, but Liz May and the others with her comments.

      Liz May is a rockstar and Hubbelcraft is jealous.

      May for Governor (Hubbelcraft for outer space) 🚀

      1. You are starting to sound very desperate commenting behind that fake name. Come clean and be transparent.

    3. She has nothing to apologize for. Post what you think she should apologize for.

      1. You posted above that Hubbel made her comments questioning these legislators sincerity was an “honest misunderstaning” (on her part). Her comments obviously offended her supposed friend Mr Knuckledragger. If she didn’t mean her comments about Liz May and her group? She should have apologized for her “honest misunderstanding.”

        The fact she hasn’t shows her comments were as they were understood by Nelson.

        1. Liz knows Lora……I don’t know why you are bring her or the others into it anyway. This is Stace’s deal.

    4. So should the other party apologize or are you guys exempt.Ha ha. Not a problem. I think she tried calling Stace. I know he private messaged some of us.

      1. Only in you and Lora’s whacky world do you think she’s owed an apology for Lora’s insult claiming Liz may and these legislators were faking their concern because of poll numbers. She’s lucky Liz May doesn’t smack the crazy out of her.

        But you and Lora keep posting on here, it’s hilarious!

  21. Liz is above your childish behavior. Uuuuummmmm….Anybody want to guess who made this statement????? I think you, Anonymous is the one who needs to apologize. Who are you Anonymous? Quit being a coward and hiding behind a fake name. Are you embarrassed to tell everybody who you are. Tell us. Pat, do you know? My guess it is someone other than Pat. It is not you Pat, right?

    1. “Who are you Anonymous?” That Anonymous could be a distant cousin also named Anonymous. My friends call me Anonymous but I have not posted recently. Tara you Lora may want to stop posting since it is making the both of you look even worse if that is even possible. See you around Mitchell.

    2. Tara, Not sure if you are being obtuse or this is just a failed spin job. I read the KSFY article and asked a couple friends of mine that are in the legislature. This in fact was Representstive Liz May’s effort. She got 19 other legislators to support her in calling for hearings. So those of us that know and understand this are asking ourselves and our friends, why are you and Lora are attacking Senator Nelson? What could she possibly hope to achieve by attacking and making such a scene as to attack one of her known biggest supporters?

      As the anonymous poster mocked you with their point, 99% of the people that post on here do so anonymously. You chasing after them with your comments for doing so does not make you look any better.

  22. Stace had me until he threw down Palm Sunday. Didn’t he serve in the Navy? What thin skin. You guys harp on Hubbel too much. Kristi Noem is dead weight. Jackley has more skeletons in his closet than Jeffrey Dahmer. Who else is running?

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