Former State Rep Hoffman making a run in D23 House

More candidate news coming from the field,

Former Republican State Representative Charlie Hoffman has announced that he will be a candidate in 2020 for the District 23 House seat being vacated by Representative John Lake, who accepted appointment to the State Senate by the Governor.

While a replacement has not been named by the Governor as of yet, it should be filled in coming weeks in the run up to the legislative session.

While there is a possibility that Hoffman may find himself in a primary facing Spencer Gosch and whomever Governor Kristi Noem picks for the vacant seat, Hoffman indicates that he plans to run, regardless.

6 thoughts on “Former State Rep Hoffman making a run in D23 House”

  1. Charlie is representative of the values and priorities of District 23. I’m glad he is getting back on the horse.

  2. Once a principled conservative now Charlie believes government should pick winners and losers? That’s what he wrote in the previous post.

  3. Go Charlie. Nobody has Charlie’s passion for public service or greater desire to do good. You’ll never have to wonder where he stands on an issue. Honest and palms up

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