Former Rep. Kathy Tyler’s Pig Poop Protest denied by State Supreme Court.

Former State Rep. Kathy Tyler just can’t win. Today, the State Supreme Court handed down a decision in the matter of “Grant County Concerned Citizens v Grant County Board of Adjustment,” in which

Former State Rep. Kathy Tyler (D)
Former State Rep. Kathy Tyler (D)

Tyler, who seemed to act as front person for the group, attempted to throw everything including the kitchen sink (Including digging a well to try to frustrate the application)in an attempt to deny the board of adjustment permitting for a CAFO, or “concentrated animal feeding operation” which was working to set up shop in Grant County just down the road from the former Democratic State Representative.

And in each and every claim in the lawsuit, the State Supreme Court shut Tyler’s group down. Go ahead and read it for yourself:

Grant County – Teton Appeal II 6-25-15

What do you think? Is the problem that people who move out to the country expect it to not smell like the country when a neighbor decides to raise pigs? Our food does need to come from somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Former Rep. Kathy Tyler’s Pig Poop Protest denied by State Supreme Court.”

  1. There is a double set of standards by our legislators. Many cities have enacted ordinances banning owning a handful of chickens, ducks, etc., or even parking a camper in your own driveway, but our politicians think it is a great idea to allow outside financial interests to put 2-30,000 chickens, turkeys, hogs, cattle, etc. Next to families just because they still live in rural SD?

    Just as no one living in a metropolitan area area expects the city to put a water treatment pond next to their house, those living in rural SD shouldn’t have to worry about massive manure lagoons nect to theirs.

  2. How many times over the years has this woman complained about something or another before the Supreme Court?

  3. Let me get this right. Ex-Rep Tyler digs a hole on her property and believes it qualifies as a well for purposes of the setback requirement. But the circuit court disagrees with her. So off she goes to the Supreme Court not only with this fabricated complaint but literally a dozen others.

    And she get turned back on each and every one. I for one am very happy the voters did not send her back to Pierre.

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